Will Rainsford Ever Hunt Again Analysis

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Will Rainsford Ever Hunt Again?
Adrenaline is the hormone that increases heart rates, breathing and someone’s condition of stress. Hunting is Rainsford’s favorite sport; he loves this. But the catch is that this favorite sport nearly got him killed. He’s being hunted by Zaroff and they both like to feel the adrenaline rush. Having been a victim of Zaroff’s sick and wicked game, Rainsford will never hunt again due to the mind games and his mental state by the impact of his treacherous adventure. In the beginning, Rainsford now knows how it feels to be a victim and has played Zaroff’s wicked game. Rainsford starts to realize the problems of the prey that he hunted and what challenges that the prey faced. Rainsford is some what losing interest …show more content…

He’s was thinking about his next move and what the outcome could have been. “He could stay where he was and wait.” “That was suicide”(Connell 35). Rainsford made his next move because staying where he is but that would be suicide because he’s being hunted and chased. Rainsford starts to have questions about what Zaroff thinks is civilized. “Civilized? And you shoot down men”(Connell 28). Rainsford starts to question Zaroff as he says that the game is civilized. Rainsford begins to run “for his Life”. “Nerve, nerve nerve He panted, as he dashed along” (Connell 33). After the game Rainsford starts running trying to survive. In Conclusion, Rainsford now realizes that the sport he loved nearly got him killed; this is not worth it risking your life for some sport.
To sum it all up, Rainsford will never hunt again; there's no chance. Zaroff has made Rainsford play this dangerous, game of hunting humans. Rainsford barely survived and went nearly mad. Would you risk your life for simple sport? Look at all he went through to simply kill an animal. It might seem fun and all but the truth is you want to kill something and there could be another lunatic just like Zaroff waiting for you to be his next

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