Equivalence point Essays

  • Iodine Lab Report

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    • Iodine Solution Weigh 7.7g of potassium iodide into a 50cm3 beaker. Use distilled water to help the iodide dissolve. Swirl for a few minutes until the iodide has completely dissolved. Using a funnel to help, pour the potassium iodide into a 500cm3 volumetric flask, make sure all traces of the solution is in the volumetric flask. Using distilled water would be a good method in order to rinse the beaker. Make the solution up to the 500cm3 mark with iodine (1% concentration) • Starch Indicator Solution

  • Equivalence Point In An Acid-Base Titration

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    Discussion: End point in this acid-base titration experiment refers to the point where the chemical reaction has reached its conclusion and no additional titrant should be added. The end point of this experiment can be obtained when the indicator used changes colour. For example colourless to light pink when phenolphthalein is used and red to orange and subsequently yellow when methyl orange is used. Equivalence point, also known as stoichiometric point in an acid-base titration refers to the point where

  • Heathcliff And Catherine Relationship Analysis

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    It contains mixed emotions for example: at one point of the novel Catherine likes Heathcliff and Heathcliff likes Catherine, however later in the novel their emotions change, Catherine begs Heathcliff to forgive her because she betrayed him by marrying Edgar, and Heathcliff is refusing to forgive saying

  • Examples Of Hypermasculinity In Literature

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    Hypermasculinity is a huge aspect of each piece of literature and film that we read and watched in class. The men in these portrayals are often time shown as nonrealistic versions of men and driven purely by sexual desire, vengeance, power and greed. With this idea of hypermasculinity, the women that are shown in the literature that we have read are often made to be submissive, ‘innocent’, pure and are taught how to be silent in the presence of a male, putting their needs and dreams on the backburner

  • Barbarian Days Analysis

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    tell the story of his life-long passion for the sport. From his early life in California and Hawaii to an extend sojourn across Southern Asia and Australia, to South Africa, to vacation in Madeira (Portugal), to first San Francisco and then Montauk Point and the vicinity of New York City, while he pursued his writing

  • Theme Of Sleep In Macbeth

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    Clutching daggers smeared with blood in his hand, Macbeth, in the Tragedy of Macbeth, cries out to his wife, “There’s one did laugh in ’s sleep, and one cried / ‘Murder!’” (Shakespeare 2.2.30-31). In his play, William Shakespeare tells the story of a couple, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, who perform commit wicked and immoral actions in an effort to sate their ambitious desires. However, as the play progresses, they are overcome with guilt and are afflicted with terrible dreams. Through his portrayal

  • Coming Of Age In 'A Prayer For Owen Meany'

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    Coming of age is a time when a young adolescent’s life begins; A new chapter in their lives where life will start to become a roller coaster. There will be the ups in their lives and there will be the lows. However, the roller coaster of life will not be the only obstacle that the adolescent will encounter. As problems in the young adult life come and go, the young often pray for everything to go well and when it does they believe faith has taken its course causing the Generation-Z to rely heavily

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of White Lies

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    “Liar!” It is a word we constantly hear in everyday life. We are often told not to lie. Our parents have taught us since we are little to say the truth no matter what. Although telling the truth might not always be the case. In some situations, we would rather not to tell the truth to evade problems that might occur. People tend to lie when they think it has more advantages than its disadvantages. Those lies are called “white lies”. They are committed to save people’s feelings and smooth over social

  • The Importance Of Memories In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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    Memories are one of the most important parts of life, there is no true happiness without the reminiscence of pain or love. This concept is portrayed in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. The story tells of a 12-year old Jonas, who lives in a “utopian” society, where all bad memories are destroyed to avoid the feeling of pain. Jonas becomes the receiver, someone who receives good and bad memories, and he is transmitted memories of pain and pleasure from The Giver and is taught to keep the secret to himself

  • Isolation In The Bartleby And Herman Bartleby, The Scrivener

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    Name: Course: Professor name: Date: Isolation The seclusion or loneliness is a very significant feature in the play or an act of a play. In this kind, the actors feel alone very much. The characters isolate from their family, society as well as friends around them. The characters are strange to themselves, and even they don’t know themselves accurately. In addition, this characteristic makes the characters lose their identity within the role they play in a given play or act. In isolation state the

  • Bartleby And The Occupy Wall Street Movement

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    Street one has to be reminded that the one thing is a short story made up by Hermann Melville and the other thing is an event which took place in reality. However it might be seen that when comparing these two stories there is something important. point to think about which way to resist is the best one. This is a discussion which still found among political activists. Should they be passive and boycott things which they do not like or should they be active and protest. To conclude this short essay

  • Character Analysis: The Poisonwood Bible

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    always changing based on the person telling the story. This is prominent due to the fact that the novel is by multiple personalities and is retold in different points of views. For example, readers are aware of how the characters view other characters. One character that other characters disregard is Adah. In most of the characters’ point of view, Adah does not seem very intelligent

  • Explanation Of The Poem 'Dreams' By Langston Hughes

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    as long as we continue to hold onto them. Again, in the second stanza, Hughes proclaims “For when dreams go,” reinforcing that there is still a chance for dreams (6). Though same may argue that “when” implies dreams are destined to vanish at some point and have simply not yet reached their expiration date, “when” is used in the same way that if was in the previous stanza: to refer to a hypothetical situation (6). In this sense, Hughes is saying “should dreams go” or “when someone capitulates and

  • The Fear Of Death In Virginia Woolf's The Death Of The Moth

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    Illustrated in her essay, The Death of the Moth, Virginia Woolf discusses the point in time when she realizes that death is indeed inevitable. As the moth began to perish, Woolf claimed “...against the oncoming doom which could, had it chosen, have submerged an entire city, not merely a city, but masses of human beings; nothing, I

  • Social Classes In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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    The Kite Runner is a well crafted story about the many struggles of the main character and narrator Amir’s life concerning social class, relationships with family, and intense regret when your morals and who you think you are are threatened. The book begins in San Francisco and is narrated by an adult Amir. Throughout the story, Amir has flashbacks to his life as a kid in Afghanistan as he contemplates the struggles he went through and the choices he still deeply regrets. One of Amir’s biggest regrets

  • Gwendolyn Brooks Speech To The Young Analysis

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    Have you ever been scared of going somewhere new? How about enrolling in a certain program? Did you want to just conceal yourself from the world around you? Maybe you stay that way for a while, but then you get up and realize that you have to move on, confront your fears, get on with life. The poem “Speech to the Young” by Gwendolyn Brooks is a poem talking to younger people that advises them on their lives going forward. It tells them to never give up, don’t let people deter them and always have

  • One Day On Capri Short Story Summary

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    In 1913, the writer visited a friend on Capri, an island in the Bay of Naples across from Mount Vesuvius. One day during a stroll, they came across an old man in his fifties, dressed in old clothes with grey hair and a sunburned face sitting at the hillside while looking out at the sea. His friend told him that the man was Thomas Wilson and he is going to die at sixty. The writer was shocked and asked how he knows about that. His friend says that Wilson will kill himself as he only has enough money

  • Point Of View In Alaska Cather's O Pioneers

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    the Three points of view, Realistic, Romantic and Naturalistic. Cather personally addresses realistic point of view because of all the uncontrollable things that happen throughout the book, like like when Emil and Marie were murdered by Frank. Another reason Cather personally addresses the realistic point of view is because when Carl came back to see Alexandra then left for Alaska to look for gold. Cather also addresses the other points of view just not personally. The Romantic point of view is

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Race Track

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    for the moment that we would be called, the moment where we would be asked to attempt the task we have been striving forward to achieve for the last few months. Except for me. I will have to be in just to cheer unless someone became injured to the point where they could not perform. Hopefully next year in eighth grade I would perform. Yet, I feel a strange excitement for the moments ahead as our team started to disperse, getting ready for the moment they would be called to perform. The girls go first

  • Artificial Intelligence In Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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    Artificial intelligence represents the two qualities that distinguish man from machine: emotional realism and relatability. However, the closest modern society has come to recreating the human form has been through literature; a book is nothing without syntax and diction, but it is meaningless without a developed character. In The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston develops her character through the use of personal commentary, self-perceptions, and interaction with a silent Chinese student. Kingston's