Women In The Middle Ages: Eleanor Of Aquitaine

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Throughout the Middle Ages, a woman’s role in society was extremely limited. Women were married off for the dowry their husband could provide their family, or for political advantage. (Dean and Thomson 69) Eleanor of Aquitaine was crowned the Queen of France at the age of 15 after marrying into the crown, undeniably young for her position of power. But, it was because of her position as Queen of France and eventually Queen of England that helped her to make an impact on Medieval women and their roles in society. Eleanor was strong willed and never stopped fighting for others to see things her way, which in many cases was not the normal way in the Middle Ages. Her way of thinking was considered out of the ordinary at that time, but now she …show more content…

After all, women today have it much easier than women back in that time did. But, as Women as Founder’s Week is currently going on at Mount St. Joseph Academy, there are many people who want to share their stories with this school that come and do so. Every presentation has brought a different aspect of leadership such as self-confidence, speaking up for yourself, acknowledging your talents, and strength. As one would listen to these presentations she can make connections to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor exhibited these qualities and so many more. Where some of the feats Eleanor accomplished are not as relevant to women today, such as establishing the Court of Love, her principals and the way she ruled both England and France are still present and waiting to be used as an example for modern-day leadership. Eleanor of Aquitaine took great steps in the way of women’s equality through her life, but now as all girls schools teach girls to be ‘founders’ it is more relevant that Eleanor has left a legacy that exhibits strength, resilience, and a character that one would not soon

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