Employee Assistance Professionals Association Essays

  • Evaluating Job Evaluation

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    managers, and human resource specialists. Job evaluation is usually performed by analyzing job descriptions and, occasionally, job specifications. It is usually suggested that a job description be split into several sections, such as managerial, professional-technical, and clerical or operative. It makes sense in writing job descriptions, to use words that are linked to the job evaluation factors. Another essential step in effective job evaluation is to select and weigh the criteria. It appears that

  • Professional Development: The Four Stages Of Career Development

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    A career stage model explains the four stages that individuals pass through in their vocations. Model career development is the lifelong process of managing of employee’s work experience within or between organizations encompasses that continue through a person’s working adulthood and into retirement. The four stages consist of occupational and organization (preparation for work), the early career, the middle career and last part is late career refer figure 1 in appendix 1. That a career consists

  • Oppco Communication Strategy

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    .0 DEFINITION Communication is defined as providing information using varied and appropriate communication mediums (tools, languages and frequency) in order to keep all stakeholders informed. ADMA-OPCO Communication Strategy defines the way communication activities are managed across the company. This strategy demonstrates ADMA-OPCO’s commitment to communicate clearly, openly, accurately, consistently and efficiently to our stakeholders and ensures that the required commitments are met. 2

  • Volleyball In The 1990s Analysis

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    Volleyball in the 1990s was not only fun to watch but very competitive. Karolyn Kirby played beach volleyball and won many awards throughout the 90s. When Kirby was playing volleyball, she won a surplus of medals “Karolyn Kirby was named Women’s Professional Volleyball Association’s most valuable and best defensive player in 1990” (Kirby 1). This means that many people viewed Kirby as an amazing beach volleyball player because of all of the awards she

  • Faded Memory Reflection

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    Exploring the literal and symbolic use of reflections and how these link with memory and past influences in my two works Faded bones and Ancestral Memory The word ‘Reflection’ can mean many things, among these are sending back or mirroring (as in the return of light, heat, sound or energy from a surface); an image seen in a mirror or shiny surface; and serious or careful thought. I have explored both the contemplative aspect as well as the play of light through my works Faded bones and Ancestral

  • Case Study: Financial Aid Compliance

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    Compliance Specialist Experience--------------------------------------------------- • Bethel University, McKenzie, TN - 2015 to Current o Director of Financial Aid Compliance o Ensuring compliance of all Title IV programs o Oversight of the Institutional Research & Reporting Analyst to ensure accurate reporting of NSLDS, IPEDS, College Board, TICUA, and miscellaneous surveys o Obtain and analyze data for accreditation reports for reaffirmation with SACS/COC o Currently developing Fact Book of statistical

  • Stress In The Police Department

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    have a program in place to address the psychological needs of police officers and other law enforcement personnel. Most municipalities and other forms of government employing law enforcement professionals have a Human Resources department that manages an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Employee Assistance Programs offer different resources to all employees, not just police officers, “designed to help employees cope with personal or family problems, including mental health, substance abuse, and

  • Happiness At Workplace

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    companies to work for.” The American Psychological Association also offers awards to psychologically healthy workplaces each year. Firms are able to enhance their employee happiness with professional development, employee recognition practices, healthcare benefits, and free employee assistance programs (Hartwell et al., 1996). Human resources managers can monitor employee well being through surveys and publicly emphasize their commitments to employee happiness. Some causes of happiness at the workplace

  • Case Study: Addison Bank

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    software, improve technology system - Provides a universal tool for the development of business planning models - Support technology, employee, cost, experience to research the project - Reduce the delinquent personal and small business loans - Reduce finance risks - Cost suitable for Addison bank' budget - Accept high cost to ''strategically invest'' in the project - Employee training costs - Hardware facilities - Cost for warranty. - Supported by Enterprise Technology - Create a business architecture

  • Nba Informative Speech

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    JJMUNC III National Basketball Players Association Background Guide Hello Delegates, I’d like to welcome you all to JJMUNC III, and specifically to the National Basketball Players Association. My name is Ishmam Nur and I, along with being your USG of Finance, will serve you as the chair of this committee. I am a rising senior at John Jay High School and have been involved in Model UN since my sophomore year. A little bit about me, along with my interest in foreign affairs, I am also a big

  • Hygienist Case Study

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    the condition, analyzed if showed, then either treated or properly alluded. If the hygienist would have done her duties in an ethical manner and in compliance with the laws and regulations, the issues could be avoided. Due to her this unethical professional practice, more patients have health issues. This will also be a risky matter for the continuity of her profession as a hygienist. Hence, the hygienist had to ensure a duty of care to the patients with her quality services.   Conclusion In spite

  • The King Of Snide Case Study

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    “The King of Snide at Westside Middle” The case study “The King of Snide at Westside Middle” would be best summarized as a principal faced with addressing an unethical situation on campus involving one of her teachers and students. As the situation arises, the administrator is faced with answering challenging questions, such as, “What you could do given the circumstances?” and “What should you do given the circumstances?” According to the case, “The King of Snide at Westside Middle School”, a teacher

  • Workplace Violence

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    Workplace violence is when a worker faces a threat of violence. It is something that is a very serious topic and can happen anywhere at any time. Workplace violence can consist of verbal abuse, physical assault, intimidation, sexual harassment, theft, and many others. Workplace violence can occur in almost all areas of various occupations, whether it is by coworkers, managers, or customers. There is one particular group of individuals who face workplace violence more frequently than others do, and

  • The Nursing Leadership Analysis: The Nurse Leader

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    within the staff and facility. I have also witnessed my manager in peer communications, such as one department head to another. I believe this is one area she could improve due to I believe she see her peers as equals and it may result as less professional conversations such as gossip. I believe participating in such acts will result in ineffective communication skills in the future with coworkers due to mistrust

  • Professional Development In Nursing

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    Nursing Professional Development: The Effect on Patient-Centered Care The nursing profession is one of the most meaningful and passionate careers which has grown in the medical field due to the nurses’ holistic care, dedication and responsibility to their patients, and the healthcare demand for a more qualified level of care. The art of nursing, which creates the human relationship between the patient and the nurse, and the science of nursing that implements the knowledgeable nursing practice, both

  • Career Analysis: Pediatric Occupational Therapy

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    daily struggles touch my heart. Helping him do ordinary tasks gives me a profound fulfillment and joy. I have a lot of self-efficacy in my values and skill relating to this career path. I will continue to build on my personal traits, as well as professional experience, to appeal to potential employers when I reach that stage in my career path. Pediatric Occupational Therapists address many different areas, being cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills, and self-care

  • Social Justice Definition

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    schools use volunteers in the classroom or as tutors. Other schools invite professionals to talk about their jobs and what they did to become qualified. Vocations span a range of interests such as auto mechanics, graphic designers, chefs, engineers and unusual professions like archeologists. 2. Donate time and services. Donating time may help an underfunded non-profit better deliver its programs. Many companies support employee volunteer programs that provide services to non-profit organizations throughout

  • Ethical Mentoring

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    itself but it may also require a ‘Third alternative solution’ where both parties are satisfied with the result but that it may look different to what they originally intended. This does require both parties to be open-minded. • Obtaining external assistance - This would be in accordance with the Kingdom City Organisational structure. The mentee would be aware of this as we could cover it in the initial session. This may include a mediator or a senior leader depending on the nature of the situation

  • Occupational Stress: A Literature Review

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    2007; Wildes, 2007). Long and anti social working hours, lack of job control, and a high and conflicting work demands are but a few of the frequently cited causes (stressors) of occupational stress (Faulkner and Patiar, 1997). A historically high employee turnover rate (Wildes, 2007) also means that employees are often over stretched in understaffed situations (Rowley and Purcell, 2001), thereby amplifying stress levels (Ross, 1997). Left unchecked, prolonged stress has been found to be detrimental

  • The Pest Analysis Of Nike: The Business Analysis Of Nike

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    around the globe, with the highly recognized trademarks of "Just Do It" and the Swoosh logo. P.E.S.T.E.L Political During the year 2011, Nike undertook an extensive inspection of their policies and practices regarding political donations and trade association memberships, as well as their policy views. After the inspection, the NIKE Board of Directors took a company policy on these matters. In the US, they also make state- and local-level political contributions primarily to ballot-measure campaigns