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  • Importance Of Fire Safety

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    understand by (i) Fire Safety Fire safety is a set of practices developed in order to reduce the destruction caused by fire. These include the measures to prevent the start of fires and in the situations that they occur, to limit the spread or development of the fire, the measures included in the construction and renovation of buildings in order to make it safer for the residents (if it is a residential building) or the employees or workers and though safety training of the occupants. (ii) Fire Hazard

  • Fire Suppression System Research Paper

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    Introduction Automatic fire suppression systems are widely used as a fire protection system that offers the first line of defence in case of fire outbreak. It detects, actuates and even extinguishes the fire without the intervention of human, keeping the fire from spreading thus putting fire damage to the minimum. Fire suppression agents is used in the automatic fire suppression system and works by eliminating one of the components of the Fire Tetrahedron (Comprising of heat, fuel, oxygen and chain

  • Natural Ventilation Advantage

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    Natural ventilation, being the most environmentally friendly form of ventilation is very important in improving thermal comfort and indoor air quality in buildings. With the advancement in technology, there have been introduced many mechanical ways of ventilation. However, natural ventilation strategies hold many advantages over such mechanical solutions such as the incredibly low comparative first and operating costs. Secondly, natural ventilation generates cleaner air, therefore more sustainable

  • Literature Review: An Overview Of Ergonomics In The Workplace

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    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Ergonomic is an important thing to be considered in making sure that the workplace is safe from any factors ok risk that causes injuries to the employees. The term ergonomics has its roots in Ramazzini’s study of the ill-effects of poor posture and poorly designed tools on the health of workers in the early 1700s (Byers et al., 1978). Ergonomics is the study of work laws. it goals is to fit work to employees, rather than fitting workers to the work, through

  • Petron Case Study

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    The scope of work includes complete civil and structural works for the proposed 2MTPD Greenfield cement plant. This isfourth project for Petron from the clientULTRA TECH CEMENT LTD.UTCL Group with a strong network of over 1500 dealers across India from sectors of iron and steel, has planned to diversify into the sector of cement by the name UTCL Cement Ltd. and use the existing dealerships in penetrating into the marketsMy accountabilities in thisproject were: 1. I reviewed designs and plans

  • Filipino Architecture In The Philippines

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    Building Infrastructures: Perspectives and Challenges of Filipino Architects Falame, Gerrie, Lomio, Neil Brian, Relano, Brix Ian, Tagal, Stefani Manila Science High School 1. INTRODUCTION In this world full of skyscrapers and industrial buildings, architecture still has an essential role in modernization and industrialization. As the world changes, it demands more state of the art infrastructures and buildings that are capable of sufficing the needs of the rapidly growing industries. The area of

  • Essay On Formwork

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    but has poor tensile strength . The principal requirements for concrete are it should be safe , can be made as desired shape , economical and can resist all kind of loads such as ( wind load , earthquak and e load , snow load etc ) and resist the fire , the cost of concrete formwork is approximately the same cost of concrete itself . Typical formwork : on typical wall form we need shuttering to use it as sheathing to obtained the desired shape we can use plywood or lumber and in double wales we

  • Building Defects In Building Construction

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    The wall also acts as a protective wall to give environmental protection to the internal areas of the building especially the external wall. The wall is purposed separate area of use. Wall defects commonly occurred due to: 1. Movement • The foundation settlement can cause the brick wall settlement. Cracking of wall

  • Fire Doors Case Study

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    Fire door is a door assembly, which is designed to hold back smoke and fire for a period of time and has been tested under certain conditions to provide insulation. Fire door can have different period integrity properties. Figure 1.1 shows the timber fire rated doors with ironmongeries set (NEVADOR, June 18). Besides that smoke seals, self-closing and vision panel or known as glazing system have to be take into design considerations. Fire doors sign is a must to have a minimum of 80mm x 80mm of

  • The Balinese Architectural Lexicon

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    Measurement is very important in the process of creating a traditional Balinese house. Building a Balinese house is a ritual process and as every ritual process there are certain steps that must be followed, perhaps the measurement (length) of a certain part of the balinese house or the level of how high or low a certain column may be. This itself is called the Balinese Architectural Lexicon. The Balinese Architectural Lexicon is mainly followed by these ancient documents otherwise known as Asta

  • Wessfarmers: Product Transversification Strategies

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    campaign to convince architects, builders, engineers to design multi- story office blocks using steel rather than concrete for the structural frame of buildings. Product diversification involves addition of new products to existing products either being manufactured or being marketed. Expansion of the existing product line with related products is one such method adopted by many businesses. Adding tooth brushes to tooth paste or tooth powders or mouthwash under the same brand or under different brands

  • Seismic Analysis In Earthquake Engineering

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    Earthquake engineering has become an important aspect of structural engineering, especially after the recent seismic incidents that took place in Chile, Mexico or New Zealand. These events shook the engineers from within and they are now expected to deliver stronger structure that can withstand such hazards. With latest tools and technology and of course BIM analysis methods, it will now be easier for engineers to design or build more earthquake resistant buildings. So what is seismic analysis

  • Fire Extinguisher Essay

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    Fire extinguishers The laboratory should be designed for fire protection wall and doors be constructed to contain a conflagration until firefighting equipment and personnel can be mustered (Kenneth and McClatchey, 2002). Fire exits must be provided for emergency evacuation of personnel. Rooms that have an area larger than 1000 square feet and all rooms in which inflammability concerns are present should have at least two doors that open to exit corridors or to the outdoors (Kenneth and McClatchey

  • Green Building Disadvantages

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    1.0 Introduction A green building is a concept with the understanding that the constructed environment can have large, positive and negative effects on the natural environment. Green buildings are a way of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use energy, water and materials. Our natural environment is being destroyed due to the growth and the development of our communities. Therefore, constructing green buildings will improve and protect ecosystems as well as improving the quality of

  • Advantages Of Superplasticizers

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    Chemical admixtures have become one of the essential components of concrete in recent years. Nowadays according to the needs of the users various chemical admixtures in different composition have been available in the market. The most commonly used for this purpose are those of plasticizers and superplasticizers which have the ability to increase the workability of concrete considerably. Superplasticizer has various applications in concrete like high volume fly ash concrete, superplasticized fiber

  • Essay On Fire Alarm

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    I. INTRODUCTION A fire alarm system is number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors, and heat detectors. Alarms can be either motorized bells or wall mountable sounders or horns. They can also be speaker strobes which sound an alarm, followed by a voice evacuation message which warns people inside the building not to use the elevators

  • Gas Monitoring System Essay

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    DESIGNING WIRELESS GAS DETECTION AND MONITORING SYSTEMS Prof Dr Dogan Ibrahim of the Near East University in Cyprus describes the basic principles of gas sensors and shows how a wireless gas sensor system can be designed INTRODUCTION Gas detector systems are mainly used to sense the presence of gas leak in an area and then take some action, such as automatically shut down the source of the gas, or sound an alarm to inform the people in the area where the gas leak is occurring. Common gas detectors

  • Disaster Management In Nepal

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    DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK IN NEPAL Normally disaster management job can be done in four phases' i.e, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Recently Ministry of Home Affairs has determined a national disaster response framework for Nepal to guide all governmental and nongovernmental organization for effective disaster management. 4.1 Existing Disaster Management Structure The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) is the focal ministry responsible for Disaster Management (DM) in the

  • Construction Industry Marketing Strategy

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    INTRODUCTION People serve as the most vital resource for many industries, and the construction industry is no exception. The construction industry relies on individuals from the bottom up but none are more important than the executives that establish and guide their companies. The construction industry is one of the key contributors to most economies. The importance of the construction industry to the economy can be measured by its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP), its contribution

  • Kvlar Fibre Advantages And Disadvantages

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    materials. The fiber matrix interfacial adhesion is increased by the following:  Increasing the wettability of fiber surface  Removing weak boundaries  Allowing physical entanglement or mechanical interlocking of fiber and matrix  Increasing the active sites on fiber for chemical bonding  Applying thin layer of coupling agent on