William Shakespeare Research Paper

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is famous English Writer and in my opinion he is most famous poet and Playwright in the history of English literature, many libraries around the world pervaded by his great novels, the writings of Shakespeare have varied between comic and tragic and historic. 1 The Shakespeare style in reviewing figures and their movements and emotions in the context of the work, whether historical work or tragic, so trench his novels unrivaled spread and still libraries in many countries of the world adorn their shelves novels this great writer.
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And this essay will discuss three main ideas that are Shakespeare's personal life, his career and the beginning of literary style, and the most important achievements and his …show more content…

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The beginning of a literary career and literary style. 1 Shakespeare went to London, where he began his talent in writing and were beginning to emerge with the first work, a poem "Venus and Adonis"
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is one of the poems, which are long and epic poetry in Love opened by the literary works of Shakespeare.
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He joined in one of the theater, which is known as the "Lord Chamberlain"

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