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  • Essay On Soil Erosion

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    Soil erosion is a growing problem worldwide and has been taken its toll on the environment. Although soil seems insignificant to the population, it is a viable source that humans need to survive. Soil anchors all life on Earth by providing plants with the nutrients needed to stay alive. Not only does it play a key role in the design and sustainability of agricultural systems but it also affects future generations needs and production of crops as well (Higgit 1). Soil erosion affects the global community’s

  • Importance Of Erosion In South African Erosion

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    INTRODUCTION What is erosion, sediment and its courses in South Africa? Erosion: it’s the process of soil particle breaking down and Sediment it’s the soil that has moved from its original because of water movement speed or volume. Sometimes it can cause by the different temperatures between day and night. Sediments make the water appear brownish-grey; they are an indicator of increased water runoff, land degradation, erosion due to intensive industrialized land use, land sealing, and poor soil

  • Weathering And Erosion

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    Weathering and erosion are two processes that sort of shape Earth’s ground and rocks. Weathering is either a mechanical or chemical process that breaks down or shapes rocks, while erosion transports the leftovers of weathering, away. Understanding these processes helps us understand the way lakes, rivers, mountains, shorelines, canyons, and all sorts of other things were formed. For example the Grand Canyon was formed by erosion created from the Colorado River. It is very important to understand

  • Negative Effects Of Erosion

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    INTRODUCTION What objects can prevent soil erosion the best? Erosion is the process in which the Earth’s surface gets worn down by the forces of nature, which can be a good or a bad thing. A beneficial result of erosion is the movement of nutrient rich soil to new areas. New plants and trees can grow in those areas, aiding people as well as animals. Erosion can form riverbanks, caves, wetlands, and other habitats for animals to live in. An adverse effect is the devastation to civilized areas. Homes

  • Soil Erosion In Agriculture

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    which serves as a medium for plant growth and a habitat where animals and other micro-organisms live (NAAS, 2012). Soil erosion is the process by which soil are detached from their original sites, transported, and then eventually deposited at some new areas (Yusuf & Ray, 2011). Farmers` perception of soil erosion refers to individual farmer’s evaluation or awareness of soil erosion which is caused by socio-economic, demographic as well as others like topographic factors (Alemayehu, 2007). In most

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ril Erosion

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    soil erosion. The evaluation begins with background information on RUSLE's development and intended use, and on limitations to that use. Here is how to put it in simple and basic understanding of the advantages of using RUSLE soil model, firstly it provides standard applicability and comparability of the results and methods, as the method has been adapted to and applied in many world region. Another added advantage is that the results are reasonable in terms of accessing risk of water erosion. Furthermore

  • Soil Erosion In South Africa

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    Soil Erosion in the KwaZulu Natal Region in South Africa Soil erosion or Land degradation is naturally occurring process that affects all landforms. In agriculture, soil erosion refers to the wearing away of a field 's topsoil by the natural physical forces of water and wind or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage. KwaZulu -Natal has the second biggest economy in South Africa, which is primarily from services from within the cities and towns; however it does have a large

  • Soil Erosion Research Paper

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    Soil Erosion TarekSalimMattar Fall 2014 RHU  Contents Abstract: 3 Introduction: 4 What Is Soil Erosion? 4 Effects of Soil Erosion: 4 A. On-Site Effects: 4 B. Off-Site Effects: 4 Causes of Soil Erosion: 5 Types of Soil Erosion: 5 C. Wind Erosion: 5 D. Gravity Erosion: 5 E. Water Erosion: 6 a. Sheet Erosion: 6 b. Rill Erosion: 6 c. Gully Erosion: 7 d. Bank Erosion: 7 Recommendations: 7   Abstract: Our world today, is facing a huge problem, the problem of soil erosion. Not only is it a very serious

  • Cause And Effects Of Soil Erosion: Causes And Consequences

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    of soil erosion has increased immeasurably. Soil erosion is a natural process in which pieces of rock and soil are broken down and relocated to a different environment. Often times, erosion wears down mountains as well as valleys. Many agents of erosion are responsible for the movement of soil such as water and wind. Water and wind erosion account for much of the erosion in the world. Running rivers and strong winds slowly wear away rock after a long period of time. Moreover, soil erosion can be accelerated

  • Erosion Of Soil Erosion

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    1.1 SOIL EROSION: 1.1.1. SOIL: Soil contains minerals, water, air, natural matter, and life forms that are the rotting. It forms at the surface of land – it is the “earth’s skin.” Soil has capability to support plant life and is invigorating to life on earth. Also it is capable of supporting all civil engineering structures. Soil is the prime source-for food. Since, topsoil is necessary to grow plants. So, that way soil is the most precious gift of nature. So, we have to fertile soil for better

  • Advantages Of Coastal Conservation

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    Soft engineering methods of coastal protection refer to the use of natural processes to stabilise the coast and to reduce erosion. Hard engineering methods refer to the construction of concrete physical structures to protect the coast from erosion caused by waves. Soft engineering methods include Beach Nourishment and Planting of Vegetation and stabilising of Dunes. Hard engineering methods include seawalls, gabions and groynes. Planting of vegetation has helped to stabilise sand dunes and bring

  • Gully Plugging Strategies

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    support for the next layer. The major principle behind this technique is to seizure runoff from a broad catchment area (which is now being wasted), and hence transferring low rainfall into serviceable soil moisture, as well as in order to stop soil erosion. Moreover, to slow down the flow of water supports in settling down soil which is rich in organic. If a gully plug is well maintained than it can create a flat, fertile and moist land which can be used in growing high value crops and trees. Furthermore

  • Factors Affecting Soil Loss Equation

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    Soil loss through erosion is influenced by a variety of factors. According to Morgan (2005), the factors controlling soil erosion are the erosivity of the eroding agent, the erodibility of the soil, the slope of the land and the nature of the plant cover. The eroding agent essentially refers to eroding forces such as water and wind. However, the current study focuses only on erosion by water, even though wind erosion is also significant. The above factors are also highlighted by Wischmeier and Smith

  • Land Degradation In Somalia

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    of its concepts. The most important thing is to know that ‘land degradation’ is not an event but it is a process or change. It is a slow negative environmental process which involves one or a combination of processes. These processes include soil erosion by water or wind, sedimentation, long term reduction of the amount and/or diversity of the natural vegetation, decline of soil nutrients, increase of aridity, and salinization, acidification or sodification and etc. Another important aspect is that

  • Factors Affecting Infiltration Rate

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    duration it takes for runoff to access a stream. Changes that human have made to these landscape features greatly affects runoff. Grassed filter strips used in farm fields help in minimizing runoff and erosion by decelerating water velocities in the vegetated areas. Another way it reduces erosion is by confining excess sediment, nutrients, and farm chemicals. Vegetation located in prairies, forests, and other natural areas also plays a similar role. The surface of the soil works as a filter that

  • Factors Affecting Soil Formation

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    Soil formation Soil is produced through the disintegration of parent rock by the process of weathering i.e. physical and chemical weathering which therefore lead to the decomposition and disintegration of rock into soil (Chen et al., 2000).Soil forming factors may later combine with the weathered material and transform it to produce a wide range of soil types. Soil produced may thereafter combine with organic matter to give an ideal soil type. Soil formation is an outcome of a wide range of conditions

  • Sand Mining Related Literature Review

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    of sand and gravel are river floods, river channels and glacial deposits. Goddard (2007) further noted that soil extraction and processing have significant impacts on scenic landscapes. Excessive extraction intensifies coastal and exposed hillside erosion, causing accumulation of seawater upstream of rivers, leaving the coasts more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Soil mining contributes to construction of buildings and development but can cause permanent loss of soil as well as major habitat

  • Disadvantages Of Geo Textiles

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    This geo-textiles are started using in 19th century with Dr.R.J. Barrett. By using geotextiles beside of the pre-cast concrete solid as sea walls, below pre-cast concrete corrosion as the control blocks, intend of large stone repapers, in other erosion control states. Dr.R.J. Barrett has used different method of style of woven fabrics of mono-filament fabric materials, this branded by a comparatively high percentage open area ranges from 6 to 30%. R.J. Barrett also described the need of the importance

  • Type Of Mass Waste

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    Types of mass wasting depends upon different factors like gravity, water flow, and steepness. Below a classification of different types of mass wasting with each type having sub types. 3.1.1 FALLS When freefall movement of detached individual material particles of any size is termed as fall. Fall is a common form of movement on slopes that are so steep that loose material cannot remain on the surface. Rocks may fall directly over the base of the slope or move or move in the series of leaps and bounds

  • Essay On Soil Mechanics

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    A Clean Look at Soil Mechanics Soils are basically unconsolidated layers that cover the earth’s surface. Soils consist of particles of varying shapes and sizes formed after parent rock are subjected to and broken down by forces of climate, organisms and chemicals over time. Soils mechanics refers to the art of applying the mechanics of solids to the soil to predict its deformation behavior and strength. Understanding soil mechanics enables engineers and other professionals to create structures with