Amphibian Essays

  • Golden Frog Essay

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    and Urbanization , encroachment of land for agriculture, pollution and international pet trade. Even though captive population seems to thrive well thet still cannot be reintroduced into their natural habitat. In order to save this rare species of amphibian the Project Golden Frog was started. It was an endeavor by scientific, educational and zoological institutions in the Republic of Panama and the United states of America. The intended outcomes of the project include: 1) Increasing awareness among

  • Informative Speech On Snakes: Cold Blooded Animals

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    Introduction I. Snakes are reptiles. They are cold-blooded animals with the amazing ability of raising and lowering their body temperatures to adapt to the environment. II. They are distinctively known for their long elongated body and scaly skin. III. Throughout the globe, there are over 3,000 snake species in this world. IV. They can be found almost everywhere in world. They can survive in forests. streams, oceans, and deserts V. As a matter of fact, every continent has at least one type

  • Essay On Glass Frog

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    Imagine you are in the moist, dense, Amazon Jungle. You hear rustling, and movement in the bushes. But what is it? The answer is a mystery to the Amazon, a see through amphibian, that has a long tongue for catching insects, and long legs for jumping, also known as the glass frog. The glass frog is just like any other frog, but has a different appearance. The habitat and the mating and young are mostly the same. The glass frog is a species of frog that is entirely transparent, with their organs

  • Red Eyed Leaf Frogs Essay

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    Red-Eyed Leaf Frog The Red-Eyed Leaf Frog or the Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is a medium sized frog that has, as its name implies, brilliantly colored red-eyes. Its body is a lime green, its webbed feet are orange, and it has bright blue and orange flanks. They sleep during the day on leaf bottoms with their legs tucked closely in to hide its bright colors. When disturbed, they use a technique called startle coloration by flashing their bright eyes and flanks, confusing their predators

  • The Red Apple Frog

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    Jumping left, jumping right, all I can see are frog in my sight. Seeing a slimy tropical frog, the frogs are gross with an unexpected jump but frog are another creature created by God. Expectedly, all frogs can jump but some frog have other uses to help themselves. When a predator is near the horned frog, it jumps collecting a name called Pac-Man. For its unusual eye and baby placing the redeye tree frog, which puts its babies on leaves, is a widely known tropical frog. The glass emerald frog is

  • Lord Of The Flies Figurative Language Analysis

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    It is shocking how quickly people can change from being good to becoming savages. In Lord of the Flies, a plane crashed and some schoolboys got stranded on an island where they have to survive on their own but end up failing and become savages. Chapter 9 concluded with having Simon go out to find the beast and discovers there is no beast; on his way back everybody is dancing in the rain and eating meat, but when they see this figure coming down, they think it’s the beast so they end up killing the

  • Habitat Destruction In The Environment

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    The recent years have shown just what effect we have had on the planet when it comes to destructing rainforest or the ever-rising ocean. We seem to forget about the impact it has on the species, the environment and even the future generation who are going to inherit this planet. In this essay, we are going to talk about the definition of habitat destruction, the causes, effects and suggest some solutions. You may wonder why should you care. We live in a habitat and we certainly don’t want some species

  • Ornate Box Turtle Research Paper

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    Ornate Box Turtles “Boxy” Have you ever had a pet? Well there are many pets like cats and dogs. There are underwater pets and pets that can walk on the ground. Some pets are also very unique just like our pet. It walks on land. It has a hinged shell and it can have multiple patterns and colors on its shell, but it is quite slow. Did you guess yet?!!? It is an Ornate Box Turtle! Our Ornate Box Turtle is named Boxy. Ornate Box Turtles are omnivorous reptiles that live in open grasslands and prairies

  • Xanadu National Park Argument Analysis

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    The given argument states that the number of amphibians have decreased dramatically since two studies indicate that although seven species were available in the Xanadu National Park in 1975, another study indicates that in 2002 only four species observed in the national park. The author points out that this decline might be explained by the introduction of trout which consumes the amphibian 's eggs into the park. The reasons given by the author might be sound and reasonable at the first glance, however

  • Literature Review On Eutrophication

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    added to a body of water and primary productivity is increased. However, the scientific paper, Aquatic eutrophication promotes pathogenic infection in amphibians, puts a direct focus on a specific parasite, Ribeiroia ondatra, and seeks to give evidence that the onset of eutrophication is the driving factor allowing the parasite to disrupt amphibian development. The authors set-out with the goal to provide evidence that eutrophication leads to an increase in the number of snails as intermediate hosts

  • Film Analysis: The Shape Of Water

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    laboratory. Doug Jones plays the Amphibian Man who is tortured at the secret laboratory, but it is able to spark a romantic relationship with Esposito. Richard Jenkins plays the role of Giles, Esposito’s gay friend that is trying to sale his professional paintings. Octavia Spencer performs the role of Zelda, a janitor that is Esposito’s colleague, friend, and translator at work. Lastly, Michael Shannon acts as Strickland, a sadistic colonel who captured the Amphibian

  • Climate Change In Golden Toad

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    The Effect of Climate Change on the Golden Toad Introduction Throughout history the Earth’s climate continually cooled and warmed with weather regimes changing. This natural process is being enhanced through human activities that are increasing the warming of the atmosphere at a more rapid rate than previously seen. Among the many threats to biodiversity; the destruction of habitats, population growth, pollution, invasive species and overexploitation, climate change is having an adverse effect on

  • Essay On Cardiovascular System

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    Fish- The purpose of the cardiovascular system is to distribute the blood throughout the body. By doing so it removes metabolic waste and carbon dioxide from the tissues while simultaneously supplying the necessary nutrients and oxygen. To power this important and crutial system there must be a main power source. The heart is the main power supplier of the circulatory system which drives its functionality. Beyond the heart the circulatory system is comprised of the three major types of blood vessels:

  • Dart Frog Research Paper

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    Cyanide? Would you believe a frog, smaller than a dime, is much more toxic than these. There are over 175 species of Poison Dart Frogs that live in the jungles of Central and South America (Poison Dart Frog, n.d.). According to Wallace (2014), these “amphibians have provided scientists with a diverse array of over 800 biologically active alkaloid [a compound created in organisms used for chemical defense]”. The smallest Dart Frog is 1.2 cm and the largest Dart Frogs are no larger than 6 cm long. Both an

  • Atrazine Effect

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    world to destroy weeds. It is most widely used on corn in the U.S., especially in the Midwest. However, atrazine has been proven to have many side effects which include contamination of the ground and surface water, and reproductive changes in fish, amphibians, reptiles and human cell lines due to its role as a strong endocrine disruptor (Graymore et al, 2001). The present study aims to find out the reproductive consequences of atrazine exposure in male African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis). The authors’

  • Aortic Arches In Vertebrate Analysis

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    COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF AORTIC ARCHES IN VERTEBRATES DEFINITION: Aortic arches are also called as pharyngeal arteries. They are vascular structures that emerge from the ventricle of the heart. There are 6 pairs of these arches in embryonic stages which give rise to several major arteries later. They arise from the aortic sac and are present on the ventral and dorsal aorta. As discussed earlier that there are 6 pairs of aortic arches present in embryonic stages giving rise

  • Analysis Of Unready To Wear

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    amphibious by leaving their bodies and existing with only a mind. The story is in the perspective of a man who left his body, and how he and his wife live their unusual life. Normal people, called the enemy, can not see them and do not get along with amphibians because they do not like that they leave their bodies. “Unready to Wear” is not at all what I thought it would be, but the tale entertained me and made me think about how life would be if this were possible. “Unready to Wear” is a story that I wish

  • Chytridiomycosis Research Paper

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    recognized and classified in the year 1998. Since the discovery of the fungus, it has spread to every continent except Antarctica, where anurans are not present. Kerry Krieger and Jean-Marc Hero report that the pathogen is presently known to infect 287 amphibian species and has been detected in 37 countries (6). Symptoms of Chytridiomycosis i. Symptoms in larval anurans Berger et al. state Bd infects the external, keratin-containing layers of anuran skin (9036). He continues saying in tadpoles, the mouth

  • Analysis: The Isthmus Of Panama

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    In the isthmus, as in different areas, amphibian populations have endured tremendous decay, even to the point that some species have probably disappeared from the wild, because of the development of a fungal disease known as chytridiomycosis. This is an infectious disease that affects amphibians worldwide. It is caused by the chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), a fungus capable of causing sporadic deaths in some amphibian populations and 100 percent mortality in others. The

  • Tiger Salamander: Native Species

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    in masses of 300 to 800 eggs. Within a week tadpoles will start to emerge and tadpoles may develop for one year, transforming upon reaching a size of around 2-3 inches. Sources: Conant, R and J.T. Collins. 1998. A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians: Eastern/Central North America. New York: Houghton Mifflin