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  • The Importance Of Global Marketing

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    The remarkable growth of the global economy over the past 65 years has been shaped by the dynamic interplay of various driving and restraining forces. During most of those decades, companies from different parts of the world in different industries achieved great successes by pursuing international, multinational, or global strategies. During the 1990s, changes in the business environment presented a number of challenges to established ways of doing business. Today, despite calls for protectionism

  • Swot Analysis Of Pico Art

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    1.0 Objective 1.1 To obtain ACEO’s approval to i) consider the design, advertising and consultancy based activities of Pico Art International Pte Ltd (“Pico Art)’s subsidiaries, related companies, joint venture and business partners as servicised activities from Pico Art and to ii) apply the 60:40 rule on a cluster basis. 2.0 Site Details Allocation No. 10639 Address 20 Kallang Avenue Proposed Usage Production of exhibition, indoor/outdoor promotional display, advertising

  • Nike: The Challenges Of Branding In The Nike Company

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    Contents Introduction 2 Branding 2 Distribution 4 Product Changes 5 References 7 APPROACHES TO BRANDING - KNOWTHIS.COM 7 FAMILY BRAND OR UMBRELLA BRAND 7 NIKE, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 7 ANON 7 LONGCHAMP, K., LONGCHAMP, K. AND PROFILE, V. 8 ANON 8 Introduction In 1997, Nike spent $978 million on advertising and marketing promotion, this is because their brand visibility is the key driving future earnings growth. The company was founded on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill

  • Advantages Of Marketing Communication Mix

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    promotion tools to communicate with customers and other stakeholders. Also known as Marketing Communication Mix, it consists of “a specific blend of advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion, and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships” (Armstrong & Kotler 2008). Figure: The Marketing Communications Mix: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations, Direct Marketing

  • A Critical Function Of Branding In The Apple Company

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    In week 13 lesson, we had learnt about branding. Branding is a perception or an identification that we assign to the products we know and we use. Brand meaning, ideas and image are what marketing communication delivers to brands. The perception and brand meaning is the thing a brand has that can’t be copied. Every brand has different perception and brand meaning at the market. Competitors can make a similar product and service, but it’s difficult for them to make the same brand because brand meaning

  • Product Innovation In Agromas

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 OVERVIEW OF STUDY Product innovation is important strategy for marketer to survive their products or services in the market. It also can create competitive advantages for marketer and be different from products or services offered by competitors. Marketer goes for product innovation because innovation has become the most important factor for organization to success throughout the year over its competitors. Marketer needs to innovate so that it can continuously speed up

  • Fogg Deodorants Case Study

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    This ensured credible and timely source of information for all those customers who valued the personal touch in information. Evaluation of Communication Strategy Fogg’s communication strategy successfully enabled Vini Cosmetics, a company smaller than many of its FMCG competitors, to become the market leader in deodorant category within three years of its launch. Fogg has toppled big players, such as AXE (an HUL product) and Park Avenue, from their top slots. At present, the market

  • Coffee Shop In The Philippines Case Study

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    Social Factors Status of Coffee Retail in the Philippines 5Coffee retail in the Philippines is developing. Over the recent years, the number of specialty coffee shops continues to grow. Specialty coffees or third-wave coffee are coffees grown, harvested and processed in a special way to preserve its natural attributes. Coffee shops with recognition from SCAE or SCAA now operate in Metro Manila. Some of these stores double as a barista school. Supply and education go hand in hand. The Philippines

  • Starbucks Strategic Management Strategies

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    (a) Explain how strategies adopted by Starbucks managed to turnaround the company. Starbucks’ vision is “to establish Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand in the world.” Starbucks aim is to be a cherished meeting place for all the customers’quick service food needs.They want to open coffee shops in every neighborhood globally. Through this,they can achieve their mission which is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person,one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”Beside

  • Swot Analysis Of Topshop

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    The parent company Arcadia Group Ltd holds a portfolio of brands – Wallis, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Topman, Burton Menswear London, Dorothy Perkins, Evans and Outfit. TOPSHOP was first introduced in 1964 and then became a standalone store in 1994 (TOPSHOP, Official site). Over the course of almost five decades, it has opened up almost 472 retail outlets across the globe. Topshop is a high-street fashion brand that is very popular amongst the youngest generation. It caters to women between 14-30

  • Disadvantages Of Negative Advertising

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    advertising is not done in an ethical way, it can turn out disastrous. A business may intentionally lie about a competitor company's products and services to make their products look good. Most of these companies are forced to apologize publicly for making negative remarks about a certain company. In the political world, negative advertising can turn voters on the advertiser’s side. In addition, through these negative advertisements, voters learn about both candidates and their characters. On the

  • Starbucks Competitive Strategy

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    Starbuck a company in pursue of high customer services, high quality products and focuses on the comfort of their customers, a company that is known to be one of the world’s great companies, and a company that create a great work environment and believe in the power of people by invest in staff. A company that focuses on growing big internationally without losing focus on customers’ satisfaction, quality product offering, staffing and the environment (Honack, R. 2009). Staying small of Starbucks

  • Reflection On Gibbs Reflective Cycle

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    Introduction: Reflection is a part of daily process of learning and thinking. As stated by Jasper, (2003), the reflection is “…the way that we learn from an experience in order to understand and develop practice”. It is useful in dealing with challenges and can be used as a tool for personal and professional development. Moreover, a convoluted process of writing experiences and learning from any event and understanding of its usefulness in future is, defined as Reflective writing. The theoretical

  • SWOT Analysis Of Nike

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    operates in such an industry that is highly competitive, still has a better position in terms of market share as opposed to its rival companies, but it faces tough competition from Adidas, Puma and other reputed brands. The competition gets tougher as these brands also produce a similar range of products (, 2016). Revenue in Billion

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retail

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    Retail is derived from the French word retaille which translates to a piece cut off and in the modern day is the sale to the smallest unit - the individual customer. The retail sector is currently worth 7 trillion dollars worldwide. India has the fifth largest retail sector in the world and accounts for about $833 billion of the retail sector. Various studies of the retail sector all show that in India the unorganized sector is larger than the organized sector. Almost 93 percent of all retail stores

  • Difference Between Globalization And Internationalization

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    vary depending on the country’s culture and other factors. When a company wants to global it should have common products, price and promotion within its marketing mix; the only difference is the place. The common ground that is settled on within globalization identifies the difference between globalization and internationalization. Because of the importance advantage and efficiency of undergoing both processes, many times companies believe they should take into consideration

  • Coca Cola Advertisement Analysis

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    lose the old ones. While the first marketing steps in the history of Coca‑Cola were performed in the form of coupons offering free beverage, the situation on the market has radically changed. When the advertising through media became possible, the company has created an image through advertising the drink as a product connected with fun, entertainment, friends, and having a good time. Nowadays, the Coca-Cola is famous for its inspiring and calling to action advertisements. https://emitchelldesign.files

  • The Pest Analysis Of Nike Inc.

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    the macro-environmental factors that are necessary for strategic management. It is an acronym which when expanded includes six factors when the company is contemplating to launch or upgrade a service or a product. The factors are: • Political • Economic • Social • Technological The significance of all these factors can be different for different companies or industries but overall they play a crucial role in deciding the future action of every organization. 1.1 Political

  • Advantages Of Direct Business Model

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    Dell in administering Dell Computer Company and it is a system that promotes direct communication, sales of product to customers without the use of intermediary. This model of business articulates efficiency by effectively reducing the influence of an intermediary. Undoubtedly, Dell Computer Company, in effect to customize their order according to customers’ needs, initiated a prerogative of direct dealing with their numerous customers which enables the company to comprehend what elements should be

  • Swot Analysis Of Acer

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    Inbound Logistics • Acer purchased raw material and unassembled goods from • manufacturing companies overseas • Most manufacturing companies are located in countries with low labour costs (e.g. China, Indonesian) High Value: This reduces the transportation and warehouse costs, as well as the distance, duration, cost for shipping Low Rarity: Competitors may also look into countries with low labour costs for supplies Low Imitability: Acer has a strong relationship with their suppliers and this