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William Shakespeare is said to be one of the greatest poets known to exist on this earth. He is famous for his beauitful plays and tragic love stories. He made the renaissance time period exciting and interesting with all of his work. Everyone was in love with him and his writings. If you ask almost anyone who William Shakespeare is, they will known about him about and most likey know his most famous play Romeo and Juilet. He is by far one of the world's greatest writers ever.

William Shakespeare was born on April 23rd ,1564, in straford-upon-avon, England. He came from a decent family life, he did not grow up poor nor was he wealthy. He was raised …show more content…

Later in his life he met a woman, Ann Hathaway, and fell in love and married her at 18 years old. He had three childern with her. The kids names were Susanna, Hamned, and Judith. Now he began to study the Latin language, literature, and grammar. In order to write plays, he would need to know how to use the Latin language, he loved learning and studied it as much as possible to become a succesful writer. Shakespeare began his journey to play writing and some comedies, then later on started writing about history and tradedies. [britannica.com/topic/The-comedy-of-errors] “ The Comedy of Errors, five act comedy by Shakespeare, written in1589-94 and first published in the First Folio of 1623, from his manuscript.” It was a un-likey story about romance, whether it be a comedic or …show more content…

A couple of his works are Henry VI that he wrote in 1592 and Richard III. The plays were based on true events in history. He had a skill in spicing up the events to make it seem interesting, he wrote his first tradedy in 1593, know as Titus Andronicus. [Open.source.shakespeare.org/views/plays/playmenu.php?work.1b=titus] It is about punishment for the wrong doings of another person. He was always occupied by writing, he almost ad a new play done and ready each year. Although his work was not used for plays because of the tragic Plague that erupted in 1593 and lasted about a year. He wrote many poems, and sonnets. 154 sonnets was his most famous poem he wrote. They opened their own theater, known as the Globe Theater. Most of his work performed there, for example The Merchant of Venice , written in 1596, As You Like It , in 1600, and A Midsummer's Night Dream, written in

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