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  • International Monetary System Analysis

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    The international monetary system can be traced back to ancient times when gold and silver where used for trading. The use of gold led to the establishment of an international monetary system called the gold standard. It was the prevailing monetary system before the First World War. Under this system, gold constituted an international reserve asset for countries that agreed to buy and sell paper currencies in exchange for gold that had a fixed value by a par value each country specified for its currency

  • Similarities Of Imf And World Bank

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    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization headquartered in Washington, DC, which is UN specialized agency established in 1944 under Bretton Woods system to help prevent unstable exchange trade it is found in 188 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.Whiles the World Bank is an international financial

  • The Gold Standard: The Causes And Effects Of The Great Depression

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    The existence of gold standard goes way back since the 1800s. Under this system, currencies are linked to a fixed quantity of gold and can be converted into gold at a specific price. Bank issued notes and certificates to people to transact with which was convertible to gold (Nyazee, 2008). Despite the long period of prosperity and stability that this system has created, the gold standard was abandoned by many countries during World War I in 1914. Although some countries returned to its adoption after

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Imf

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    International Monetary Fund The foundation of IMF (International Monetary Fund) was laid in 1944 in the Bretton woods conference and was established in 1945 with the membership of 29 countries. IMF was established to help countries in rebuilding of their economies which were badly affected due to World War 2. The purpose for the establishment of IMF was to make sure that the international monetary system runs smoothly. World Bank World Bank is a financial institution of United States which was formed in

  • Bretton Woods Agreement In Tanzania

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    II, in 1944, when the world was resuming to normality, an international agreement commonly known as Bretton-Woods Agreement was signed for resetting a way through which countries can exchange their currencies and hence carry out trades between them. This came following the collapse of Gold Standard and the financial chaos in Europe and America (Great Depression of 1930s). Under Bretton-Woods system, countries could trade between them using exchange rates maintained within fixed values, once exchange

  • Unemployment: The Three Major Causes Of Poverty

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    Causes of Unemployment Unemployment refers to a situation where a person of working age is not able to find work but is willing and able to be employed. Unemployment often occurs, even within a healthy economy. Millions of people across the world are willing and able to work but are unable to find unemployment in order to sustain their needs. This essay will examine the three major causes of unemployment namely recession, the lack of necessary skills, and poverty. One of the major causes of

  • Exchange Forme System: Factors Of An Exchange Rate System

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    EXCHANGE RATE SYSTEM An exchange rate system is a system in which the national currency of one nation is linked by the national currency of another nation through an exchange rate. This exchange rate is usually a fixed ratio. The exchange rate has two components that is domestic currency and foreign currency. The domestic currency belongs to the nation and foreign currency belongs to the nation which it is comparing. In direct sense, usually the price of a unit of a foreign currency is expressed

  • Role Of Money In Society

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    Description: According to the Oxford Dictionary money can be defined as a “current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes”. Here in the United States, money is either referred to as dollars (paper bills) and/or cents (coins). However, depending on where you are in the world it may be referred to as something different. Regardless of what it may be referred to as, money everywhere is used as an exchange item, this is typically called buying something. When buying something, money represents

  • Essay On Importance Of Gold

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    Importance of gold in Indian Economy The importance of gold in India is primarily attributed to three reasons: its monetary value, risk aversion quotient and investment. History states that gold was once used as the unit of currency. In India gold occupies a significant role in the social and economic life of poor and rich alike. Regardless of their caste and creed, Indians consider gold to be the most tangible form of investment. Gold remains the easiest asset and investment for the poor because

  • World Bank History Summary

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    HISTORY: The World Bank was created in the 1994 Bretton Woods Conference along with other institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It was created to lend money to European countries to rebuild after World War II. John Maynard Keynes and Henry Dexter White were the founding fathers of the World Bank and the IMF. One of Keynes' most significant roles was as chairman of the Bank Commission. Under his leadership, the Bank articles were drafted rapidly and successfully despite the