Queen Mary I: An Amazing Ruler

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Scotland has had many amazing rulers over the centuries. However, there is one that many truly remember not for her political advances per say but her scandals and drama that has helped bring her rule to be one of the most remembered. Mary I was not only known for amazing personality and big heart she ruled over not only one, not two, but four countries. Even a France observer once wrote “It is not possible to hope for more from a princess on this earth.”
After her father died days after her birth, Mary I, was crowned queen of scots at the whopping age of 5 days. Her life started out looking exceptionally promising, having already had an arranged marriage with English king Henry VIII’s son before the age of 15 but not everything goes perfect even for a queen. After a scandal where the English King known as, Henry VIII, tried paying someone to kill off a Scottish patriot. That arrange marriage was soon called off but it wasn’t long before she was arranged again but this time to Francis, king of France. In 1548, Mary I was shipped off to France her mother’s homeland to live and meet her future husband bringing with her the “Four Maries” which was created with Scotland’s nobility.
Many meet their husbands later on in their life but Mary I met hers at the age of 5. Francis and she became …show more content…

Not even a month later the noble man who agreed on the marriage turned against the couple and commanded that Mary leave Bothwell. She of course request to agree to such demands and instead turned herself over to the rebels to not cause more bloodshed. It was then Mary was help prisoner in Lochleven Castle where she turned fatally ill. There she signed over her crown to her son who then took the thrown July 1567. After she was released following that she was not convicted to have any relation to the murder of her late husband Lord Darley she fled to England in hopes that her cousin Elizabeth I could be of help to

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