Why Parents Should Go To College

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Why People Should Go to College Parents always want their kids into college. Parents want their kids in college, their reason could be they did not go to college, and they want better for their children. Parents always want their kids to have a better life than they did, they want bigger and better things for them. So, college is worth the cost, because it 's a parents dream for their kids to be in college, so they can be successful in life. Therefore, college is worth the cost, because people that attend college usually acquire money in the end. The people that attend college obtain higher paying jobs. “The average debt now is about thirty thousand dollars for kids” (Anthony). Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher have higher earnings than the people with less education (Bellenir 54). Therefore, people that have degrees have a higher chance of finding exceptional occupations, also people bring in a great deal. “The earnings of those with less than a high school diploma decreased $5,200 during this period, while the earnings of those with a bachelor’s or higher degree increased $2,700” (Bellenir 56). It 's just a better decision to attend college, and earn a degree. It 's just a few years of school and it could help people earn a great deal of money in the long run. Studies show that in the year 1980 people with a bachelor 's degree or higher made 19 percent more than just high school graduates. (Bellenir 54). Who wouldn 't spend a few years in college and make a great

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