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  • Elizabeth Jennings Moments Of Grace Analysis

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    The sacred consciousness of the “huge trusted power” which “moves in the muscle of the world/ In continual creation” (“A Chorus”) lights up the experiences of many of the poems in Moments of Grace and Celebrations and Elegies. Jennings writes in “Rescued,”: “Call that power God,/ As I do,” referring to the “primal power” that lie beneath the poets experience of creative power and her poignant recognition of the vagaries of love , two themes brought together in Moments of Grace. In this reference

  • Death And The Turtle Poem Analysis

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    An Analysis of “Death and the Turtle” In “Death and the Turtle” May Sarton examines many aspects of death. At first glance her three stanza and twenty four line poem seems to remain constant by maintaining a stringent rhyme scheme and steady iambic pentameter. However, upon further examination there are three major shifts that contribute significantly to the meaning of the poem. As the poem progresses there are shifts in the scale, emotion, and inevitability of death. All of these shifts contribute

  • True Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    In Midsummer Night's Dream, the four lovers are shown as examples of society that do not know what true love is. Shakespeare shows this through the fighting scenes and the romantic scenes. He shows true love through Theseus and Hippolyta when they get married into the beginning of the book. William Shakespeare gives his view on fake and true love by using the four lovers as an example of fake love and Theseus and Hippolyta as an example of true love. In this instance, I will be using Hermia, Helena

  • The Importance Of Gender Equality In The United States

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    In our present time, with equality being a prevalent topic, it seems traditional societal values are shifting. However, our society isn’t evolving at the rate certain groups are satisfied with. Although progress has been made in past decades, women are still facing the same inequality now as they were sixty years ago. Make no mistake, those who face oppression have risen up. Females have managed to challenge the world’s conscious, by demanding equality to their male counterparts (qtd. in Neuborne

  • Imagery In Christina Rossetti's Maude Clare

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    Christina Rossetti uses similes, repetition, and imagery in “Maude Clare” to tell a story about a woman interrupting her ex-lovers wedding in order to show she is giving up on loving him. After annotating this poem, I found many interesting characteristics such as speaker, tone, mood, sound devices, rhyming pattern, poetry type, figurative language, imagery and theme. In “Maude Clare” the speaker is a narrator, maybe on looker to the wedding ceremony. The narrator is speaking to an audience. For

  • Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again

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    Analyses - Let America Be America Again Langston Hughes uses a varied meter in “Let America Be America Again”. In the first line and title of his poem he starts with the first syllable [let] stressed, followed by a unstressed syllable [a]. This trochaic dimeter is used just for the first four syllables, following a iambic tetrameter starting with [ca] unstressed and [be] stressed. The second line starts with a trochee, but this time with eight syllables, therefore a tetrameter. The last syllable

  • Poem Analysis: Because I Could Not Stop Death

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    Name: Mark Vicars Instructor: Date: Essay 2 Analysis Because I could not stop Death “Because I could not stop Death” by Emily Dickinson talks about the day when death came calling her. In this poem the narrator is dead although it is clearly depicted in the last stanza and the reader cannot realize it form the first stanza. The narrator is consequently a spirit recalling the date of death and is not scared about its manifestation. The narrator still remembers the incidents of the death, how she

  • The Red Wheelbarrow Analysis

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    The Red Wheelbarrow The Red Wheelbarrow is a poem written by an American poet called William Carlos Williams. Initially, the poem was published without a title, and the poem is in form of verse form. Williams in his writing constructs an image within the readers mind. The author uses simple words to construct a poem that is basically based on imagery philosophy. Williams’s poem is all about a red wheelbarrow that is painted in the readers mind in order to create a flamboyant picture. The Red Wheelbarrow

  • Trumpet Player Poem Analysis

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    1. Scansion and Analysis The Harlem Renaissance was a period of revolutionary styles of music, dance, and literature that presented the hardships and culture of African Americans. The “Trumpet Player,” by Langston Hughes portrays the theme of the therapeutic effects of music through the development of an African American trumpeter’s music. The free verse poem “Trumpet Player” epitomizes the Harlem Renaissance and Jazz through the unique use of inconsistent rhymed and unrhymed lines mixed with the

  • Summary Of Percy Bysshe Shelley's Mutability

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    Son of Timothy and Elizabeth Shelley; Percy Bysshe Shelley was the oldest amongst his four sisters, and only brother, John. Shelley was adored by his family and applaud by his servants who stood by him in his early ruling as lord of Field Place, a family home close to a historic town in England known as Horsham. Attentive and whimsical, he would spend his time entertaining his sisters with spooky ghost stories and preparing games to play with them. However, the bucolic life he cherished in the Field

  • The Day I Became Black Analysis

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    PART A TASK 1 I find the text “The day I became black” very interesting. This is a text by Willem Reerink, where he writes about “when he became black”. What he means with that is that one day in school, some of his classmates was talking about that it was no African American kids in their class, but Willem was in fact African American, but it didn’t show. His skin was caramel, so nobody had ever thought of him as “black”. But as soon as Willem “came out”, he felt that the other classmates and

  • Life Exposed In Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

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    Robert Hayden, an African American author and educator, grew up in the poor streets of Detroit, Michigan. Hayden was a foster child as a result of his dysfunctional biological family. However, being in a foster home was not much of an escape for him. He endured verbal and physical abuse from his foster parents. Because of experiencing such dysfunctionalities, Robert Hayden became socially isolated. There may seem like there is no good to his life’s story, but he then applied the negative energy he

  • From The Dark Tower Analysis

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    From the Dark Tower is a poem written by Countee Cullen. It can be interpreted to showcase the restrictions and struggles that African American people have to face when it comes to growing and being valued as an important members of society and life because of their skin color. This becomes much more clear as the poem goes on and by examining the figurative language, diction, structure, and other prominent literary elements. To begin, the very first line starts off the poem by beginning an extended

  • William Blake To His Coy Mistress Analysis

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    In the poems ‘The Garden of Love’ by William Blake and ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell, both poets present barriers to love differently through the use of various poetic techniques denoting language and structure. Blake criticises institutionalised religion, not only emphasising its unnaturalness but also utilising the concept to frame it as a barrier to pure, unadulterated love. Marvell however, presents a barrier to love as the more structured construct of time through the juxtapositioning

  • Always Something More Beautiful Poem Analysis

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    Always Something More Beautiful “Always Something More Beautiful” is a poem by Stephen Dunn, born in Forest Hills, NY. I got attracted to this poem, because it reminded me when I was at the Regionals for a Cross-Country race and reflected how humans’ life can be fair or beautiful. The cluster “time, clock, finish” clarifies for a measurement that refers to a competitive race. Another cluster that refers to race is “speed, side path, final kick”. Words that represent self-conflict, “endurance

  • Themes In The Minister's Black Veil

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    “A person, who watched the interview between the dead and the living, scrupled not to the affirm that, at the instant when the clergyman’s features were disclosed, the corpse had slightly shuddered, rustling the shroud and muslin cap, though the countenance retained the composure of death.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, born in 1804, had been a descendant of Puritan settlers and had grown up with society constantly beating down on him, because of his family history. After he went to college at Bowdoin College

  • Blueblack Cold Analysis

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    To start off my analysis, it is important to note that this is a free verse lyric poem with three stanzas. The first and the last stanzas are cinquains, while the middle stanza is a quatrain. In Robert Hayden’s poem there are a few lines that are crucial to the understanding of the speaker’s tone, thoughts and feelings and to the understanding of the poem as a whole. I have found the following words and phrases to be the most important: “Sundays”, “my father”, “blueblack cold”, “cracked hands”, “labor”

  • Sonnet 144 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Introduction This paper aims to investigate the language variation and changes and the rhetorical analysis of the poem ‘Sonnet 144’ by William Shakespeare. By using language variation it will help me understanding the language used in the poem, and how language has changed through the years. To get at good insight of the meaning of the words there are used I will do a rhetorical analysis to look at metaphors in the poem. The Poem ‘Sonnet 144’ by William Shakespeare was first published in 1599 together

  • Imagery In 'Sonnet XVIII' By William Shakespeare

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    Authors and talented writers have the ability to use the style of their sentences and writing to their advantage in order to help readers comprehend their stories and create vivid pictures with extreme detail and emotion. A perfect example of this is shown in the poem “Sonnet XVIII” written by William Shakespeare. Through Shakespeare's use of the elements of writing, such as imagery, diction, and varying forms of syntax, he is able to create lifelike images in the reader's mind and portray his romantic

  • The Restaurant Business Analysis

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    High Versus Low Class Social class is an issue among people all over the world due to earning wages and quality of life. Lower class people are often envious of the upper-class community because of their salaries. Upper-class people are often spiteful of some lower class for the job titles they hold. The poems “What Work Is,” by Philip Levine, “Singapore,” by Mary Oliver, and “The Restaurant Business,” by James Tate focus on the issue of social class and feelings towards other classes. These poems