Ft. Hood Texas Comparison Essay

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Like anything else you love. Comparing to places that you love, can be complicated. I spent the better part of my life at Ft. Hood Texas. During that time, five of those years was spent, overseas fighting in the war. The two places I will compare are Iraq and Ft. Hood Texas. I will attempt to give you a synopsis of how they both affected different areas of my life. The first area will be Travel. How I traveled and what it was like. The second area will be living, the standards and how it affected me. And the last area will be the holidays. What and how it was celebrated. If there is one thing I learned through all of this; to be happy, you have to make it you 're own. Ft. Hood is known for its drivers. Coupled with, people from all over the world living there. The weather is great. As a matter of fact, I would leave the house; jump into the car. Put all the windows down. Open up the sunroof. Feeling the cool…show more content…
At Ft. Hood, I lived in a 5 bedroom house with windows and air conditioning. Carpet on the floors and the plumbing functioned. Green grass all around me. The street is clean and clear. One person in a room and a soft bed to sleep in. Iraq is a different story. I lived in a tent with 50 other guys. No bed, just a cot to sleep on. No carpet on the floors, or floors for that matter. Just plywood sitting on top of pallets. You walk outside all you see is dirt or sand. If you were lucky, when it was time to go into town you drove. If not, you walked down the flooded sewage filled streets. Holiday 's at Ft. Hood was exciting. I was able to spend it with family; eating whatever meal came with that holiday. If it was Christmas, I would be playing in the snow with my kids. Having a snowball fight. Being free to do whatever came to mine. The holiday 's in Iraq was sad. For Christmas, we made fake snow and put up a little Christmas tree. For the most part, operations came down. So holidays went by without you having time to be
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