Edward Jenner: Father Of The Inoculation

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Edward Jenner: Father of the Inoculation
Many have heard of the disease “smallpox”, yet few have experienced it first-hand. Occurring in 1947, New York contained one of the last smallpox outbreaks in the United States (Baker-Blocker np). Subsequently, the World Health Organization declared smallpox eradicated, in 1980 (Baker-Blocker np). Thanks to the invention pioneered by the English physician and scientist, Edward Anthony Jenner. On behalf of his early life and contributions, Edward Jenner was important to the scientific and medical community.
Edward Jenner’s early life was full of hardship, as well as, opportunity. Born on May 17, 1749 in Gloucestershire, England, Jenner was raised by his elder brother (Ridgway 36). When Jenner was eight, …show more content…

Growing up in a small town, Jenner could recall a tale propagated by the local farmers, stating that immunity to smallpox occurred if a person contracted cowpox (“Edward Jenner” np). In May 1796, Jenner met a milkmaid who developed said disease. He acquired pus from her blisters in order to study its effects (Ridgway 36). The pus was introduced via incision on the arm of an eight-year-old boy (Ridgway 36). Successfully, the small boy showed no signs of smallpox after the inoculation (Ridgway 36). Despite Jenner’s success, other physicians obtained differing results from vaccinating their patients; Jenner’s reputation was damaged (Robert np). Determined to find a cure, Jenner devoted all his spare time to his investigation. After several years, Jenner noticed that, from case-to-case, the cowpox pustules varied (Robert np). “He realized that only one special variety of the disease provided immunity from smallpox (Robert np).” By the early 1800’s, doctors realized that, whenever they followed his techniques correctly, Jenner had actually found the way to prevent smallpox.(Robert np). Edward Jenner had successfully vaccinated 100,000 people by 1801 (Ridgway 40). Jenner wrote and published his report on his own in 1798 (Ridgway 37). Jenner’s contributions went beyond just the vaccination for smallpox, he laid the groundwork for immunology (“Edward Jenner” np) Centuries after his

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