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  • Free College Tuition

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    a lawyer. However, she will not even look for colleges to attend simply because she knows she will not be able to afford it. Unfortunately, this is a heart-wrenching reality for over half of all Americans. A Huffington Post poll recently expressed that 62% of American citizens believe that a majority of people cannot afford public college tuition. Just last year 57% of all American high school graduates decided not to attend their first-choice college despite being accepted simply because it was unaffordable

  • College Tuition Increase

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    The Increase in College Tuition in the United States The increase in Colleges tuition has increased drastically by less than 1% each year, the increase was noticed in 2009 in the United States. The increase in College tuition has a major impact on College students and senior high school students that want to go into college but do not have money. Despite college programs and effort to teaching our students, college tuition should be lowered because it stops student from following their dreams. Some

  • Argument Essay: Reducing College Tuition

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    Reducing College Tuition College can either be a rude awakening for some students or it can be an opportunity for higher learning, but the goal is the same: to obtain a higher education and become successful. The purpose of college is to open people’s minds to new thoughts and ideas. Higher education offers knowledge and wisdom, but most of all, it offers experience, which is what people look for and desire when they think about attending college. Unfortunately, there is just one barrier keeping

  • College Tuition

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    Is a College Degree Worth the Cost of Tuition? Have you ever drive by a big, beautiful, college campus? Have you ever caught yourself dreaming about what it would be like to attend? Some people argue that going to college isn’t worth the cost of tuition, but college can be a great place to explore your personal interests and a place where you can learn how to incorporate things you love into your job. This essay is about all the reasons you should attend, and why it’s worth all of your hard- earned

  • The Importance Of College Tuition

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    solutions to making college affordable. The solutions that would increase college affordability include taxes being increased, earning transfer credits, and applying for financial aid. College tuition is constantly increasing. According to, “Over the past three decades, the average tuition at a public four-year college has tripled…” ( Tuition needs to be affordable to every student. Many individuals fear that with costs rising, less people will attend college. There are several

  • Benefits Of College Tuition

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    “A college education is the best investment students could make and college education costs are rising”- Cary Israel. The tuition for college is the biggest investment you could make towards your future, but the cost of a university is becoming a problem. Expenses are rising and out of state tuitions are getting higher. College education cost is a things many people cannot afford and it is effecting there future. Is the price of going into college worth the price? Tuition should be a lower expense

  • Rising College Tuition

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    Remarkably, the average college tuition costs have risen over $11,000 since 1974, and continues to rise at an average of 12% per year ( Although this 12% may not seem like a high number, it is actually equivalent to around $2,300 added to the average tuition per year. While higher education is almost necessary to find well-paying employment, the cost of college tuition has not only continuously risen, but has also created controversy and question on why these costs

  • College Tuition Problem

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    A college education is a necessity in our society today and the ever rising cost of college tuition is a problem everyone has to deal with, because it does not just affect students, it affects everyone. The high cost of tuition has economic, social, and national ramifications. These ramifications affect America as a nation, and each and every citizen who lives there. The trouble with tuition is tuition causes a lot of trouble for everyone. One of these troubles is that it makes it harder for students

  • The Benefits Of College Tuition

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    people, and must be willing to bear the expense of it,” John Adams argued” (Christ). Tuition at universities and college all around nation whether four years or two years has drastically increased. The price has rose so unreasonably high making it unappealing to students of all finical background, due to the fact it requires a large amount of savings and never ending costs. In many universities in Texas tuition ranges from 20,000 to over 70,000 per year, an average bachelor’s degree can go up to

  • College Tuition Essay

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    absurdly high and heavily contributing to the kind of care a parent can now provide. It is pretty well known that ensuring a good program is usually costly, however, in most states around the country, the cost has now surpassed that of a typical college tuition. Both articles/sources provide baffling evidence of just how expensive daycare has become over the years. Whether it is just emphasizing how drastic the prices are or explaining what to expect on tax breaks, as well as advice on how to approach

  • College Tuition Benefit Analysis

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    Introduction College tuitions increase is not a recent phenomenon in America. In fact, this inflation of college fees started, at least, a century ago, but it was not until the 1970’s when the tuition fees grew enormously, even faster than the rate of inflation. At the moment, college tuitions in the United States of America are exceedingly elevating, which causes some people not to apply for university or college and just rely on their high school diploma to apply for a job. Moreover, these high

  • Analysis: The Cost Of College Tuition

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    “It’s an irrefutable fact that college gives you a significant and persistent advantage decade after decade” (Daly, 2). However, not knowing what you want to do and not succeeding at it would make the college tuition not worth the money. College is very important because of the life experiences and financial gain you will have. College is worth the expense of tuition because you learn about life. Such as the personal responsibility of being on your own, having the motivation to get up in the morning

  • Cheaper College Tuition Essay

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    Cheaper College Tuition in The United States ​On average, Americans spend 62.6 billion dollars on college tuition every year. On top of the money spent on tuition, the amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is increasing every year. In 2013 the student loan debt reached $1.2 trillion. There are several countries throughout the world that have cheaper tuition or even free tuition. The majority of countries with cheaper or free tuition have higher international test scores. By making tuition cheaper

  • Increase In College Tuition Essay

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    The Increase in College Tuition in the United States The increase in Colleges tuition has increased drastically by less than 1% each year, the increase was noticed in 2009 in the United States. The increase in College tuition has a major impact on College students and senior high school students that want to go into college but do not have money. Despite college programs and effort to teaching our students, college tuition should be lowered because it stops student from following their dreams. Some

  • Essay On The Cost Of College Tuition

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    to obtain without a college degree. It is somewhat ironic how people dream of being a successful student and going to college but the cost of tuition turns that dream into a horrible nightmare. It is not a shock to most people when they that college tuition is expensive, but in the past few years it has increased to an all-time high. Lower and middle class students have now begun to realize that college tuition is holding them away from their dreams. Even though college tuition could provide opportunities

  • Essay On College Tuition Rates

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    The rise of college tuition rates is one of the major concerns the government is facing at this very moment. Within the millions of people attending college all over the world, America ranks number one when it comes to the highest tuition rates. Students across the United States have rallied and protested before the school boards to lower these outrageous tuition prices, but none thus far have yet to succeed. Tuition costs are higher than they have ever been throughout history and will continue to

  • Essay On Free College Tuition

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    Free college tuition should be given to students in order for them to focus on their studies and it will help them become more successful. There has been many arguments over this issue. A college education is basically a need now a days because although not many jobs require a college degree good jobs demand them. Many students already struggle with money due to the fact that they do not come from a privileged family so many opportunities don’t apply to them and in most cases they don’t even bother

  • Hidden Cost Of College Tuition

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    *Explain picture* College can be one of the most expensive times in a person’s life, and there are a number of factors that contribute to this. Many of which, people would not even take into consideration. So it is important to understand these costs (and hidden costs) and find ways to minimize them. College Tuition – I would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would deny that the college tuition is probably the single greatest expense in college. After all, The Tuition involves Paying for the Class

  • High Cost Of College Tuition

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    students have from college loan due to spikes from tuition costs. There are multiple factors that have driven tuition costs to rise. A majority of universities have hired more staff even though there are fewer students. Also, universities have to pay for upkeep on the grounds. To be more marketable to new students, colleges are getting more activities and taking on a “country club culture with valet parking, gourmet meals, and dry cleaning.” (Campo) This has caused college tuition increases for new

  • College Tuition Research Paper

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    Teresa Jaqueline Vazquez Prof. Siedman Critical Thinking & Communication 23 October 2015 History Of College Tuition We all know that the true Universities were stablish around 1100-1200s in the medieval Europe, and few of them charged for tuition. While there was free tuition there were limitations. There were few fields of study such as law, medicine, theology and the arts. To get a bachelor’s degree it would take 6 years to complete and if you wanted a higher degree it would take at least