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The History of Chocolate The history of chocolate had been started as a nourishment item backtracks to Pre-Columbian Mexico. Moreover, A drink called "Xocoatll" was made by the Mayans and Aztecs. This drink was made from the beans of the cocoa tree. Both the Mayans and Aztecs trusted that the cacao bean had mysterious, or even perfect, properties, suitable for use in the most sacrosanct ceremonies of birth, marriage and death. Exhibit 1:Ingredients of “Xocoatll” In 1615 a homologous chocolate drink was used for an imperial wedding in France, and England met with chocolate in 1662. Because of the various countries, "chocolate" as we spell it today, had been spelled differently as "chocalatall", "jocolatte", "jacolatte", and "chockelet"…show more content…
Another harvest; which is smaller than the other one, takes for a few extra months Harvest times can be affected dramatically by changes in weather, this causes fluctuations from year to year, even on the same year. Farmers of cacao use long-handled, mitten-shaped steel tools to reach the pods and snip them without laceration the soft bark of the tree. In addition to that they can also use cutlasses for removing pods growing closer to the ground. All pods are dropped to the ground and, a farmer, their families and neighbouring farmers collaborate with each other to collect pods in baskets. Fermenting & Drying When the beans have been separated from the pods, the farmer packs them into boxes or loads them into piles. The piles are covered with mats or banana remains. The layer of dreg that normally encompasses the beans warms up and matures the beans. Fermentation is an essential step; it takes three to seven days, that produces the chocolate flavour when the beans are adust. After that the beans are dried. With the sun, this operation usually takes several days. During drying, beans lose nearly all their moisture and more than half their weight – moisture is reduced from 60% to 7%. The load technique is found in Africa and the case or basket system is in Asia and Latin…show more content…
Because of this reason, some problems occur like scarcity of cacao. On the other hand, the industry is struggling to provide adequate resources to solve this problem. “The industry struggles to provide enough cacaos. Increase of revenues at chocolate confectionary shows that the demand of chocolate will increase %30 until 20195”. Last a hundred years, chocolate confectionary achieved growth, but at present supply is not enough for demand because farmers, who work at cacao sector; is not slighted. Moreover, because of the low salary, farmers are poor and also productivity has been fall. Therefore, crisis is inevitable at chocolate confectionary. Cacao prices are affected by many factors such as; climate conditions, insects and diseases speculations, and political instability in the country. With the increase of cacao prices, the demand of farmers couldn 't meet. However, some companies are aware of this situation. To provide a good income for formers is considered by some companies. The future of chocolate imperils because there will be a few cacao producers in the future and rainforests have been destroyed. In addition to this, the demand of chocolate will be increase so; large companies should take some

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