Feminization Essays

  • Gender Troubles

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    der; pink for girls and blue for boys. If one stops to think, one wonders about the origin of this distinction; it must lie in the gender. Gender is not sex, gender is burdened with more requirements, such as: qualities, beliefs, and characteristics. These requirements are decided by a culture's norms. According to her book, Gender Troubles, Judith Butler, a "gender-theorist-turned-philosopher-of-nonviolence", as she puts it ("Judith Butler"), defines gender as a cultural construct with defining

  • Feminization Of Poverty

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    the potential effect of this on them in the larger society. The effect of “feminization of poverty” on children is important to emphasize. Consequently, the issue is about much more than gender. Therefore, the right place to begin is to find out about the relationship between education and poverty. In most cases, poverty is apparently linked to the level of education a person has acquired. More so, the concept of feminization of poverty is “… considered a key issue not only because it effects women

  • Essay On Feminization Of Poverty

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    The feminization of poverty is a concept that emerged in the 1970s. Since then, due to much debate over the topic, it has adopted several meanings but, essentially, it reminds us that women are rapidly becoming the face of poverty. The term is generally used to describe the rise of poverty among women or the difference between incomes in households headed by women and households headed by men or both. Poverty, in this context, not only means lack of resources but also a lack of choices, opportunities

  • Women's Role In Transnational Migration

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    patriarchal family structure. For example, many Filipino women, who have been working overseas as migrants send remittances to their families for the education of their siblings as well as for the well-being of their parents. Here, we can see how the feminization of labor migration reshapes gender relations. For example, often men are expected to be the wage earner of the family, but the examples foreshadow that even women are capable of taking responsibility of their families as well as contributing to

  • Incarceration And Social Control Case Study

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    to answer or what problem was the focus of the study/research? The author was trying to pinpoint the difference between women and men when it came to incarceration and how rural areas can affect incarceration rate. They wanted to know if the feminization of poverty and capitalist exploitation will increase women convictions throughout Kentucky counties in order to socially control women. 2. What main points were made in the study/research concerning social control? One of the main points

  • Push And Pull Factors Of Human Trafficking

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    There are many factors that incite the business of trafficking people and aids in spreading its tentacles. To facilitate a better and easy understanding, they are divided into push and pull factors . Push factors are primarily origin based factors whereas pull factors are those present at the place of destination. They both are complementary to eachother, luring the victim to fall into the trafficker’s trap. Push factors involve: • Class and Caste structure- G.S Ghurye in his polemical work had

  • Walbachia Case Study

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    After the bacteria Wolbachia was first discovered in 1924, hundreds of scientists has been studying this organism and it is now known that it infects more than 70% of the insect species in the planet. It lives within the host cells, meaning it is an intracellular endosymbiont. It can be vertically transmitted, by the mother to the egg, or horizontally transmitted, from an organism that is not the parent. The relationship between the Wolbachia and the host may be parasitism, when one member is benefited

  • Representation Of Women In Sports Analysis

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    regulation that required all female boxers to wear skirts around the ring to help viewers differentiate what athletes were male and which were female (‘Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee’—But Only if You Dress Like a Girl An Analysis of the Feminization of Female Olympic Athletes through Athletic Attire Amanda N. Schweinbenz Laurentian University, Canada). There were mixed reactions through athletes and coaches, some who said that they thought they are ‘cute’, while others said that this idea

  • Summary Of Derrida's Flirting With The Truth

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    from an infantile stage, “Femininity” has been described as “the little girl is a little man” (Freud, 1933) . The implication here is that feminization itself starts as a process due to the Oedipal complex, and the woman shares a masculine libido with the man, which fails to separate her from the man. This process is later altered by her own psyche. Feminization was thus considered as a process where a woman separates herself from her desires, which might not always yield to a loss of pleasure for

  • Argumentative Essay: Women's Roles In The Military

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    institution with a primary goal of dealing with and destroying the enemy. Most critics who say women will change the fabric that keeps the military together is that women will feminize the military. “… critics have typically sounded alarms about the ‘feminization’ of the armed forces.

  • Married Women In Canada

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    along with the growth of public sector bureaucracy that substantially increased the volume of office work provided the incentive to hire women workers. Though the number of women employed in the clerical sector increased considerably owing to feminization of office work, the developments in the civil service took shape differently. The influx of women in the civil service aroused fears amongst the men and in 1921; married women were barred from holding permanent positions. This resulted in a decline

  • Workplace Stereotypes

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    Gloria Steinem, the well-known feminist, once said, “We 'll never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinity of wealth.” This statement could easily reflect the absurdity of the workplace stereotypes. Workplaces and corporations on the global scale have encountered the imbalanced gender roles and have seen the injustice that is the result. Nonetheless, the government is not keen to show their support for workplace equality or career advancements for women; if we were to see a

  • Old Cash Thesis

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    The high society, which makes up around one percent of the U.S. population, by and large comprises of those with unthinkable acquired riches (some of the time called "old cash").The classification called new cash is a generally new step on the social stepping stool and makes up around 15 percent of the public. New cash incorporates individuals whose riches has been around just for an era or two. Likewise referred to as the nouveaux wealth (French for "recently rich"), they have earned their cash

  • Persuasive Essay On Welfare Reform

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    According to Nelson, “The most common was separation and divorce accounting to 62 percent of the mother becoming single” (Nelson, 166). Due to the feminization of poverty which means poverty being concentrated among women and coined by Diane Pearce. This is a reaction to not having enough support to maintain a family as a woman. Making it nearly impossible for a woman to keep a job because she would either

  • Incarcerated Mothers: A Case Study

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    incarcerated mother, rather than to look through the reason why they were committed to crime. Based on my data from 120 incarcerated women, 80 % incarcerated mothers committed to crime because of family’s financial problems reason. Later it described as feminization of poverty. This term proposed for the women committed to crime because of economic factors and it’s often as the sole support of their children and themselves (Moe, Ferraro& Proctor, 2004). Considered as bad mother, it created lower self-esteem

  • The Luck Of Roaring Camp Analysis

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    The Feminization of Roaring Camp: Bret Harte and the American Woman 's Home, by Axel Nissen, is a criticism of Harte 's work, The Luck of Roaring Camp. The critic argues, the story serves as a parable, or a story with deeper meaning, the symbolism of Tommy Luck

  • Population Aging In Brazil Essay

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    prevention and healing of many diseases. Although old age is a universal process, its experience has a great distinction by gender, mainly because there is higher number of elderly women, as aging runs its course. This phenomenon is characterized as the feminization of old age, adding to this the fact that there is the onset of several chronic diseases, among them depression and its symptomatology. The depressive syndrome is characterized by the presence of a predominantly depressive and/or

  • Atrazine Effect

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    testicular oocytes were found in these animals, which turned out to be hermaphrodites (Hayes et al, 2003). The most sensational finding of the current study was that the hermaphroditism observed at metamorphosis can ultimately result in complete feminization (Hayes et al, 2010). This technique has been used before, in previous studies done on zebra fish and leopard frogs. However, this is the first time that such research has been conducted on African clawed frogs, and the result led to a new discovery

  • Gender Inequality In The Great Gatsby

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    2.2.2. Hostility in The Great Gatsby That the novel shows certain hostility towards women is seen also in other female characters of the novel, namely Jordan Baker and Myrtle Willson. According to Parkinson, every time when the women of The Great Gatsby make an effort to move outside the social conventions of their class and all three suffer for it (92): Myrtle Wilson is ripped open and destroyed; Jordan Baker seems to have lost not only her integrity but also her femininity and Daisy is tempted

  • LGBT Representation In Cinema

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    Homosexuality was a theme that could be equal to drug addiction, crime, "impurities" ... After the Cautionary, in the decade of the 70 comes the Cinema of Exploitation. Where homosexuality and masculine feminization were represented a lot, because it was very fashionable the figure of the Drag-reina crossing. Many of the productions of this time are related to the Stonewall riots and the protests carried out by a raid on a bar frequented by gays in New York