Working Women Case Study

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AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON FACTORS INFLUENCING THE PERSONAL CAUSES OF STRESS (PCS) OF WORKING WOMEN IN CHENNAI CITY Mr. P. Balaji*, Mr. N. Ramki** *Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, University of Madras, Chennai - 05 **Research Scholar, Department of Commerce,Guru Nanak College, Chennai - 42 INTRODUCTION Stress is a part and parcel of everybody’s life. Though it is both men and women who deal with stress, it is women who tend to be its most common victims. It is particularly the working women who find them struggling with stress more than others. In recent times, working women not only acts as home maker but also as professional who contribute 46% of total workforce in India. As per socio cultural environment in India, women are also expected to perform social responsibilities of home makers. In the traditional society, women’s role was naturally limited to the family. Since she was the bearer of children, and was fully occupied with her duties as a mother and homemaker. This was no small feat, since the traditional household may be described as both a production and a consumption unit. Many factors like urbanization, technical progress, women’s education, etc., have profoundly changed these traditional conditions even in a developing country like India. The production side of women’s work at home is gradually decreasing leading to a reduction of women’s role at home. Thus, working women across the world, specifically in India exposed with stressors from socio

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