Buddy Swan Essays

  • 12 Angry Men Moral

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    Those who can convey their ideas can change the world, and those who stand alone fighting for their ideas are the strongest among us all. This is one of the many deep massages that were sent by the director Sidney Lumet throughout his masterpiece 12 Angry Men. 12 Angry Men is one of the most memorable movies from the year 1957. It is also considered as one of the top 100 movies of all time on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes (Top 100 Movies of All Time, n.d.). This artistic movie is an

  • Film Analysis: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

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    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a Western film directed by John Ford in 1962(The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance), starring James Stewart and John Wayne as the lead characters, and Vera Miles who stars as their love interest. The movie opens with Ransom Stoddard (James Stewart) and his wife, Hallie Stoddard (Vera) who returns to Shinbone. The citizens of Shinbone are very excited and surprised at this unexpected visit and the editor of the Shinbone Star wants an exclusive story on this unlikely

  • Essay On Cinderella Man

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    The movie Cinderella Man was incredibly accurate of what it was like to live in the great depression, in its portrayal of the characters, setting, and events of the movie. Like in the movie, Jim J. Braddock was a boxer that lived during the great depression. He had many adversities that he had to face, and they are generally what fueled him to continue fighting. Movies usually tend to over exaggerate struggles, but Cinderella Man shows the raw reaction and reality during that time. The details

  • Existentialism In Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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    In Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a couple, Joel Barrish and Clementine Kruzynski, relationship has taken a turn for the worst decides to undergo a memory erasing surgery and later end up dating each other again. Throughout this movie, one of the partners regrets their decision after realizing he still loves his partner and desperately tries to stop the surgery but fails. Due to the Joel and Clementine failure to reverse the procedure, they fall in love again. As due to their

  • Lady Capulet In Romeo And Juliet

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    With the privilege of wealth comes the privilege of less responsibility; the more money you have, the more things you can pay people to do for you. Life inside the walled city of Verona and being one of the most highly respected and wealthy families there means there is a high standard that must be kept. Lady Capulet took the opportunity to set aside her motherly duties and higher a wet nurse to breastfeed her baby. Being the wife of a wealthy man, she can do this and therefore preserve her body

  • Famous Dancer Essay

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    Famous Dancers Anna Pavlova (1881-1931) Anna Pavlova was a Russian ballet dancer who added a traditional feel to the classical ballet. In her ninth birthday, her mother took her to watch the ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. It was how she had decided that she would enter the Imperial Ballet School. Despite her height and physical structure, Anna has the perfect balance and she possessed great talent. She became a perfect ballerina after she entered the ballet school. Anna created her own

  • Aardvark Research Paper

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    Community: An aardvark’s community consists of ants, termites, lions, hyenas, and leopards. Interspecific Interactions (interspecific competition, mutualism, predation, herbivory): Aardvarks are omnivores because they eat ants, termites, grass, roots, and occasionally underground fruits. They are predated by lions, hyenas, and leopards. They also face interspecific competition with animals such as prairie dogs and weasels, vying for a similar diet of insects, grass, and roots. Level of Trophic Structure:

  • Mambo Girl Shall We Dansu Analysis

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    Mambo Girl (1957), a movie musical, follows Kailing, a talented young woman widely admired for her singing and dancing capabilities, as she searches for acceptance after learning the truth about her background. Shall We Dansu? (1996) follows Mr. Sugiyama, a Japanese accountant who goes on a secretive and intimate journey into the world of ballroom dance. Both Mambo Girl and Shall We Dansu? emphasize the close relationship between intimacy and Latin dance by linking Kailing and Mr. Sugiyama’s manners

  • Character Analysis: San Junipero

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    AYALA, ANGELY D. 3LIT1 San Junipero and The Portrayal of LGBT in Shows San Junipero is an episode of Black Mirror, a Netflix series, about two girls falling in love with each other. However, the plot of it is much more complicated than that. Yorkie and Kelly met in a club during the 80s, Kelly invited her to dance but Yorkie ended up panicking and ran out. Kelly followed her and invited her to sleep with her but she declined. From the first scene alone, Kelly is already as a bisexual having a sexual

  • Personal Narrative-A Life-Changing Experience

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    Naya Aslan Mrs. Amina Sindhi English Personal Narrative 1/14/2017 A Life-Changing Experience Hundreds and even thousands of people surrounded me as I felt my world turning; as if it were a ballerina dancer performing pirouettes in a competition. I began to feel dizzy and unconscious of my surroundings; I was lost in a country that had no idea what language I spoke and was reckless to even help me out. I could feel my eyes getting puffier as I wept through Budapest Ferenc Liszt International

  • Debbie Allen Research Paper

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    Debbie Allen Is an American actress dancer, choreographer will all major dances like classical Ballet, Modern, African, Hip Hop and Jazz. Now she is currently teaching young dancers. At age 12 Debbie Allen audition at ballet school when she returned to her birth home in Texas. Auditioning for the school got denied just because of her skin color. When she got a second chance to perform a Russian instructor saw her talent of how a good dancer she is by a that the Russian instructor let her be is his

  • The Importance Of Music To Film Music

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    Music as an artistic way to accompany people from their born to grow up, and it influences people to have their own analysis to art performance, no matter its musical or film music. As I start to take this course, I begin to pay more attention to the film music and realize how the importance of music in a film. Through the learning of unit 4, I got some important concepts of dramatic film score. The music change makes the film industry get into a new page, and directors begin to accept the existence

  • Hunger For Power In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Hungry for power. Querulous. Weak. The Commander is the representation of male insecurity. This character is derived from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Atwood’s novel reveals that hunger for control can lead to the oppression of women, this is demonstrated through the Commander’s characterization, the Aunts attitudes, and some of the Gileadean rules/laws. Having the world at the tip of your fingers, and still feeling as if that is not enough, is the reason for the oppression

  • Satchmo My Life In New Orleans Summary

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    1. The author of the Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans was Louis Armstrong. There are those who believe Armstrong could not have written this autobiography or at least not without help/assistance. Armstrong only received a 5th grade level education, still others believe that Armstrong is the sole writer of this autobiography based on transcript of Satchmo and his letters that are in archives of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University. Dan Morgenstern compared the original transcript to

  • Tiny Pretty Things Book Report

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    Tiny Pretty Things Author: Sona Charaipotra By: Raven McDaniel The book is about three ballet students, Gigi, June and Bette, top of their class. In a important Manhattan ballet school, a new girl shows up at the ballet school, her name is Gigi. She is a free spirited girl, who just wants to dance.A privileged New Yorker Bette's desire to escape the shadow of her ballet-star sister brings out a dangerous edge in her. Bette, she wanted the Sugar Plum Fairy role, really badly. And perfectionist

  • Rock N Roll Influence On Pop Culture

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    Music is one of the most important aspects to culture. Music is the glue that holds society together. Music changes constantly to fit the vision of new artists. Although music is always changing, it is often influenced by past artists or events. Many decades left a mark on musical history . One decade that changed music was the 1950s. This is due to the fact that rock n roll was invented in the 50s. The people of the 50s described rock n’ roll as a form of music, stepped in blues rhythm and blues

  • Skillet Battle Cry Analysis

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    Essay on the Rhetoric involved in the song Battle cry by Skillet In the song Battle cry, Skillet is trying to inspire courage and confidence in its listeners. The song persuasively calls for fighting for yourself by establishing the group's strong looks and their empathetic words, evoking powerful emotions and reflecting the cycle of depression and relapse in their lyrical structure. Skillet - a group formed in 1996 in Tennessee - is a reconstitution of many other groups; mostly Serph and Urgent

  • Rebellion In The Handmaids Tale

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    Rebellion; the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention. The Handmaid’s Tale written by Margaret Atwood is a novel. The novel takes place in Gilead a dystopian society. Everyone in Gilead has an important role to play within the society, however, it seems as if none of the characters seem content with their role, due to the restrictions they face. In the novel, the lack of freedom leads to rebellion as shown by the characterization, interior dialogue, flashbacks, and foreshadowing

  • Willy Loman And Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis

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    Willy Loman and Walter Lee Younger are two different people, in two different worlds with almost the same type of problems. The struggles between the Younger and Lomans is quite a twist for some people, but if given a chance can be unraveled to see how much love and care is actually put into the meaning of family. First is Willy and how his life is being changed by his memory and struggle to keep up with payments. Second is Walter struggling with his drinking problem and trying to keep his temper

  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

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    European traditions for their inspiration while still incorporating Russian elements into their music. (Charlton, 195-196). His most famous works include, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake. Tchaikovsky composed Swan Lake (1875) after being commissioned by Vladimir Begichev, Russian dramatist and administrator. Swan Lake premiered at Moscow 's Bolshoi Theatre in 1877.The content was based