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I didn’t join boy scouts from cub scouts. I was in cub scouts, but the pack wasn’t good, so when I did join I thought it was going to be similar. I thought that we were only going to be doing arts and crafts like my cub scout pack, but I was wrong. What started as a pastime to keep my parents from complaining that I wasn’t doing anything after school became a major part of my everyday life.

Since I didn’t come from cub scouts I didn’t know anyone in the troop and since I was a very shy child I had a hard time making friends, but that didn’t keep the scouts of the troop from trying to be my friends. As I quickly learned, “A scout is friendly.” I quickly made friends and had a fantastic time, and I went to as many events as I could. From camping …show more content…

Some I would get faster than others in the troop, and some I would get slower. My dad was the main driving force in helping me in getting to the next rank. Now this may seem normal, and you might think, “why is he putting this in?” Well it's because my rank advancement pretty much stopped at a certain point because of a major obstacle. The obstacle was not something that everyone my age faces, and that is that my father died suddenly when I was 14 years old.

This sent my boy scout career into a paused state where nothing got done. It was really hard going back, because of how my father was in it and we did a lot of stuff together. For a time I really didn’t want to go back, but the troop gave my family and me so much support and eventually I did go back and everyone was really kind and thoughtful. I think that without my troop’s support I wouldn’t have gone back and have gotten this far.

With the support of my troop and my own determination I have gotten this far in my road to Eagle. I have worked really hard to progress and I have learned many lessons from boy scouts that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. I am trying to get my Eagle badge, not just for me or because it looks good on a college application, but for my dad who sadly hasn’t been around to see me get this

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