Thrown Into A Discourse Community

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Being Thrown into a Discourse Community As time passes, the human race goes through a process of automatically putting themselves into groups that we think may suit us best. Theres so called groups are portrayed as discourse communities. John Swales (1990), an analyst of written communication, claimed that “discourse communities [are] groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals”. This means that we generally go where we feel most comfortable, where others like us have the same goals and mindsets alike. For myself, a group where I feel most comfortable is in the javelin community, inside the dimensions of track and field. The origin of throwing javelin had been introduced in the “pentathlon events in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece” claimed Sarah Terry, a writer from LIVESTRONG.COM. Sarah addressed (2013), since then, the art of throwing javelin has tremendously changed from throwing wooden sticks, to throwing metal rods. Despite the javelin discourse community being quite small, this community tells a broader story for the individual that takes part in the art of throwing javelin. …show more content…

Most people are in amazement, and think its different and out of this world, and others have claimed that they have tried to throw javelin, which was followed but their response “Its not easy to throw that”. The Javelin community is usually made up of six or less people depending on whether one is on a track team, or simply throwing as an independent athlete. When standing outside of the this small, yet unique discourse community one may think that throwing the javelin could be a simple task. Since my many years of throwing javelin I know the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming a quality collegiate javelin

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