Wonder Kid Addison Witulski's Case Summary

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9-Year-Old Girl Raises Funds for Brother Surgery amid Family 's Financial Strain
Wonder kid Addison Witulski has surprised her ailing 7-year old brother, Kaden Witulski, family and the community for spearheading a fundraising effort to support her brother who is suffering from Wolff-Parkinson White (WPW) syndrome. Although Kaden was born with this heart condition; in most people, the symptoms of WPM begin to manifest at age 11 to 50. According to Heart Racing, this rare electrical system disorder comes about when an anomalous accessory electrical conduction passageway develops between the heart’s ventricles and atria. Although the condition is not considered fatal, the symptoms associated with WPM include severe shortness of breath and pain
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There are several hospitals in the Houston area that treat and manage WMP and related condition. They include the Children’s Hospital, Houston Methodist and Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome Center. In the case of Kaden, he needed to undergo surgery, but his father had raised concerns as to whether the family could foot the impending bill. Addison’s campaign to support her brother started when she overhead her guardian, Kim Allred and grandmother talk about the financial challenge with JC Allred, Kim’s husband. During the chat, Kim Allred seemed perturbed about her trip and the hospital bill she would incur in Houston, the location of Kaden’s surgery, which was slated for July 19, 2016. To make the ends meet, she suggested having a bake…show more content…
She told Today Money that her family is dependent on the father, who works in the oil industry. Since living from one paycheck to the other was not going to cut it, Addison shrugged off the idea of letting her guardians handle the situation. She decided to put up a lemonade stand right at her driveway in Hobbs, New Mexico. Kim Alldred thought Addison’s gesture was a noble one meant for enjoyment. She was, however, surprised when the young girl came home in the evening and gave her $54. This was the proceeds Addison received from selling big and small cups of lemonade at 50 cents and 25 cents respectively. The next morning, Addison’s friend Erika Borden joined in by setting a new lemonade stand a few blocks from the first stand. To back the sale, Addison also started selling her drawings depicting birds, trees and butterflies for $1 each. The move elicited so much emotional outpouring from Alldred and Erika’s mom, Mace
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