Pros And Cons Of Refugee Camps

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INTRODUCTION Tent cities, camps, settlements, temporary spaces, relocation, non-citizen, guest, barricades, containers, fences, security, desert, non-fertile areas… But, home? Not really, human beings stocked. But, cities? Not really, tents with some order. So, how should be the perfect refugee camp? _______ When for the first time in the human history, the population in the cities has overcome the rural populations [1], we still have thousands of people being forced to do the opposite journey: refugees from urban areas forced to leave everything they have, for a variety of reasons: war, climate, politics and resettle somewhere else: urban areas (Kamel Doräi 2010), rural environments and the "luckiest" ones: in refugee camps. Most of these …show more content…

I never realized, despite common knowledge, global news or even donating to UNHCR since several years, about how unstable life for millions of human beings is, even after some of the worst experiences they will have faced. Such a broad issue as refugee and their camps, not forgetting about IDP camps, is a life-work area. But my starting point is undestand the universal logic in terms of camp planning and design: since day-life supply till justice and government. Starting questions: _ How should be the ideal refugee camp? _ What minimum facilities should a refugee camp contain? _ Are refugee camps over some population still camps? Or are they cities? Which population should be the limit? _ Are refugee camps over some years still camps? Or are they cities? How many years should be the limit? _ Should the refugee camps design consider them already as cities for a period of five years? Or ten? Starting hypothesis: _ Planning refugee Camps as new cities. _ Using custom personal building set to improve quality life. Goals: Research techniques, organization abilities and a wider knowledge. But also to discover my own limits in a passionate theme, and find my professional career

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