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How to build your own fire pit
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Truper: Truper® Cast Iron Tamper With Wood Handle (Truper® 5562501022), Hand Tools
Dripless Cradle Hex-Rod Caulk Gun: DRIPLESS® Cradle Hex-Rod Caulk Gun 10 Oz (DRIPLESS® 6450901200), Accessories
DAP Gray Concrete Sealant: DAP® 10.1 Oz. Gray Concrete Sealant

Whether you are in the mood to tell spooky ghost stories, roast gooey marshmallows for s’mores, or just relax and enjoy company, fire pits are great entertainment for any season. With fall and winter coming up, a fire pit is the perfect outdoor necessity for entertaining family and friends. A fire pit is just an acclaimed campsite in the comfort of your own backyard. Its walls help protect guests by containing the heat and flames, making it safe for families. It also provides warmth for those cold, chilly nights. You can build your own fire pit in just a weekend! Here are …show more content…

Use a Truper® Cast Iron Tamper With Wood Handle (Truper® 5562501022), Hand Tools to tightly compact the gravel evenly together. Again, lay the concrete blocks down on top of the gravel to make sure the circle’s diameter is perfectly aligned. Place blocks aside.
Step 4- Now, you are ready to lay and level the blocks. In order to create a stable, long lasting wall, lay the stones horizontally. Lay the first block into the circle and use a level to make sure the ground was evened out correctly. If the block is too high, use a mallet to lower it into the ground. If the block is too low, use a bit of patio base to thicken it. Place the next block tightly next to the first one so that it aligns correctly. Carefully lay the rest of the first layers of blocks together to form the circle. Remember to check that each block is leveled before moving on to the

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