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  • Art Nouveau's Influence On The Modern Age

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    Art nouveau was a trending art style that for some, was a way of life. The decorative art style was most popular from 1890-1910. Rene Lalique, a male French designer had a big impact on the era due to the popularity of his glass art, perfume bottles and jewellery, the essay will outline this in each section of his work. To start the essay, Art Nouveau will be discussed followed by explaining Rene Lalique and his background whilst discussing in depth his work and the repercussions of it on the era

  • The Broken Column Frida Kahlo Analysis

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    wealth and access to books. As the world changes by time, situation changes too. Autobiographical statement of many different classes, ethnic backgrounds which also includes the deprived are accessible in various written forms and even as works of art. In an article written by novelist and travel writer, Paul Theroux “The Trouble with Autobiographies” he stated that autobiographies are invariably misleading. The concept of a self-conscious and the autobiographical genre are interconnected social

  • Architectural Style In Early America

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    and function gave birth to the more free-flowing form of Contemporary architecture. It has flat, gabled or shed roofs, asymmetrical shapes. The facade is irregular and has strong geometric shapes. The forms of the buildings were inspired by abstract art and sculptures. These designs not only make the building highly energy efficient but also have an interesting look. It also has open floor plans in L, H, T, or U shape to embrace outdoor

  • Case Study: The Weiner Werkstätte

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    1. Wiener Werkstätte was a sort of arts-and-crafts movement in the very beginning of the 20th century in Vienna bringing together artisans, artists and designers specializing in handmade metalwork, glassware, jewelry, ceramics, textile design and furnishings, whose main goal became to restore the values of handcraftsmanship in the industrial society. The Weiner Werkstätte masters took their inspiration mostly in Classical style employing simple rectilinear forms, clean lines and geometric patterns

  • The Art Nouveau Movement

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    When and why the Art Nouveau movement was established: The origin of movement -The word "new Art" first appeared in 1884, a Belgian Art magazine "L 'Art Moderne", used to describe the Les Vingt work, this is a society made up of 20 progressive artists, including James Ensor (James Ensor). The artists responded to the main theories of French architect Eugene Emmanuel and British critic John Ruskin, who advocated the unity of all arts. In December 1895, german-born art dealer Siegfried Bing opened

  • Analysis Of Bonheur De Vivre And Picasso's Les Demoiselles

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    visual references in your discussion. Matisse’s Bonheur de Vivre (Joy of Life) and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon art work can be seen as inspired by and breaking free of Paul Cézanne’s, The Large Bathers when juxtapose because they were both heavily influenced by art from other cultures such like Asian art, North Africa art, some of the decorative qualities of Islamic art, the angularity of African sculpture, and the flatness of Japanese. They both have balance of purity and serenity devoid

  • Red Color Theory Essay

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    In 1932, a new architectural style in the modern movement emerged to free the architectural form from any decorative element (Hitchcock and Johnson, 1966). It was influenced by the philosophy of Adolf Loos “Ornament and Crime”, where he describes ornaments and decorations as a crime since they are labour intensive (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2004, para. 7), As well as “form follows function” by Frank Lloyd Wright (Runco, 1999, p. 82). Both philosophies advocated simplicity and functionality

  • George Eastman Legacy Collection Case Study

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    furnishings, decorative arts, and related artifacts, as well as substantial holdings of his personal and business correspondence, private library, photographs, negatives, films, and related personal items.The more than 200,000 objects in the collection fall into the following areas: 1.1. House, furnishings, and decorative arts The 35,000-square-foot Colonial Revival mansion built for George Eastman is furnished with original, reproduction, and period furnishings and decorative arts. These artifacts

  • Benin Bronzes Analysis

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    The Benin bronzes, which are a large collection of sculptures, have caused much controversy in the Art as well as Anthropology worlds and have created widely circulated discussion throughout Europe. This is because of their importance, as not only displays of unique craftsmanship, but also as pieces of anthropological significance. The bronzes were from the West African kingdom of Benin which was situated by the river Niger, and around 2,400 objects were discovered and looted during the Punitive

  • Kerry James Marshall Identity Analysis

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    diverse factors such as gender, class, cultural factor, and political factor. In this article, I will compare Ah Xian and Kerry James Marshall works of art, and analyze the similarities and uniqueness of their works as well as the process and reasons of their identity. I will explain the construction of identity and fluidity of identity by comparing the art works of Ah Xian and Kerry James Marshall. Ah Xian grew up in China, and then emigrated to Australia and lived for almost twenty years. Because of

  • Robert Mangold Abstract Expressionism

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    born. He spent most of his childhood in Buffalo before he attended Cleveland Institute of Art (1956-1960) and Yale (1960-1963). His first solo exhibition took place in 1964. He has encouraged observers to consider the idea of paintings without centers. Most of his early work has been related to Minimalism, which often included of art of geometric shapes in simple arrangements and deficient of any decorative flourishes. He also recalls source from Ancient Greek pottery to Renaissance, which converted

  • Art Deco Style Analysis

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    appearance of the Art Deco style. I will discuss my analysis of the work of Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, and present an argument as to why I think his graphic design should be considered as Art Deco. Main Body Firstly, I will discuss the history of the Art Deco style, and then link in its appearance throughout. Art Deco, which is also known as Moderne style, began across the spectrum of visual arts: varying from painting, architecture and sculpture to decorative and graphic forms of art that originated

  • Judy Chicago The Dinner Party Analysis

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    Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” at the Brooklyn Museum seamlessly blends the boundaries between art and craft. In the past, crafts have been categorized as minor arts, decorative arts, and applied arts. These terms sought to somehow distance crafts from the art family. Indubitably, Judy Chicago values crafts and art equally. Through “ The Dinner Party” display Chicago seemingly rebuffs those who stigmatize the combination of the two. As the textbook states, crafts essentially are textiles, ceramics

  • Chen Hongshou Analysis

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    Aesthetic Features and Influence of the Figure Paintings by Chen Hongshou Cao Jing Xu Guangtong Abstract: Chen Hongshou was a comprehensive and proficient painter in late Ming and Qing Dynasty, who was creative and unique in his own style. He made attempts to get rid of the “fashion of resplendent” by “traditional style” and was refereed to as the representative of artists with unique style and an influential figure in the 17th century. Key words: figure painting;

  • Fresco Hall Of Bulls Analysis

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    Wall paintings taking up large amounts of space and showing some type of movement is what The Hall of Bulls and the Bull Leaping Fresco have in common. The Hall of Bulls show different types of animals such as cows, and horses. Whereas the fresco only shows a bull. They both are drawn with a frontal eye and all four legs showing making them strict profile images. The Hall of Bulls have several different types of drawings, which is basically pointing out to us that there was more than one painter

  • Honthorst's Smiling Girl, A Courtesan Holding An Obscene Image

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    There were many excellent pieces of at the St. Louis Art Museum but the one that intrigued me the most was Gerrit Van Honthorst’s, Smiling Girl, a Courtesan holding an Obscene Image. I chose this piece to analyze because I thought it was comical and I was astounded. At a glance it appears as an ordinary painting of a young lady. However, after analyzing the painting there is much more to it. The, Smiling Girl, a Courtesan holding an Obscene Image, was created in the 17th Century. The 17th century

  • Alfons Maria Mucha

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    illustrator, painter and interior design of the Art Nouveau movement. He became one of the most important figures of the Art Nouveau by the late 1890s by the time the concept of the “art nouveau” made it big entrance. His posters and crafts were made famous to the public with the help of the new process of impression of the time. Mucha was born in 1860 in Moravia in the Austrian empire, now known as Czech Republic. He worked as a painter and studied Art in Austria and Germany, before going to Paris

  • Alphonse Mucha Poster Analysis

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    110.5 x 76.5 cm medium: poster technique: colour lithograph sources of information:... sources of images:... 1. The poster was created in Paris in 1897. There were two factors that were key for the time, and that conditioned the flourishing art of poster printing. One of them was the rapid development of the middle class, that had not only the means to consume but was also growing more sophisticated and cultured, meaning that what it consumed had to correspond. The other was the technique

  • Untitled Painting

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    Untitled What type of artwork is this? What is it made out of? How long ago was this piece of art created? These are all questions one must ask themselves when analyzing a piece of art, especially when very little is known about the background of a particular piece of work. For the piece I chose to critique for my third gallery review, I picked the painting Untitled by an American Artist, Francis Davis Millet. This painting is believed to have been done somewhere between the years 1880 to 1890.

  • Essay On Henri Matisse

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    wanted to draw something soothing, calming and something that would influence the minds of people, he thought of drawing an armchair. “Matisse was heavily influenced by art from other cultures. Having seen several exhibitions of Asian art, and having traveled to North Africa, he incorporated some of the decorative qualities of Islamic art, the angularity of African sculpture, and the flatness of Japanese prints into his own style”. Henri’s aim was to discover "the essential character of things". Between