Women's Role In The Civil War

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The Civil War was a harsh time for many peoples families and all the people fighting. The war started April 12, 1861 to April 13, 1865, it lasted four years and a day, which in that time period many soldiers were wounded and killed in battle. Within the time period of four years and one day about 620,000 soldiers died in this war which means it was a horrific fight within the time it was going on. The Civil War had a big impact on america and the people in it, especially women. Women in the Civil War played a big part in it. Many women dressed like men to fight in the war to show not all women are weak. No soldiers in the fight knew women were upon them until after they were wounded or killed. Most of the time women joined the fight to be with a relative or their fiances and/or husbands because they didn’t want them to be alone in the fight and they never wanted to let them go. Not only did women fight on the …show more content…

While the war was going on, they went through cities and countries and petrified a lot of people. Families almost died and people tried to run and left everything behind. Many people wanted to help fight but ran to protect their children from dying within the war, although the reason they want to stay was because of the adrenaline they had rushing through their systems at the time making them want to fight. Everyone had a moment were their flight or fight instinct kicked in, most people choose flight, but some out of the group stayed to fight, but at the risk of getting killed and their children possibly dying as well just to protect their home. Most people wondered if the war was ever gonna end, at times people thought about giving up the war just to see their families again, but through all the pain and misery the Civil War brought everyone kept battling on to win and to free slaves no matter the risks they had to

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