Oak Ridge Feminist Analysis

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This investigation will seek to answer the question: To what extent were women in Oak Ridge, Tennessee significant to the Manhattan Project during the second world war? This investigation will examine how the urgency and persistent demand to complete the Manhattan Project, allowed women to integrate into the male-dominated workplace and thus the scope of this investigation is limited to the role of women during the development of the Manhattan project. The two sources that were selected for a detailed analysis, are a book titled "Their Day in the Sun: Women of the Manhattan Project " and an interview with one of the women who worked at the site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee . These sources were specifically chosen as they provide different perspectives …show more content…

While both sources give an insight into the minds of women who worked on the Manhattan Project, the book examines the impact of women on the Project from an external perspective, whereas the interview provides an internal perspective on the event. Therefore, both sources can be compared to determine the significance of women in the Project.
Howes, Ruth, and Caroline L. Herzenberg. Their Day in the Sun
The first source that will be analysed is a book, Their Day in the Sun: Women of the Manhattan Project, written by Ruth Howes and Caroline Herzenberg who are both physicists and published in 1999. The purpose of this source is to reveal the hidden story of the contribution of women in efforts to develop the atomic bomb. The origin of this source is valuable because the authors have done extensive research into the topic of women in the Manhattan Project and have …show more content…

The purpose of this interview is to understand the experiences Anne went through during her time in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The origin is valuable because it is a primary source of a recorded interview of a woman who was part of the Manhattan project and thus it gives an insight into the role of women in the Project. However the origin could also be limited as the interview took place years after the event and thus Anne might have forgotten some of her memories of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Another limitation to the origin is that the interviewee, Anne Mckuick could have omitted information that could have been key to this investigation of the impact of women in the development of the Manhattan Project. With reference to the content of this source, a limitation of this source is that it could contain mistruths or exaggeration in the retelling of Anne's time in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The purpose of this source is valuable as it is a personal statement of the interviewees thought and experiences. However, a limitation to the purpose is that the interview is a general interview about Anne's experiences in Oak Ridge and does not go into depth about her role as a

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