Mkt 421 Week 2 Branding Reflection

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Branding Reflection Task What is branding? ‘The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. An effective branding strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.’ We live in a time where branding is everywhere even a person or a place has a brand, it might not be prominent, but it is always present. Branding can be a logo, tune, slogan or in some cases branding isn’t spread by the company but by word of mouth. Anything from hospitals to political parties to a country all have brands to get the most recognition in their individual field. Branding can be used to get more profits, customers and votes to give you an edge on competitors. Branding …show more content…

They want you to stay loyal to the brand assuring that the company can count on you to not go off to competitors (e.x ‘Excel’ wants to give you quality chewing gum so you can trust them and not go run off to ‘Juicy Fruit’ with your money ). Furthermore, companies want to think that their product is integral to your way of life. They want to make sure you need their product more than competitors and you always pay for their product over other companies. For example, ‘Nike’ is more than just sports attire. The marketing team wants you to embody the ‘Nike’ way of life and therefore, continue to support ‘Nike’ and spread the word of their products. Also, businesses want you to associate a good feeling or memory to their products. They want this because if you found that the product lacks quality you wouldn’t be loyal to the establishment. For instance, if you purchase a table from ‘Ikea’, spend hours setting it up and stand back to admire your handiwork right as the table buckles and plummets to the ground. You wouldn't associate ‘Ikea’ with quality or a good experience and you wouldn't waste your time and money again on an ‘Ikea’ …show more content…

It started as a small town drink but is now a massive global industry thanks to a few very smart people. Coke started as a medicinal syrup which got mixed into soda by a careless employee. This accident forever changed the soft drink industry. Coke was still small but the way it reached superstardom was by constantly changing. They created Diet Coke & Cherry Coke to consistently give people what they wanted. They kept adjusting their logo to reflect the time and trends (which is a risky move because if you change it too much you might ‘jeopardize you recognizability’). When Coke made logo changes they ‘retained the basic look and feel ’ as to not lose their signature design. They market their product very well. ‘Coca-Cola ‘endorse the Olympic Games to get recognition, changed their mascot to Santa Claus (a well-known figure) to make Coke necessary during the holidays, opened a museum and became a part of everyday life. Coke is always changing to better serve you and reflect the

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