Women During The American Revolution Dbq Essay

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Due to the debt created by the French and Indian War, the British government began imposing acts such as the Townshend Act and the sugar tax onto the American colonies. In relation, the colonies protested and destroyed British property due to them having, therefore, only letting the parliament have a role in the taxes being implemented. Women during this time assisted men already through the creation of clothing when boycotts occurred and helped men during protests against British rule. The American colonists declared independence from the British mainland and the Revolutionary War began. Despite the social hierarchy placing women lower than men during the revolutionary war with the absence of men, a large number of opportunities arose for …show more content…

During the time of the American Revolution, women were given a large number of economic opportunities to help support and aid men throughout the war. One of the larger ways women contributed was by becoming battlefield nurses and suppliers to provide for the soldiers. An example of one of these nurses is Margaret Corbin. Corbin was the wife of a soldier in the Continental Army and accompanied her husband to the battlefield. During the Battle of Fort Washington in 1776, Corbin's husband was killed, and she took over his position operating a cannon, her actions throughout the war led her to be the first woman to be paid a military pension. Women sacrificed their luxuries such as attending parties in order to weave and knit clothing together for the men of the colonial military (Doc. 1). Through this women gained the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing. They were able to assist the male soldiers during the revolutionary war, as the colonies had little access to trade with other countries due to British blockades. Along with that their sacrifice of luxuries socially improved the views of women as they were seen in higher regard due to them giving up pleasures. Along with this economically women benefited from sacrificing these luxuries as by working …show more content…

Women began to question if their sex makes them worse at completing tasks than men and advocated that the majority of women were to be educated on how to read so they may deliver a more graceful delivery (Doc.7 Molly Wallace). With this women were given a chance to discuss with one another their thoughts and ideals, leading them to believe that the education of women such as teaching them how to read would benefit the American society. This is similar to the idea of Republican motherhood, revolving around the concept of educating women as it was said to be beneficial since they were able to educate not only themselves but their sons and daughters on patriotic ideals so they can grow up to support their country. French General Marquis de Lafayette in 1780 sent a letter to the Philadelphia Ladies’ Association so she could be accepted into the association. (Doc.6). Women were given a chance to discuss and exchange their intellectual ideas with themselves and women within different continents, allowing them to develop their own unique ideas and understandings of their country and their role within it. Through the opportunities of meeting together in groups and the exposure to education, women were able to develop themselves intellectually during the era of the revolutionary

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