Wiglaf's Death In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Beowulf, a man of power, dignity, and courage, dies at the age of 76. To the hero who defeated Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the awoken dragon, his fame will always be remembered everywhere.

Beowulf died in the greatest battle against the Dragon along with his loyal companion, Wiglaf, son of Wexstan. Poisoned by the dragon’s fangs, Beowulf speaks his last few words, “Wiglaf, go, quickly, find The dragon’s treasure: we’ve taken its life, But its gold is ours too. Hurry, Bring me ancient silver, precious Jewels, shining armor, and gems Before I die.” His death took place on the tower of the Dragon’s dwelling place in Sweden, but the location of the area is unknown. Wiglaf contributed a big part to the defeat of the dragon.

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All of Beowulf’s followers, the Geats, survived the battle with the dragon because they fled into woods for protection. After his death, they all built the tower in honor of Beowulf and sealed his ashes along the walls. Wiglaf, his only follower, presented the seemingly last piece of comitatus and fought bravely against the dragon and luckily survived. Wiglaf watched his king die and spent Beowulf’s last moments of life with him. Not only did Wiglaf show comitatus, but kept the warrior code on his shoulders. Showing great courage and loyalty, he also presented intelligence and generosity.

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His first step of achievement began with tearing arm off of the body of the supernatural, evil monster, Grendel. All of the geats believed that they’d be able to sleep without fear now thinking Grendel was dead, but they were wrong. This early achievement then lead to one of his greatest milestones of all time. Grendel’s mother seeked revenge on the Geats for hurting her son. Enraged, she swiftly traversed through the night and snatched up Hrothgar’s best friend. The Danes and Geats together marched to Grendel’s mother’s lair, and Beowulf slice’s off the head of Grendel’s mother in an atrocious battle. After, Beowulf beheads Grendel himself and takes home the head and the sword he used with the Geats. Peace was now prominent across

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