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  • Class Discrimination In The White Tiger

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    “The White Tiger” is a Man Booker Prize (2008) winning book is written by the great Indian writer, Aravind Adiga. This article lets us know how the class discrimination is engulfing the Post Colonial Indian Society under the silent penetration of poverty and corruption. Here, the narrator and protagonist, Balaram Halwai, struggles against his lower class society from the very initial time of his life. His life undergoes with serious sufferings from economical solvency because of being in the lower

  • Mr. Horbeck: A Short Story

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    watched with tears falling from his eyes, his father lying there lifeless. Full of shock and anguish, Ben started running towards his shack. “Momma! Momma! Pa is dead! “Benjamin, what are you saying? Get in the house, your cake is almost ready,” Betty said as she opened the door for Ben. “No, Momma. Mister killed Papa, right in front of me. Pa messed up on a brick, Mister was mad. Momma, I was there,” Ben said as he sobbed uncontrollably. As Betty stared in shock, Nancy rushed in the door. She stopped

  • Midnight In Paris And The Great Gatsby Comparison

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    The most effective of the film that represents the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the film “The Great Gatsby” directed by Baz Luhrmann (2013). In comparison, the “Midnight in Paris” directed by Woody Allen (2011), which did not have any effectiveness due to little reference to the actual novel. In Midnight in Paris, they did not reference the novel as much as they should have but the movie did great. Baz Luhrmann did more with the movie as like the book where characters mostly

  • Thermodynamic Ice Cream

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    Introduction : Ice cream! We all love it, but do you know the thermodynamics behind it? Thermodynamics is the physical science that deals with the relations between heat and other forms of energy. Other forms of energy such as: mechanical, electrical, or chemical. We are completing this research project to understand how our favorite past time treat can have a more scientific background and how heat flows from a warmer object to a cooler object. As aforementioned thermodynamics deals with a lot

  • Race In Othello

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    Othello IO Tinatin Kakabadze Period F 9/1/15 Word Count: 1222 “Race” in the context of Elizabethan England Race, in Elizabethan Era, which was from 1485 to 1603 and was known as the Golden Age of England, was usually ignored. People with dark skin were thought of as exotic and bizarre, though they had no rights as they were forced into England despite many protests. Due to the way North/West Africans clothed themselves, many people in Elizabethan England would call them ‘devils’ and other obscene

  • Existentialism In Peer Gynt

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    “What can I do for you?” Dr. Moi poses after asking everyone at the table for their name, major, and why they are interested in a Scandinavian course. She has an infectious energy and enthusiasm for the topics, and suggests we begin with Fear and Trembling, venture to Ibsen (who she wrote a book about, Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism), and end with a discussion of emigration of Norwegians to the United States, and how it is unlikely to happen again for the foreseeable future. Dr. Hedman

  • Sorry To Disrupt The Peace Analysis

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    Sorry to Disrupt the Peace by Patty Yumi Cottrell reflects the idea of “double consciousness” through the mind of a character, Helen’s adoptive brother, who commits suicide. The preoccupation is not revealed until the family finds the diary coping with the experiences he has confronted before and after he sets the meeting to meet his biological mother in Korea, and afterward, it leads to the suicide. Cottrell describes the scene where Helen’s brother talks about “double consciousness” and how terrified

  • What Is The Theme Of Appearance Vs Reality In Macbeth

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    William Shakespeare is an English poet, playwright and actor. He is considered as the greatest writer in the English language. The World views him as the pre-eminent dramatist for his works. During his lifetime, Shakespeare has written a total of 38 plays between 1590 and 1612 with his best works being tragedies. Shakespeare’s tragedies have not only been used for entertainment, but the use of teaching to others. In Shakespeare’s work, the theme of appearance versus reality is shown throughout two

  • My Mother And Father Compare And Contrast Essay

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    Most people in the world are different in many ways. In fact, some people say no human being on earth has the same fingerprints. On a similar topic, my parents are different in many ways also. Although my mother and father are different in the ways they act, live life, and discipline children, I love them both. First off, my mother and father differ in the ways they act. My mother is a very out spoken person, and love to gossip. I remember staying after church for hours because my mother would talk

  • Annabel Lee Analysis

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    The two poems, “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe and the poem, “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)” by E E Cummings, have similarities because they both have the same theme of love. In the poem, “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe, the author writes the poem in a very overwhelming and emotional way. In this poem, the author talks about losing someone that they love and having the person taken away from them. Even though the poem is very gruesome and mentions death, it still is very powerful

  • Violence Is Caused By Power In Macbeth Essay

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    Violence is caused by power. This epic theatre deals with politics and social issues in very dark times were every king has their own method to become successful. Although the consequences that comes with it, kings avoid failure by choosing methods that can lead to unethical behavior. A king that is considered to be successful is achieving the title at the expense of somebody else. What causes a king in to considering violence? First, I believe that the fear of failure make kings to consider violence

  • Ben And Jerrys Case Study

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    The phrase “Peace, Love, & Ice-cream” is the popular one used by the company Ben & Jerrys. This ice cream company originated in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont at an old renovated gas station. According to the company’s website, the owners, Ben, and Jerry, used the knowledge they gained from a $5 ice cream making class. Their three-part mission includes their goals for their product mission, economic mission, and social mission. The company’s product mission claims that they aim to produce the finest

  • Essay On Poem At Thirty Nine

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    Compare and contrast Piano and Poem at Thirty-Nine D.H Lawrence’s Piano and Alice Walker’s Poem at Thirty-Nine are both about nostalgic remembrance and childhood memories. Poem at Thirty-Nine focuses on the persona reflecting on her life and childhood, bringing in a sense of happiness and grief as she acknowledges how much her father has taught her about life whereas Piano highlights the persona’s poignancy when thinking of his mother and childhood. Both the poems take a different approach on theme

  • Cabaret Analysis

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    On Saturday, November 11, I attended a performance of Cabaret at Dutchess Community College. This musical is set in Berlin, 1931 Germany pre World War I as the Nazis are rising to power. It takes place in a nightclub, the Kit Kat Klub and revolves around an American writer named Cliff Bradshaw and his relationship with an English cabaret performer, Sally Bowles. The cast features six major characters: Sally Bowles, the headlining British singer at the Kit Kat Klub, the Emcee, or the Master of Ceremonies

  • Seneca's Argument Of Stoicism

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    Seneca lived in a time long after the fall of the Roman Republic, where one sole ruler controlled the government. He acted as a tutor and advisor to a young Nero during his reign as emperor. Along with Burrus, Seneca had great influence over Nero during his early years as emperor. However, he and Burrus lost that power when they refused to assist Nero in the murder of his mother. Seneca further lost favor with Nero after Burrus’s death and was later accused to be associated with the Pisonian Conspiracy

  • A Character Analysis Of 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn'

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    Kathryn Lanford Date 8th grade 9th grade credit CHARACTER ANALYSIS The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain Does seeing the Mississippi River through the eyes of a young boy make for a great adventure? Well Mark Twain appears to think so in his fiction

  • Essay On Ambition In Macbeth

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    Beliefs in supernatural elements and ambitions for power can lead to psychological downfall in people’s life. During the Renaissance, from early 14th century to the late 16th century, the beliefs in supernatural elements were influenced by storyteller Bards from Middle Ages. Renaissance is the time period where everything was advancing, new ideas were being developed, and writers like Shakespeare were producing their own masterpieces. William Shakespeare was an English playwright, actor, and poet

  • How Did Jeannette Walls Achieve The American Dream

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    In 1776, the Declaration of Independence, in founding America, laid the foundation of the American Dream with the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Jefferson 77). Jefferson believed that life should be better and richer for every man. He did not, however, necessarily mean that money is needed for life to be “richer.” As the American economy, society and culture have advanced, the interpretation of the American Dream has changed drastically. Nowadays, the American Dream

  • Essay On Waffle Bomb Ice Cream

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    One might have never traveled before and has always had the same ice cream their whole life. If he or she would ever want to travel and explore new things, this paper is for them. Let’s fly all the way to London, where one would get the experience of having a waffle bomb ice cream in Chinatown. The Waffle Bomb Ice Cream is something that, as a tourist, one would be wanting to die for. The reasons why one should want to go get a waffle bomb ice cream is because of the wait time, creation, and the

  • Theme Of Power In Othello

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    influence their surroundings and the society they belong to. William Shakespeare’s Othello conveys the power of emotional intelligence and how individuals tamper with other’s emotions to get the reaction they desire. The power of status is satirised within Ben Elton and Richard Curtis’ Blackadder II, portraying the dominating ideology of social classes and how one’s position of status can assist or fault their strive for success. Both of these powers can be found present in an individual’s influence over