Winnie Jones Monologue

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“I walked into the Emergency Room. This couldn’t be happening. Just a few hours ago we were playing board games and listening to our favorite song on the radio - the song that had defined our friendship. But now as I made my way to the nurses station, that song was playing again. Only this time it felt different” . Winnie stumbled down the hall with her caramel brown hair pulled back into a tight braid. All she could think of was the accident. It had happened so fast . . . and now what? The dull walls and smell of antiseptic made her sick to her stomach. The click of her black boots echoed in the hallway. It was 12:30 am, no one was around besides the occasional nurse tending to a patient. When she finally reached Lennon 's room she …show more content…

They eventually decided to go and get frozen yogurt. They talked for a while and then started to head home. That’s all she could remember up until now. - “I got you some pudding” Winnie said “Thanks” “ No problem. No offense but you 're a mess. Do you want a makeover? “ “Would You?” “Of course, sit up - oh right, sorry” As Winnie Combed Lennon 's Black hair into a bun she couldn’t help but reminisce about their friendship. She gave her black eyeliner to complement Lennon 's piercing blue eyes. “You look like the bomb!” “Thanks a million” “No problem” “What happened to me?” Lennon Questioned The truthful she was hit by a bus on their way back, Lennon and Winnie were racing across the street when a bus came out of nowhere. Winnie tried to warn Lennon but it was too late. The impact of the hit had paralyzed her, at that moment Winnie knew that nothing was going to be the same. Ever again. A few weeks later Lennon was discharged from the hospital. Winnie carefully wheeled her into the vacant elevator and down the hall where she had been so nervous and now it all seemed like a

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