Why Is Underage Drinking Bad

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Underage Drinking Today, In America nearly 10.8 million teenagers between the ages thirteen and ages twenty are underage drinkers. Theses underage drinkers have not only broken a law but also caused damage to their own bodies. Young adults have gotten the wrong examples of drinking, that it’s very easy for them to get away with underage drinking. Sometimes young adults forget how this can affect their bodies and their minds leading to stress, which can cause many other problems not just physically but also mentally to their bodies. In our generation today, young adults think that the law does not really matter when it comes to underage drinking because it’s just an age. What they really don’t know is that as a child from birth to the age twenty the body and mind are still forming and processing things. It’s not good to drink , not only by the law …show more content…

In many research studies, experts and analyst have been able to prove because of the research of one month, that there is more young adults drinking than any young adult smoking marijuana or smoking cigarettes. Underage drinking over the years has become one of America’s biggest social problem. Young adults are not aware enough of how dangerous alcohol can be to them and their families. In reality alcohol has been the main reason we have so many young adults or even preteens having many physical problems and deaths. This has ruined many lives and sadly is one of the massive difficulties that more than fifty percent of young adults have been facing today. Underage drinking leads to Driving under the influence of alcohol, leading young adults to being unconscious, and even instant death. Alcohol is prohibited to consume until twenty one for the fact that

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