World War 2 Summary

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World war 2 In September 1 1939 britains prime minister neville chamberail declared war on germany[the nahtzees and hitler].But the war really started when germany with a unprovoked attack on poland from germany.The united states joined britain and china and soviet unoin in 1941.This war was nown as the second world war ww 2 Pearl harbor In 1941 December 7th disaster struck the united states.Pearl harbor was a terrible time for the united states navy we lost thousands of men.Thousands of men were injured.It was a december sunday morning when the bells rang the Japanese empire airforce had attacked!The Japanese had suprised america with a swift but hard attack.Japan thought america's navy could stop there pacific raid on the world.But America had meant to stay out of the world war and japan wanted to make sure they did.But instead for japan instead of staying out of the war the day after pearl harbors destruction president franklin roosvelt declared war on the empire of japan.Then after that germany declared war on the united states.Even thogh the bombing united america it still was devastating loss for the united states.Japan sunk 8

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