Battery electric vehicle Essays

  • Tesla's Five Forces Analysis

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    Please develop thorough profiles of the company’s main customers and competitors in that country. The international market place offers a world of business opportunities for the companies which would like to expand their services, operations and products worldwide. The decision to go international is driven by a number of various exogenous and endogenous reasons. The high rate of competitiveness as well as the saturation of local markets urges companies to search for new trade areas. However,

  • Tesla Environmental Analysis

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    An Environmental Analysis of Tesla Motors BN171040 BUS 510 Marketing Management Professor: Dr. Brent Rapisardi Westcliff University 17/09/2017   Abstract Tesla Motors is one of the pioneers in electric vehicle in the world know for its innovative and technological superiority in its products, this study analyzed the environment effecting market of Tesla, especially in context to six environments namely Economic, Political/Legal, Socio-Cultural, Natural, Demographic and Technological environments

  • Case Study: Volkswagen's Motivation Of Global Expansion

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    2.0 Overseas Expansion 2.1 Motivations of Global Expansion 2.1.1 Traditional Motivation of Market Seeking One of the main reasons for a company to expand abroad is to find a new market to serve. After the Second World War, high inflation hit Germany and the domestic market shrink quickly making high surplus of production for VW. This led them to export abroad to cut losses and start to seek more market to reach economies of scale in production. From neighboring European countries, Volkswagen starts

  • Advantages Of Driverless Cars

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    A few years ago, one of my family members got into a car accident by not paying attention because a truck hit him, and he had no idea. He went right through his windshield and couldn’t be saved. Many people get killed from car accidents all the time and that should not be happening. Car accidents can happen to anyone and cannot be planned. Driverless cars will be an appropriate fit to our future because driverless cars are much safer than regular cars, they are easier to use, and they can help save

  • Honda Supply Chain Case Study

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    In this ever changing environment, organisations are faced with a number of problems. These problems create hindrance in the operations of the organisations and also restrict the organisations to conduct their operations effectively. The paper is designed to provide insight on the major business problem of Honda. For the purpose of this paper supply chain has been selected as the core issue of Honda. The paper will illuminate on the risks that the company is facing due to the supply chain problem

  • Essay On Electric Vehicle

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    Electric vehicles An electric vehicle also referred to as an electric drive vehicle as the name suggests is a vehicle which runs on electricity. So there must be some source through which the vehicle would drive its power. An electrical vehicle may itself contain a battery or generator to convert fuel into electricity or may be powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources. Now the range of Vehicles which are included in electric vehicles are road and rail systems,

  • Electric Vehicles: The Future Of Electric Cars

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    electricity. This week's post is going to be on electric vehicles. Electric Vehicles have been around for the same time as The Statue of Liberty. Electric cars were not viable until 1859 because rechargeable batteries weren`t strong enough to run cars. Thomas Parker, the man responsible for electrifying the London Underground invented the first practical production electric car in 1884 using the lead-acid batteries invented by Gaston Plante .

  • Persuasive Essay On Hybrid Cars

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    1902 by Ferdinand Porsche which he was the founder of Porsche. Any hybrid vehicle is more efficient than a diesel and gasoline vehicle, hybrids can deliver more than 50 miles per gallon in a city driving cycle. Are the hybrid cars good? Why would you not purchase a hybrid car? Many people ask themselves many questions about the hybrid vehicles because all the issues that comes with the hybrids. Purchasing a hybrid vehicle may provide you with a good sense of helping and saving the environment because

  • Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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    inevitable but the hybrid does not like it. Hybrid cars both have engines that use gasoline and electric motor driven systems derived, combined. The most popular format in the current of hybrid cars is power-split. Regular time intervals that require ultra-high-speed, the system will be used in engines that use oil. In low-speed range, such as run in the city or the traffic jams in the city range of engines to electric drive systems by pulling

  • Tesla Motors: A Third Great Wave Of Industrial Revolution

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    robotics and capable of delivering many remarkable innovations: unmanned vehicles; pilotless drones; machines that can instantly translate hundreds of languages; mobile technology that eliminates the distance between doctor and patient, teacher and student . Prior time the transportation sector had significantly contributed to the increase of pollution worldwide because the automotive producers strongly

  • Essay On Hybrid Cars

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    Hybrid motor vehicle, technology trends in the automotive industry Introduction to Hybrid Car Technology One of the fastest growing markets with regard to automotive industry is the advent of hybrid car technology. The reason for the increased interest in this market, is the cost of running fuelled driven automotive. This makes consumers constantly looking for cheaper running alternatives. Over the past decade automotive firms across the world have invested large amount of time and money into

  • Electric Cars Introduction

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    Introduction Electric Cars were introduced more than a century ago. The significant growth and development in the world has led to an increase in transportation, vehicles were in great demand which led to an increase in pollution and other environmental problems. It was in the 1970’s that saw an urgent need for alternative fuelled vehicles so as to reduce the problems of exhaust emission from vehicle’s internal engines. Even though electric cars being introduced more than a century ago, the popularity

  • Hybrid Cars: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

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    when it works on twin powered engine which are used to reduce the pollution. Basically, most of the experts say that the electric engine is used for lower speed and gasoline engine is used for higher speeds. The hybrid car not only consumes less fuel but it also produces less amount of carbon dioxide emission. The hybrid car runs on twin powered engine like gasoline and electric motor that cut fuel consumption, reduce air pollution and conserves more energy (Rinkesh, 2009). Many experts say that one

  • Case Study Of Tesla Motors

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    gas vehicles. Tesla Motors have more assortment and in addition inconceivable changes of autos and they are fuel effective with high performance and naturally cordial (Hoya, & Guha, 2009). Discussion Tesla is situated in a sub-business sector fragment that needs impressive contenders

  • Short Essay On Hybrid Cars

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    : An electric hybrid car is one which runs on electric motor and does not consume fuel. It does not involve the complication of harmful emissions and is thus environment friendly. It utilizes batteries which generate 200-300 volts or more of electricity. The battery is charged through regenerative braking which converts the car’s kinetic energy to electrical energy. Electric Hybrid Vehicles can be classified by the degree of hybridization as full hybrid and mild hybrid. Full hybrid vehicles include

  • Advantages Of Hybrid Vehicle

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    Abstract: In recent years, there is growing interest in Hybridization of military vehicles due to the features and advantages offered by the technology. Hybrid electric vehicle when compared with conventional vehicle, have the advantages of improved fuel efficiency due to optimal operation of ICE, regenerative braking and silent operation capability. Limitations related to key technologies such as compact electric motors/generators, power electronics and energy storage systems that are required

  • Nitrogen Advantages

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    Nitrogen for Tyres - Benefits & Drawbacks For a while, nitrogen gas has been used to inflate the tyres of aircraft, heavy commercial vehicles and racing cars. Nevertheless, nitrogen gas has come into use in standard passenger cars only lately. So, what is nitrogen and how is nitrogen gas beneficial. Nitrogen is an odourless, colourless, tasteless and non-toxic gas that constitutes approximately 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. The advantages so far claimed for nitrogen over compressed air for inflating

  • Ktm Freeride E-Xc Case Study

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    KTM Freeride E-XC The KTM Freeride electric motorcycle is a prime example of a manufacturer melding an established product with new technology to form a new product to maintain market position in a time where off-road riding conditions are getting worse. The off-road motorcycle market is a small segment which leads to major competition between manufacturers. Adding to this competition are environmental laws which are trying to preserve the areas of natural beauty that are so perfect for off-road

  • Importance Of Brake

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    Brakes are used to slow down or stop the vehicle. Most brakes commonly use friction between two surfaces pressed together to convert the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat, though other methods of energy conversion may be employed. Hydraulic brakes are generally used in automobiles, where brakes are applied by pressure on a fluid. Mechanical brakes are also used in some vehicles. These brakes are operated by means of leavers, linkages, pedals, cams, etc. Hand brake or parking brake is

  • Self-Driving Car Analysis

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    right decision In the article “Are Self Driving Vehicles Good for The Environment?” by Ucicla Wang she discusses the advantages of how self-driving vehicles may be beneficial to the environment. Self-driving cars provide benefits while believing it is reducing carbon emissions. In reality, it might be doing the complete opposite while lengthening travel time, using unbeneficial electricity, and making unsafe environmental decisions. Electric cars need to be light so it does not use as much energy