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  • Beauty Standards In The Bluest Eye

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    An insight to the beauty standards of Morrison’s novel “The Bluest Eye” “The Bluest Eye” is a story, written as a Bildungsroman, set in Ohio. It is a novel about growing up as a black female in America during the years following the great depression. In the text “Out of Sight: Toni Morrison’s Revision of Beauty”, Malin LaVon Walther mentions that Morrison in “The Bluest Eye” (1970) presents a black community that has taken the white criteria and ideals for their own. This is an accurate statement

  • Dermatologist Research Paper

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    If you are living in Chennai and want to consult a dermatologist, here is the list of top ten Dermatologists in Chennai. Top 10 Dermatologist in Chennai Dr. Saravanan.B.N Dr. Saravanan.B.N is a Dermatologist in Velachery, Chennai. He has an experience of 12 years in these fields. He completed MBBS and DDVL from Madras Medical College, Chennai. He is an active member of Indian Association of Dermatologists

  • Servant Leadership Literature Review

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    could be one of the reasons for church leaders to give up the ministry. Though attrition takes both with church leaders and members of Telugu Baptist churches in Chennai. The most victim among the church leaders is the pastor who is responsible to feed the believers. It is because of the polity of the Telugu Baptist churches in Chennai. The other elders’ board try to overrule and control pastor in every area of ministry. According to literature review the primary causes of pastoral attrition of the

  • Reflection On The Cultural Autobiography Of Nikita Viswanath

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    along with her siblings lived there till she got married and settled in Chennai. My father on the other hand is also a Tamilian and lived in Chennai through his life till today, which also means my paternal grandparents, also lived in Chennai since their marriage till date. Both my parents are Hindus. Hinduism, which is often misconstrued as a religion, do actually our ancestors preach a way of life as. I grew up in Chennai in a community of Brahmins or rather in a homogeneous community. We are quite

  • Bachelor Of Marine Engineering (BE)

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    Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering) Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering) is a full-time undergraduate Engineering course. The duration of this course is 4 years divided into 8 semesters. The duration may vary from one college to another. This course helps students to serve as leading provider of technically energetic, competing, and disciplined marine engineers. This course make them capable of performing in international and local shipping industry. Candidates who have completed

  • Social Media In Hurricane Katrina

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    Chennai Floods (2015-2016) made a huge impact on the livelihood of several thousands of Indians due to improper planning and inability to take immediate action. Research by Anbarasi (2015) on disaster management in Chennai made an effort to fragment the social media users who have shared comments about the Chennai recent flood and its disaster and to recognize their demographics. The results were inconclusive

  • Monopoly

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    Monopoly and Price discrimination of Indian Railways --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepared By: Name :Mohamed Ali .K ID :2016hb74036 Email Assignment: Managerial Economics Do you think Indian Railway is an example for monopoly market? What are the types of price discrimination that Indian railway practice? Introduction In economics, monopoly in its pursuit form is the case of a single seller. The market

  • Women's Rights In Canada

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    Women fighting for their equality in society is still an issue in the western and non-western countries. This paper will explore women’s rights such as their employment and health rights in India and Canada as they are still very controversial issues today. India is known as a country with a patriarchal system, where inequality and gender issues of women are more frequently seen as opposed to Canada. Canada is known as a country with various types of people from several ethnic backgrounds and where

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Case Study

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    The Chennai Urban Rural Epidemiology Study reported the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in urban Chennai to be 17.6% in diabetic population, and the Aravind Comprehensive Eye Study reported the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in rural South India to be 10.5%. Screening for diabetic retinopathy Screening

  • Nudge Theory And Food Choice

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    The Context: An unhealthy diet can lead to disease. There is a large body of evidence linking poor diet to overweight and obesity as well as cancer and diabetes. Standard approaches to overweight and obesity reduction have assumed that individuals’ food related behaviour is carried out via rational decision making process ( Just & Payne, 2009) . However, inter-disciplinary research in behavioural theory and food choice indicates that people do not behave in a rational manner, and that environment

  • Apollo Headache And Migraine Clinic Research Paper

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    Pounding headache, nausea, light sensitivity and vomiting are all weary symptoms of a migraine. They can cause absolutely incapacitating pain and immobilise a person at times. It is often treated with antinausea drugs and preventive medicines and also involves painkillers. A migraine is not as uncommon as we think, in fact, according to the Migraine Research Foundation an estimated one billion people are affected by this syndrome globally. Mostly they choose to live with it and gradually begin depending

  • Sciatic Nerve Essay

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    Sometimes there could be higher division.,the knowledge of which is important in avoiding inadvertent injury during surgeries in the gluteal region . Materials and Method: The study was conducted in 64 lower limbs at Government Stanley Medical College,Chennai and Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College,Salem. Results: In 60 limbs, the sciatic nerve divided at superior angle of popliteal fossa.In 3 limbs,there was higher division at the level of upper part of the thigh.In 1 limb,there was intrapelvic

  • Traumatic Neuroma Study

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    TRAUMATIC NEUROMA - A SURVEY ABSTRACT The Aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge,attitude and practice of dentists in management of traumatic neuroma. MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY The study was done among 100 dental practitioners in chennai who were interested in taking part in the survey. RESULT In this study,it was found that 89.1% of dentist knew the cause of traumatic neuroma. 58% of dentist were aware that the most common site was in mental foramen region. Most commonly encountered

  • Mindfulness Meditation

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    2. Aims and Objectives 2.1. Statement of the problem A study to assess the effectiveness of mindfulness based stress reduction on bio-physiological and psychological variables among type 2 diabetics. 2.2. Aims The aim of the study is to assess the effectiveness of mindfulness based stress reduction among individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in order to create awareness regarding mindfulness meditation and help them to apply it in routine activities to maintain blood glucose, blood

  • Mike Coffman Research Paper Outline

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    By: Isaiah Thomas What Mike Coffman gave up for his country “10/28/15- Mike Coffman supports lung cancer”. Hold on wait a minute I should probably tell you who Mike Coffman is and how he got to where he is now. Mike Coffman is in Colorado’s 6th District just because he joined the Army, the Army Reserve, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Reserve, or is there more like the life that he gave up to get where he his now, but what exactly did he give up, and why? First, let’s start off with

  • Steganography Research Paper

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    A SECURE DATA HIDING IN VIDEO BASED ON LFSR METHOD Rajpreetha C1 PG Scholar, M.E Communication System S.A. Engineering College Chennai, India Vanitha Lakshmi.M2 Research Scholar S.A. Engineering College Chennai, India Abstract—In various areas, information security is very important due to the development of high speed computer networks and internet. Steganography is developed as a technique for securing the secrecy of communication. In this

  • Essay On Hair Extensions

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    Hair extensions and the type of extensions Do you have an important event coming up? Are you ready to change your look around and leave everyone around breathless over your thick lustrous hair? If so, you may want to consider hair extensions as your secret weapon! Be sure to get the best hair extension brand of remy hair extensions that fits your budget and helps you achieve the look you desire. If you are considering using hair extension to add volume or length to your natural hair, you must first

  • Quantitative Evaluative Research

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    4. Materials and methods 4.1. Research approach: the quantitative evaluative research approach was used for this study. It was applied from the research to find out how well mindfulness therapy and bibliotherapy interventions are effective and comparison between the two interventional groups related to adolescents developmental transitional identity anxiety among early adolescents. 4.2. Research design: the research design implemented for the present study was quasi-experimental design where

  • The White Tiger Essay

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    Plagiarism report Grammar report Re-check this text Upload fileProtect your text INTRODUCTION: The writer Arvind Adiga is an Indian born journalist and a native of Chennai (then called Madras). The white tiger tells us about the story of Balram Halwai who is a poor boy and who uses his wit and murder to transform himself into a successful entrepreneur. The book won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for friction in 2008. Born in the dark heart of India, he gets a break when the wealthiest man in his

  • Family Insurance Case Study

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    Consider that someone in your well known circle, a friend or a family relative who is the bread winner of the family. All of a sudden he is detected some acute illness. What will happen to the family? How will they survive if something happens to him? Is there any back up if someone could provide continuous monetary benefits - The answer is a straight ‘NO’ because no one would be in a position to support another family. When a person is detected with sudden ailments causing death is becomes a huge