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  • Foucault: Discourse And Discursive Formation

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    (A0100657M) The terms ‘discourse’ and ‘discursive formation’ were introduced and widely used by the French philosopher and social theorist Michael Foucault in his analysis of several institutions and their ways of establishing and forming of knowledge. Foucault’s interest in the production of knowledge, the way knowledge functions and put in use is reflected in his works such as The Order of Discourse (1971) and The Archaeology of Knowledge (1972). Foucault’s usage of discourse is defined as a group

  • The Importance Of Discourse Communities

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    like most things in life, are improvable. Ideas and theories are always evolving into different ideas or more sophisticated ones. Discourse communities is a term that has been debated over the years. Three of those debaters are James Paul Gee, James P. Porter, and John Swales. In this essay I will analyze what each of these writers see as the definition of a discourse community while comparing specific points that each of them have regarding their personal view on the subject. It is also important

  • Example Of Critical Discourse Analysis

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    Critical discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary methodology to the investigation of talk that perspectives dialect as an issue of social practice and concentrates on the ways social and political command are repeated in content and talk. This approach presents a occupied study of text that influence social beliefs, values and expectation. It shows how different text affect the public point of view in different life area such as in political issues, social issues and universal issues . This essay

  • Beliefs, Ideology And Social Discourse Analysis

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    Findings and Discussion 1. Beliefs, Ideology and Social Representation Critical Discourse Analysis involves ideological analysis as ideologies are expressed and reproduced by discourse. Van Dijk (2009) defines Ideology as “the shared, fundamental and axiomatic beliefs of specific social groups” (p.65). Pakistan is a diverse society with people belonging to various religious, ethnic, social and cultural groups. Life in Pakistan and its ideals are mostly formed on religious foundations. People believe

  • Six Characteristics Of A Discourse Community

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    Over the past week my class and I have been learning about a discourse community in our English composition class. Everyone belongs in a discourse community no matter how different you feel you are yourself from other people. If you have goals more than likely you share does goals with other people. In a discourse community you can be labeled in a community by the language you converse. This is called a speech community. Discourse community is slight different from a speech community. In the article

  • Comparing Machiavelli's The Prince And The Discourses

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    The Prince and the Discourses, by Machiavelli as a gift to the prince. Because it was the best thing that Niccolo Machiavelli could give to him. He was trying to teach the prince ways to stay in power. Machiavelli even stated it himself “I can consider of this subject, discussing what a principality is, the variety of such states, how they are won, how they are held, and how they are lost” (Machiavelli xxiv). The main focus of his work was with monarchies because he did not care for republics

  • Internal Dimension In Nursing Theory

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    Internal Dimensions The internal dimensions of a theory act as guidelines to describe a theory to enhance understanding of the approaches used to evolve it and in identifying gaps in the theory (Meleis, 2018). The first dimension is the rationale on which the theory is built (Meleis, 2018). The components of the theory of self-transcendence are united in a chain-link and it is based on certain sets of relationships that are deduced from a small set of basic principles and are therefore hierarchical

  • The Dutchman Character Analysis

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    In the Dutchman, there are three main characters Clay, Lula, and the other passengers who each have their different character traits and plight. The character can be expressed as individual’s personal values, what makes up a person’s moral compass, key values, what drives their conduct; changeable over time with focus, effort, education and experience. Plight usually affects one character since it has to do with what you are born into a race, sexual orientation, religion, impact of poverty and lack

  • Subjective Social Adoletion And Objective Social Isolation In The Family

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    Social isolation is commonly defined as a low quantity and quality of contact with others, and includes “number of contacts, feeling of belonging, fulfilling relationships, engagement with others, and quality of network members to determine social isolation” (Nicholas & Nicholson, 2008). Social isolation is ‘the lack of contact or of sustained interaction with individuals or institutions that represent mainstream society’ Wilson (1987, p. 60). As Biordi and Nicholson (2013) defined it social isolation

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Code Switching

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    Code-switching refers to the linguistic phenomenon that occurs when an individual who is either, bilingual or multilingual, alternates their dialect with various languages (Moodley, 2013:55). Associated with code-switching is the concept of Matrix language (dominant language) and the idea of when to use code-switching; whether it is conscious or subconscious. In terms of code-switching in the classroom, there are several aspects that contribute to the advantages of using different languages which

  • Linguistic Identity And Social Identity

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    BIBLIOGRAPHY Articles • JOHN .D. MANDLE-how politics is personal. 11 • KANAVILLIL RAJAGOPALAN- The politics of language and the concept of linguistic identity. 10 • KAY DEAUX- SOCIAL IDENTITY 5 Books • ANDREW HEYWOOD-Introduction to political theory. 8   1. INTRODUCTION WHAT IS IDENTITY? According to the dictionary Identity means ‘The distinguishing character or personality of an individual’ used to recognise that person, or ‘close similarity or affinity’ or ‘it is the condition of being oneself’

  • Ebola Discourses

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    This essay will be discussing the various discourses that have been introduced in the given text ‘Smuggled Bushmeat is Ebola’s Back Door to America’, regarding the phenomenal Ebola outbreak that took over the media not only in Africa but internationally. Ebola virus disease or Ebola haemorrhagic fever is an illness that was carried by fruit bats then transferred to human beings. The disease can only be transferred from person to person through skin contact and release of body fluids. The disease

  • Discourse In Families

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    families as well as alternate parenting methods which coincide with these outlooks. Television shows, movies, magazine articles and billboards all do their part in displaying contemporary ideas of families to society. It is important to consider discourse when looking as well as working with families. Understanding that there are diversities involved in everyday family is important to consider. Families revolve around relationships, that being stated there is a large range of relationships, those

  • Discourse And Ideology

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    the ideological framework in which it shapes the Quality in higher education. Discourse and ideology are the concepts to discover the quality of higher education. These two are inter-linked as discourse is part of the ideological concept of higher education. This discourse helps the ideological character and its influence in higher education. This slice will help to understand the relation between the ideology discourse and the idea of quality though it is difficult to connect to each other conceptually

  • Discourse Community

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    Various linguists and/or writers have different opinions in relation to their definitions of a discourse community. Even though it may be different from other authors, I define a discourse community as a group of individuals willing to exchange efforts and some with similar interests with a finality of contributing positively to a given society. For instance, a basketball team, has as focus the conquest of championships, which at the same time will give the fans something to cheer for and will also

  • Primary Discourse

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    types of Discourses, “saying (writing)-doing-being-valuing- believing combinations,” James Paul Gee addresses in his essay “Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics” are Primary Discourses and Secondary Discourses. These Discourses are “ways of being in the world; they are forms of life which integrate words, acts, values, beliefs, attitudes, and social identities as well as gestures, glances, body positions, and clothes.” Both Discourses are acquired through acculturation. Our primary Discourse is acquired

  • Indirect Reported Speech

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    Direct and Indirect Reported Speech When someone asks you, “What did he say?” How would you respond? “I’m tired”, he said or he told me that he was tired. The statement may have the same meaning, but are quite different in the English language. One is direct reported speech and the other is indirect reported speech. Do you know how to tell them apart? If not, we will look more into what they are, their purpose, and how/when to use them. First, we will look at direct reported speech. It is also

  • Hermanos Forever Analysis

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    Hermanos, Forever Written by Julio Aguirre IV ACT 1 Characters: Domingo Jimenez, (h-i-meh-nez), 53 year-old male, soft and old male spanish accent. Santiago Jimenez, (Sahn-tee-AH-go), 52 year-old male, sounds like his brother but a bit younger. Josefina Jimenez, (ho-seh-fee-nuh), 49 year-old female, soft middle-aged female spanish accent, Time: July 20, Sunday, 5:45pm, Summer Scene: It’s a hot summer day in New Mexico. Domingo is in the backyard of his small mobile home sitting on the porch

  • Tony Mirabelli Learning To Serve Analysis

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    an ethnographic study of the service industry. Mirabelli writes on a topic he is quite familiar with, being a waiter. Mirabelli discusses the complexity of being a waiter, although most of these complexities are unknown to people outside of the discourse community. Mirabelli uses his ethnographic study to undermine criticism towards waiters. The main critique Mirabelli rebuts in his writing is that being a waiter does not require skill. Mirabelli uses examples from his own experiences, as well as

  • Astronomy Discourse

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    8th edition citation before the summary paragraph, rhetorical analysis, and genre analysis. In the “Astronomy Discourse Community Examination”, I incorporated interview responses about the 6 aspects of a discourse community into my essay; I included personal experiences and knowledge of the Astronomy discourse community from my interviewee and also included their credibility to the discourse community. When researching for scholarly reviewed article on film, I used the University Library research