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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cocoa Beans

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    Seventy two percent of the cocoa beans used by large chocolate companies come from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Before purchasing a chocolate from brands like Hershey 's or Nestle that we enjoy and love, think again as it is not as innocent as we may think. Many of these chocolate companiesuse child labor practices to processes their chocolate fromthe cocoa beans produced in the Ivory Coast, but that needs to stop. The Cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast are harvested by adolescents who are treated like

  • Aztec Culture: A Gift Of Cocoa Beans

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    A Gift of Cocoa Beans In 1519, the explorer Hernán Cortés arrived with a fleet of ships from Spain in what is now southern Mexico. There he came into contact with the Aztec people and their ruler, Montezuma. Montezuma welcomed Cortés and gave him a gift of cocoa beans. Cortés and his men were among the first Europeans to see and taste cocoa beans. By that time, the beans had been an important part of the Aztec culture for many centuries. The Aztec people considered them a delicious food and used

  • Cote D Ivoire Case Study

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    The implications of stopping the use of child labour in the cocoa industry in Cote d'Ivoire spread far and wide, affecting the government, cocoa farmers, chocolate companies and children themselves. The UN's Food & Agriculture Organisation states that more than a third of the world’s cocoa is supplied by Cote d'Ivoire. Cocoa is the country's largest export, earning around 2.5 billion dollars in 2010. According to a report by Tulane University that investigated the 2013, 2014 harvest season, there

  • Informative Essay About Chocolates

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    You have a love for chocolates? Chocolate, usually referred to as the 'food of the gods ' in the U.S. is a part of human diet for almost 4,000 years. Originated from a region surrounding the Amazon basin and finally,introduced to the Western world by Christopher Columbus upon his return from fourth voyage to the New World in 1502, chocolate is now loved worldwide. A new research found that eating six bars of chocolate in a week reduces the chance of developing a dangerous type of heartbeat -

  • Essay On How To Make Chocolate

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    people know how it produced. Making chocolate is a complicated processes as the cocoa beans goes through several stages to get the chocolate in the end. Firstly, stage of making chocolate is harvesting the cocoa. The source

  • Essay On Cocoa

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    Introduction of cocoa The Latin name for cocoa literally means, “Food of the gods.” This treasured crop played a significant role in many ancient South American cultures. The Mayans used cocoa to create beverage that was shared during marriage ceremonies, providing one of the first known associations between chocolate and romance. From German chocolate cake to Swiss cocoa, today, people around the world enjoy chocolate in many different forms be it beverages or desserts, consuming more than 3 million

  • History Of Chocolate Manufacturing In Usa

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    INDUSTRY OVERVIEW HISTORY Chocolate manufacturing in USA started as early as the colonial period when Physician Dr. James Baker and Irish immigrant John Hannon opened New England’s first chocolate factory in 1765 at a water-powered mill in Massachusetts. Baker’s Chocolate sold hard cakes of chocolate that the colonists ground and mixed with boiling water to make hot chocolate.  Drinking chocolate was also considered patriotic during the colonial period when taxes were levied on tea by the Townsends

  • Reaction Paper About Chocolate History

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    Chocolate The history of chocolate had been started as a nourishment item backtracks to Pre-Columbian Mexico. Moreover, A drink called "Xocoatll" was made by the Mayans and Aztecs. This drink was made from the beans of the cocoa tree. Both the Mayans and Aztecs trusted that the cacao bean had mysterious, or even perfect, properties, suitable for use in the most sacrosanct ceremonies of birth, marriage and death. Exhibit 1:Ingredients of “Xocoatll” In 1615 a homologous chocolate drink was used

  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate

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    talking about dark chocolate today. Intro: (1min) Attention Grabber/Hook used- Manufacturing dark chocolate in factories (30 sec) 1.Dark chocolate (also known as black chocolate] or plain chocolate) is a form of chocolate which has a higher content of cocoa butter and less milk than other forms of chocolate. INSERT STORY on the history of dark chocolate(30 secs-1 min) Many modern historians have estimated that chocolate has been around for at least 2000 years, but recent research suggests that it may

  • What Is Dark Chocolate Essay

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    General 1. What is the topic of the paper? Dark chocolates: bitter sweet to benefits on brain 2. Underline the thesis statement on the paper. Done 3. In your own words, what is the thesis? Dark chocolate is not only beneficial to body systems, but it also affects the brain, that the dark chocolate consumers can get the benefits to emotions, memory and free radical damage. 4. How many ideas are there? Eight ideas • Benefits of dark chocolates on brain • Dark chocolates can make a good emotion and

  • Essay On Chocolate Pot

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    enjoyed. At this time of the chocolate pot and coffee pot’s there was a rise in consuming splendour, the wealthy wanted to splash out to show their status and were not shy about doing so. After the Aztecs, the Spanish were the first to discover the coco bean and did not realise how successful it would be with the

  • Energy As Renewable Energy: Chocolate As Renewable Energy

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    Chocolate As Renewable Energy Have you ever heard of chocolate as renewable energy? Well it is, chocolate might just be the next renewable source of energy. Research from the University of Birmingham in the UK suggests that by extracting hydrogen from confectionary(food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates) waste- a process that may have a huge impact on the future handling of food waste and its potential as a supplier of renewable energy.(Renewable Energy World. 2006) Chocolate as a renewable

  • Midownik's Stuff Matters: Delicious

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    the entire world, chocolate. Chocolate comes from small pods that grow on the trunk of the cocoa tree. Inside the pods are approximately 30 to 40 white, soft, large almond shaped seeds (also called beans). The beans are then harvested using machetes and then deposited in a heap on the ground where they are left to decompose, ferment, and heat up. This process keeps the cocoa beans from germinating into cocoa plants and also chemically

  • Essay On Energizing Drinks

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    Energizing drinks Why am I always tired? Well, what do you drink? The caffeine in coffee, black tea, and sodas, zap up the Vitamin B in your body. It increases your blood sugar levels and when the levels come down your energy come down with them too. Thyme tea: To help restore energy, Pour 1 teaspoon of dried thyme into 1 cup of hot water and let it soak for 5 minutes with the lid covered. Strain the content and add very little cayenne pepper to it. Add some lemon juice from ½ lemon and drink it

  • Haig's Chocolates

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    over numerous years, which has led Haigh’s to earn the Title Awards at the Royal Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide (Media Release, 2008). Haigh 's has the pride of only retailers in this earth who devote themselves in making chocolates from the raw cocoa bean and hand wrapped. Haigh 's as of now have more than 150 representatives and 12 retail locations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Haigh’s have several values that they follow through their chocolate making process which are, they care enough of

  • The Chocolate Tempering Process

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    throughout the chocolate in the most stable form. During the process, temperature, time, and agitation are the three essential variables that influence the size, type, and number of cocoa butter crystals being formed. Temperature is a significant due to there are specific temperatures for formation and melting of cocoa butter crystals. Using the suitable temperatures throughout the tempering process,

  • The Garbage Girl: A Short Story

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    As a toddler I developed a reputation for being the Garbage Girl. Every Wednesday as the trundle of the garbage truck echoed through the streets of my village I would bolt outside, princess dress flapping in the breeze to meet my honorary Aunty Katrina, the driver, and Uncle Conrad, the collector. I’d don my child sized gloves and grab the miniature trash picker that Uncle had gifted me, and we’d go to work. My mornings were spent happily skipping after the truck and spearing wayward pieces of trash

  • Analysis Of Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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    The Bean Trees was published to an enthusiastic reception in 1988 and received an American Library Association award in that year (Demarr). In the novel, The main character, Taylor Greer leaves her hometown of rural Kentucky in search of a better life. Along her Journey she faces many difficulties and made long lasting relationships. Taylor never lost hope and remained optimistic. In The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver establishes the theme of hope for the future through the use of similes, motifs

  • Examples Of Epiphany In The Bean Trees

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    The Bean Trees Major epiphanies are found in “The Bean Trees.” The characters, Taylor and Lou Ann, both have a major epiphany. Taylor’s epiphany is that a community is necessary for her. After Taylor and Turtle rent a room at the Hotel Republic and Taylor's money is gone, Taylor knows that she has to get a job to support herself and Turtle; however, she is wondering how she will be able to afford childcare for Turtle. After Taylor moves in with Lou Ann, she finds a community. Taylor learns over

  • Nontraditional Families In The Bean Trees

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    Throughout the book “The Bean Trees” by Barbara Kingsolver, there are many examples of nontraditional families. Your traditional nuclear family would consist of a father, mother, a child maybe two. You do not see that in “The Bean Trees”. One example of a nontraditional family would be before Taylor and her mother Alice before Taylor left Kentucky. Then another nontraditional family would be Estevan and Esperanza. The final nontraditional family would be Taylor, Turtle, Lou Ann, and Dwayne Ray. Taylor