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  • Community Colleges

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    Literature Review Community colleges have offered baccalaureates degrees since the 1970’s in areas where the demand for higher education has outpaced the supply. Students benefit from completing their baccalaureate degrees from a community college because their tuition is lower compared to universities. In addition, they may be geographically located closer to their place of employment or residence compared to universities, offering them access to a higher education. In this report we research

  • Free Community College

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    Community College is a great opportunity for many to get your degree at a very cheap price. It is an opportunity for lower income families students to be successful. I simply disagree with the fact of making community college free for students because it has been proven that the success rate at America's community college's is extremely low. Furthermore, it would be a waste of time and tax dollars of hardworking middle-class Americans. As it said in the essay topic, "the success rate at America's

  • Community Colleges Vs Community College

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    First, community colleges like Northeast Alabama Community College are fairly easy on the pocketbook .However, unlike community colleges, the fees at an accredited four-year college are often very expensive . Community colleges also seem to be the popular choice because of the convenience they offer students. Contradicting to the convenience of a community college, a four-year college presents many inconveniences to students. Instructors at a community college teach students on a more personal

  • The Cause Of Stress In Community College

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    Stress has corrupted student performance in community colleges today.  According to “A community college is a nonresidential junior college established to serve a specific community and typically supported in part by local government funds.”  Students should be able to succeed; however, they sometimes face difficulties during their academic journey, which is caused by stress. Thus, there is a correlation between academic performance and stress. “Stress is the  continuing feeling of

  • Should Community College Be Free

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    Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with enough money to afford community college, let alone Universities. Therefore, bringing up the question "Should Community College Be Tuition Free?" To answer this question one must look at the history of The United States and also the future of it. If Community college is free any individual from any background can seek knowledge to better one 's life or even benefit

  • Community College Student Analysis

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    (2014), in The American Community College Book, colleges were established to train workers to operate the nation’s expanding industries. In addition, business people supported community colleges in order to ensure workers were trained at the public expense to work for their companies. Community colleges were committed from the beginning to serving the needs of their local communities (Cohen, Brawer, Kisker, 2014). However, O’Banian contends that although the community college still serves the community’s

  • The Importance Of Going To A Community College

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    Throughout the course of the article, many tips were given to help a college student make the transition from a community college environment to a four-year institution. The importance of going from a community college to a school of higher learning can be seen in many aspects such as cost and personal situations. Some people when graduating high school may not feel that they are prepared to take on a full course load away from home and the comfort of those surrounding them. Others may have a financial

  • The Benefits Of Free Community College

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    are unable to attend college due to their own personal reasons(Rath). Even if the do want to go to college they cannot because they can’t afford to do so, so instead they try to take on low paying jobs. By making community college free not only does it help reduce student loans, it can greatly improve the unemployment rate, improve education. Not only that but it also can bring people out of poverty and even give rise to an educated workforce(Rehm). With free community college many American citizens

  • Argumentative Essay On Free Community College

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    to make community college free for all Americans. The president’s bold statement has drawn lots of attention and debate to the concept of free community college. Some states and cities have adopted free community college programs in just the past couple of years, and the president is using those examples to base his own nationwide plan. Conversation on the topic has not died down, Presidential candidates for the 2016 election are also tackling the issue. Supports of free community college believe

  • Essay On Community College Should Be Free

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    Many people would like to experience the college life from either a four-year university or a community college. Many students are eligible for attend a four-year university and attend the university with scholarships. Some students attend community college from not being to afford a four-year university. Everyone should have some college experience and many feel that community college should be free for those that are responsible enough to attend college. Many say that the government should pay

  • Community Colleges Vs Community College Essay

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    those who believe a community college is not the best place to receive a higher education. The belief is that community colleges cannot provide the same level of education as most four year colleges. People who support this belief say that a two year college is too easy and would not make a student become competitive in the job market. At most, four year colleges the first two years are design for the student to take prerequisites that could be attain at a community college and help the student

  • Persuasive Essay On Free Community College

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    going to take after graduating. For some, it is easy to choose which college to attend and how to pay for it. But, for many, it is extremely difficult to figure out a way to get the funds for college. So, they choose the community college route. Community college is drastically cheaper than tuition at a four year university. However, it is still an issue for students to cough up that money. The idea of making community college free to any student in America has been a dream for low income students

  • Tuition Free Community College Essay

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    Re-visioning the message of tuition free community college, the audience I would try to reach would be new high school students and their parents. Students and parents should be informed early in the education process to better prepare students for the educational requirements needed to be accepted into tuition free community college programs. This group is essential to the basic intentions of tuition wavier programs and the ones that would receive the most benefit, both educational and financial

  • The Pros And Cons Of Free Community College

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    When one graduate’s college it is usually one of the happiest days of their lives, they finally get to quit their low paying job and get a job that is much higher paying and hopefully a job they enjoy. However most of the time these newly college grads do not get to go buy a new car, or a house, or whatever else their heart desires instead; they have to spend about the next 20 years paying off their student loans. But what if there was another way, so that these newly grads do not have to spend 20

  • College Essay On Community College

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    As a student always seeking high standards in academics and influenced by pressures of family and friends, I made an assumption that community colleges was not as efficient and was a place for students that failed to find a fairly better college or university to attend to. My family has significantly influenced me and shaped my worldview into their expectations. However, this assumption is gradually altering as I have become one of those students that was rejected from those higher rank universities

  • College Vs Community College

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    students aren’t ready to start at a four-year university. Community college is an easy way to obtain basic classes for less money, give students who aren’t ready to leave home a chance to become independent while still living at home, and for those who are first generation college students make the transition easier while allowing the same students to figure out whether or not a university will be a good next step. According to College Atlas, Money is the number one reason high school graduates

  • Comparison Essay: Community Colleges Vs Community College

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    Community colleges like Northeast Alabama Community College are fairly easy on the pocketbook However , the fees at an accredited four-year college are often very expensive . Community colleges are convenient to students for the maneuverability of the campus. Contradicting to a community college, a four-year college presents many inconveniences to students. Instructors at a community college teach students on a more personal level. Unlike community colleges, students at a four-year college

  • Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

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    Community College over University Attending a community college rather than attending a four year University can really save people a lot of money. Attending a community college people can save two years of a University and get their Associates degree a more cheap way. Going to a community college is a lower cost than a four year University, this effects people to go to a community college because of their low prices. People attend community colleges because they are more affordable, closer to

  • Argumentative Essay: Community Colleges Vs. Community College

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    to attend a college of their choosing, but can't afford it. Loans sometimes are benefitial and can help pay for a student to continue following the trail of success to their dream job. Some students might want to attend college, but they do not want to spend four years of their life in class. For those who still want a higher education can simply go to a community college and graduate with an associate's degree. The main difference between a community college and a regular college is a student

  • Disadvantages Of Community Colleges

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    There are numerous community colleges across the nation, and several undergraduates attend community colleges every year. With an enormous number of the nation’s undergraduates attending community colleges, society as a whole should want community colleges to be in the best condition to educate its future members. However, most community colleges are failing to do just that. Community colleges are failing to properly educate their students, and because education is a valuable aspect of the American