Why Was George Washington Important

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Many people helped win the Revolution. For example, there was John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. One leader outshines all of these people. This man is George Washington. George grew up in Virginia with his family. When he was eleven, his father died, which changed his whole life. Instead of going to school in England, like all other boys his age, he went to a school where he lived. He did not let his lack of proper education stop him. He overcame his rough childhood and became one of the most powerful leaders of all time. Without this man, the colonies would never be as successful as the were. He created the basis of our federal government and became our first President. Therefore, George Washington deserves to be in the Revolutionary Hall of Fame for his determination to fight, giving our military more strength, and the many great decisions he made in office. First, Washington has been determined his whole life. For example, growing up he was not able to get a proper education, but he worked as hard as he could. He also did not get down on himself, and he ended up being very successful. In the French and Indian War, Washington lost a few battles, but he …show more content…

He organized the first United States cabinet, which was a group of men such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson who helped him with important decisions. He also started the U.S. navy by signing the Naval Act in 1794, which made a huge impact by protecting our country. Also in 1794, Washington signed the Treaty of Greenville which gained us peace with a few Native American tribes. Additionally, he worked extremely hard on the Amendments and the Constitution that is still in place today. All of these decisions made by George Washington made a large impact on us today and made our country what it is. Therefore, Washington’s actions during his terms in office prove he should be in the Revolutionary Hall of

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