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  • Clinical Audit Assignment

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    Clinical Audit Assignment. Introduction. There are many benefits in carrying out a clinical audit. It allows nurses to evaluate the care they are giving, encourages them to keep better records, focuses on the care given rather than the care giver themselves and achieves a feasible quality of nursing care (Harmer and Collinson 2005). According to Clement (2012), a nursing audit can be defined as a detailed review and evaluation of selected clinical records by qualified professional personnel for evaluating

  • Edward Jenner: Father Of The Inoculation

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    Edward Jenner: Father of the Inoculation Many have heard of the disease “smallpox”, yet few have experienced it first-hand. Occurring in 1947, New York contained one of the last smallpox outbreaks in the United States (Baker-Blocker np). Subsequently, the World Health Organization declared smallpox eradicated, in 1980 (Baker-Blocker np). Thanks to the invention pioneered by the English physician and scientist, Edward Anthony Jenner. On behalf of his early life and contributions, Edward Jenner was

  • Denis Diderot: The Ethicality Of Human Experimentation

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    Denis Diderot once said, “There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge... observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.” What Denis Diderot talks about is logical when trying to obtain information on a certain subject, and this applies to experiments performed on humans. When individuals think of human experimentation, unethical and immoral are sometimes the first words

  • Synthesis Essay: The Progressive Era

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    The Progressive Era From 1890 to 1920, the progressives intended to change society by addressing the issues presented. The Gilded age had germinated corruption in businesses, the government and poverty. Big businesses controlled various industries, harming the rest of America. Women's suffrage, sexual inequality had to be addressed. Social issues such as working conditions, child labor, and alcohol and crime worried the people. Working Conditions had created social insecurity and health issues

  • Importance Of Competition In Sports Essay

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    COMPETITION IN SPORTS Competition is good among athletes because it has great impact in self -discipline, attitude towards the opponent, and it can be the way to be wise athletes. Competition is like a challenge in our life that whatever happens we do not give up because competition is just a challenge that can we pass and move to the next round of competition. Like life we have many problems in our own life we can’t solve it immediately but we can solve it step by step. Athletes has many ways

  • The Importance Of Inhumanity In The Nightingale Essay

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    During World War II, Germany invaded and took over France in a matter of weeks. The Nazis with their advance weapons, and strategies such as Blitzkrieg, seemed invincible for much of the war. The Nightingale, written by Kristin Hannah, focuses on the many aspects of life during Nazi rule in France. Hannah shows throughout the novel what it was like for the French citizens when almost everything they had, tangibly and mentally, was taken away because of war. While war can be seen as a way to gain

  • Hierarchical Society In William Shakespeare's King Lear And Twelfth Night

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    Elizabethan England was an exceptionally hierarchical society, where social order and class remained stringent and impermeable. King Lear and Twelfth Night are examples of how William Shakespeare examined these hierarchical boundaries by focusing on the characters who attempt to transgress and subvert the fortified and partisan power structures in their societies. However, as one investigates these social shackles, a ‘social order paradox’ can be found according to Whitney Graham. Graham defines

  • Examples Of Intertextuality In Romeo And Juliet

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    Talking about intertextuality it is very difficult if you don’t know the origins of the stories related to that one. Romeo and Juliet, from Shakespeare, is one example of story that remains in other works. The famous Shakespearean story about a young couple’s tragedy is remarkable, and also the inspiration for different kinds of work. As result, ignoring the similarities between this famous play and other works is almost impossible, firstly because of its renowned recognition, secondly because of

  • Salma Hayek Stereotypes Essay

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    Who would think a Latina can break stereotypes, but Salma Hayek breaks all types of stereotypes. On September 2, 1966, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico Salma Hayek was born. Salma is a Mexican-American actress who wants to make a change in the world. She helps many charities, but there're two specific charities Salma Hayek would go out of her way to make a change. The first charity she is really dedicated to help is women who have suffered domestic violence in their own home. The second charity

  • Definition Essay: The Most Courageous People

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    What comes to mind when you hear the word courage? Many people conjure up images of a brave soldier advancing under enemy fire to rescue a wounded comrade, while others visualize a firefighter rushing into a burning building to retrieve an elderly woman. Although these certainly fall into the category of courageous acts, they cause many people to have misconceptions about the true definition of courage, leading them to associate it only with heroic deeds. They believe, that to have courage, a

  • Practical Application Of Nursing Theories

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    2. THEORIES These are sets of interrelated concepts that provide a systematic view of phenomenon. Theories are contemplative and rational types of abstract or generalizing thinking, or the results of such thinking. Depending on the context, the result might for example include generalized explanation of how nature works . They are analytical tools for understanding, explaining and making predictions about a given subject matter. Theories provides complex and comprehensive ,conceptual and social

  • Morality In The Handmaid's Tale

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    The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood tells a story revolving around a young woman in a post-war economy run by the church, where if a woman fails to produce a child she is sentenced to death. The morals in The Handmaid's Tale are twisted by religion, countless women hung or physically shamed for expressing themselves or refusing to procreate with a man much older than them. Margaret Atwood is skilling in writing post-apocalyptic or future-oriented stories of what could be, something even more

  • Violence In Once Were Warriors

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    The violence in Once Were Warriors (Fine Line, R), a tumultuous domestic drama from New Zealand, erupts with terrifying suddenness. It seems to be happening everywhere you look – in a rowdy, warehouse-size bar, where the sight of a bully smashing heads on the floor is greeted as a raffish diversion, or at a youth gang’s squalid meeting ground, where the new members undergo a sadomasochistic initiation ritual of being kicked and punched. Most cataclysmically, violence happens in the cramped, dingy

  • Social Class Inequality Analysis

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    Large difference of income and wealth remain in every society, combined with a range of other social class inequalities. In the contemporary society where modernity has taken place the contrast of luxury and extravagance lifestyle of rich, whereas poverty and hardship of poor do exist in the society. Poverty is essentially an aspect of social class inequality, affecting above all those from the working class, because other classes have savings, power and necessities of life. However, the process

  • The Broken Column Frida Kahlo Analysis

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    Oxford English Dictionary defined autobiography as “an account of a person's life written by that person”. What it did not mention is that writing an autobiography requires plenty of leisure time, good education, wealth and access to books. As the world changes by time, situation changes too. Autobiographical statement of many different classes, ethnic backgrounds which also includes the deprived are accessible in various written forms and even as works of art. In an article written by novelist

  • Reflective Essay: Defining Identity

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    It is not entirely possible to give a sufficient answer to the question ‘what is identity’. The term identity is surprisingly difficult to define adequately in the sense that it is a contradictive phrase expressing both sameness and uniqueness. Many theorists such as Erickson have attempted to answer this difficult question but rather define the process and identify influences as there is no exact definition for this complex process. The word itself derives from Latin ‘Idem’ which means identical

  • Literary Analysis Of A Clockwork Orange

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    A Clockwork Orange Literary Analysis What’s going to be then, eh? A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, starts with this question as it reinforces the theme of the book, the inviolability of individual moral choice and the necessity of commitment in life. Fifteen years old Alex and his friends set out on a diabolical orgy of robbery, rape, torture and murder. Alex is jailed for his teenage delinquency and the state tries to reform him- but at what cost? A Clockwork orange is a dystopian novel and

  • The Golden Lynx Analysis

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    Throughout the Russian history multiple cultures emerged. In the novel, The Golden Lynx written by CP Lesley, the reader is able to see two different cultures. There are similarities and differences between the steppe nomadic life and the life of the sedentary Muscovite life. The steppe nomadic life is portrayed through the Tatars, meanwhile the sedentary Muscovite life is portrayed through the Russians. Furthermore, the characters used within the novel are fictional, but the backdrop of the novel

  • Case Study: The Organic Learning Organization

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    A learning organization can be understood as an organization that takes steps to chart is future. The implicit understanding in the definition of a learning organization is that it is a belief that learning is a continuous process that grows and evolves and is adaptable and transformative. The organic learning organization responds to the needs and general concerns of and objectives of individuals within and outside of the organization. A learning organization is not too preoccupied with the ideas

  • PTSD In Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

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    The United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that anywhere from eleven to thirty percent of combat veterans, depending on era of service, develop post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly abbreviated as PTSD (“How Common is PTSD”). This likelihood increases if the trauma experienced was long-lasting or severe, if the person in question was directly exposed to the trauma, or if the person in question feared for their life or the life of a loved one (ibid). In Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus