World War 2 Summary

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- I will have approximately 5 paragraphs.
- For the first paragraph, the focus is placed on the RCN and their increase in fleet size and increase in officers and men. The means by which the RCN was able to construct these vessels throughout the war will be analyzed as well as the ways Canada recruited many people into the Navy.
- For the second paragraph, the weapons used by the RCN will be analyzed as well as the advance in these weapons. For example, the “Hedgehog” bombs were created because the bombs previously being used by the RCN and RCAF were not as effective as they should’ve been against the German U-boats.
- The third paragraph will involve the Wolfpack and the new naval tactics created by the RCN and allied …show more content…

It focuses on the entire confrontation between the axis and allies from the first naval battle to the last including several aircraft battles. Milner discusses the German attacks on the allied shipping lanes, a major cause of the battle. The author also covers the enhancement of the German U-boats technology and their tactics, and the new naval tactics the Allies used to eventually destroy the U-boats. The information found within this first hand account will be used in my summary of the war as well as my arguments regarding the new naval tactics used by the Allies and the advancement of its’ weaponry.
The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War – Jonathan Dimbleby Dimbleby uses diaries and journals written by both the axis and allied sailors to describe the 6-year battle. The book focuses on the intelligence behind the allied victory and how they were able to pull off the victory against the strong German U-boats. Topics such as the technology used and created by both the axis and allies is discussed. This information will be used in the arguments regarding the increase in technology and the increase in aircraft technology as the book looks at multiple bombing runs and how each one was more effective.
The Battle of the Atlantic: Naval Warfare from 1939-1945 - Peter …show more content…

The author also discusses the effects the merchant navy had on the Germans. Information found here will be used to argue the naval tactics the RCN and allies used to defeat the German U-boats. The effects the merchant navy had on the German U-boats will be discussed as well
Valour at Sea: Canada’s Merchant Navy – Patricia Giesler This book covers everything to do with Canada’s merchant Navy. Giesler discusses the merchant fleet, the merchant crews, and the expansion of the fleet within the book. These are all key aspects of how the allies were helped win the war. The book also includes information regarding specific battles where the merchant navy provided assistance to the allied forces. The information found will be used regarding the increase in the navy’s size and the merchant navy’s role.
The Defeat of the German U-boats: The Battle of the Atlantic. Columbia – David

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