Why Social Diverty And Poverty

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This paper aims to investigate why poverty exists, although social institutions are at work. Which social factors contribute to it and how far positive interplay of agent and structure can eradicate poverty. People belong to the society and society in turn is to live together. Common life already implies a sense of togetherness since each member is an element of the whole. As society places value on social progress, then each individual is assumed by others through active participation to receive benefits from resources. When a segment of society suffers from deprivation, this unusual incident brings this question into forth why some people suffer from absolute poverty 1 and some others who can afford to pay their bills suffer from relative poverty 2. In fact, it can be recognized as a major social problem for the government that calls for urgent attention of pertinent organs. The problem of the part is the problem of the interrelated whole as each individual belongs to the system(s) and is expected to act in his role(s). Life with poverty renders society, imperfect status in its appearance and action. It is somehow a reflection of social disorganization the reverse of which improves the weak’s needs and ensures overall social function. The problem requires empirical research in this area. Structuralists explain why a phenomenon exists in reference to official way of thinking in the rules to which agent has to obey, as he goes about his life. Consequently, causal explanation

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