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A Windstorm in the Forest by: John Muir

In A Windstorm in the Forest by John Muir, we learn that he is very passionate about the wilderness. He writes about going on an adventure; his adventure takes place in Mount Shasta, California, one of the Sierra Mountains. The author begins the story by explaining how as he was out enjoying a walk he came across a path where a hurricane had occurred. Interested in what the road had to show he continues to explore it he then comes across the valleys of the Yuba River. Muir describes this day as "one of those incomparable bits of California winter, warm and balmy and full of white sparkling sunshine, redolent of all the purest influences of the spring." His journey began in December of 1874, as he was …show more content…

He compares lightning and snow to the wind in the forests. He explains that the wind doesn't have a favorite object such as the lightning strikes every other tree, and the snow "mows down thousands at a swoop as a gardener trims out a bed of flowers". The winds go to every single tree, fingering every leaf and branch and furrowed bole; not one is forgotten". After describing the wind, the author continues to explain that he moved up 600 feet to experience the

wind and nature much closer. Although Muir describes the wind as a strong, mean force, he later explains that the sound of the wind is so soothing and relaxing, Muir compares the noise of the wind to music to his ear, he calls is "Eolian …show more content…

While reading this story, I found myself daydreaming about being in a forest during a windstorm. It would be very breathtaking to someday go into the wilderness and experience something like John Muir experienced. Some may think that it is a very intense reading, but to me, it was such a relaxing story. I learned an important thing from this reading; I found out that even though the author's purpose was to entertain his audience, he proved that what may seem like a storm to someone, one can always find the bright side to everything. He was in the forest during a fierce storm, and instead of being worried about how he was going to get out of there, he chose to stay and look at the bright side. The brilliant aspect of this story was that he got to experience mother nature in one of the most beautiful ways possible. He saw everything happen with his own eyes, and that is what made this chapter so interesting. Although I didn't read the whole book, I am certain that the entire book is just as fascinating as this chapter. I would recommend anyone to read this

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