Winter Break Research Paper

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Winter Break
I can’t remember much about my first couple winter breaks, but I can clearly remember some of the recent ones. During most of my Winter Breaks, I do many enjoyable things to keep busy. My sister and I usually make fun lists of stuff we can do during the break, so we don’t get bored. I also like watching Christmas movies with my family! When I 'm not spending time with my family, I am most likely hanging out with my friends. My friends and I have a lot of fun going shopping, watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas songs, making cookies, drinking hot chocolate and lots more! I have a lot of entertainment provided for me during my break! A few of the main things I plan to do this Winter Break are hang out with family and friends, play volleyball and watching Christmas movies. …show more content…

Most of my family lives out of town, so it’s very special when I get to see them.We usually travel to see family that lives out of town, or they come to visit us. I will tell you though, our family has lots of fun during Christmas! Second, I love hanging out with my friends. They are also very important to me! When I spend time with friends and family, we often do many things like, going shopping, making cookies, wrapping and exchanging presents, drinking hot chocolate, and much more! I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and family this year. Secondly, is watching Christmas movies. I mean who doesn’t love Christmas movies? You can never go wrong with Christmas movies, and they are an excellent way to fill your free time during the break. Also, since it’s usually very cold outside around this time of year, watching movies keep me warm and cozy. Movies are much more enjoyable to watch with friends and family. Christmas movies can always brighten up a boring

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