Women's Impact On Early American History

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Women have had a huge impact on American history. Many seem to think that men were the only people that contributed to the foundation of America. Without the strive and intelligence women brought to the table in the early years of America this country would not be as strong and beautiful as it is today. In the beginning of this country women were seen as home makers. Women stayed home and took care of the children, cooked and cleaned while men were away working and “getting things done”. Women are highly underappreciated when the subject of history appears. Many do not like admitting that women have as much to do with the development of America as men do but it is apparent in several instances of history that America would not be what it is today without women. Several women throughout history have helped develop American society as a whole and they should be recognized.
For example Sojourner Truth had a huge impact on early America serving as a double threat, fighting for Women …show more content…

America would not be the great country it is today if we did not have women of such strength as Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. Both women “shared awareness of how their sexual identity combined with their racial identity to make their whole life situation and the focus of their political struggles unique” They defied the odds by standing up for what they believed in and taking action. Without early feminism and female activist the country would not be as advanced in equality as it is today. These women are still relevant today because they represent some of the origins feminism, though women do have the right to vote and the right to own land we have a far way to go to have complete equality with men. The wage gap and social injustices still occurring to modern day women remind us that we have to look back at the strong women that helped get us where we are now and inspire us to strive for equality in all fields of life because gender should not matter, we are all human

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