First grade Essays

  • First Grade Research Paper

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    My Education First Grade I got hit a lot when I was a first grader. Every time I did something wrong, teachers usually hit me with a ruler usually on my hands/butt; and when I did not write all of the notes, the teachers usually made me stay in the afternoon and forced me to copy all of them. Other than those problems, my first grade experience was unexpectedly normal. The most exciting thing that happened to me when I was just a first grader was when I stabbed a girl with a pencil. Without going

  • First Grade Esl Observation

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    I am currently working with a first grade ESL student, and she is learning the alphabet and sounds. Mrs. Marasigan instructed me to practice the alphabet with the student and provided the flash cards. During the lesson, I pointed to the cards and asked the student “what letter is this” or “what sound does this letter make”? The student knew 24 letters and confused U and Y for V. The student will need more practice on the sounds because she produced the J sound for G, C sound for S and Q sound for

  • Minnie Case Study Essay

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    are employed by a local insurance agency as claim processors. Ms. Mouse has a Bachelor’s degree. Mr. Mouse has some postsecondary education. Both parents are generally healthy. Mrs. Mouse was diagnosed with a “cognitive learning disorder” in 6th grade. Mr. Mouse believes he has an undiagnosed reading learning disability. There is a family history of cancer, diabetes, and high blood

  • My Writing Impact

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    an effort to do my best. My interest in reading when I was younger made me the student that I am today. In my first few years of school, I did not care. I did not care about how I performed or what kind of review the teacher gave my parents about me. I saw school as a horrible place that I went

  • Only English Should Be Taught In The First Grade

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    only English should be taught in first grade there are others who believe that other languages should also be taught with English in the first grade. French or Spanish should be the languages taught with English in the first grade. “In 2001, 26% of the average adult in America is multilingual. 55% of the multilinguals speak Spanish, 17% speak French, 10% speak German, 3% speak Italian, 2% speak Chinese and 13% speak other languages” (McComb para. 18). While most first graders are learning classes essential

  • Personal Narrative: What Made Me The Literate Person I Am Today

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    What made me the literate person I am today consists of 3 events from my childhood. To start off my reading career, the summer before 4th grade I stayed the night with my grandma. She was my best friend and introduced me to a lot of things, including Mid-Continent Library. The next morning we went to the Burr Oak Woods off 7 highway and had an awesome time! Afterwards we stopped at the library just down the street, I picked out 2 books a magazine and most importantly a movie. At the time I never

  • Lainey Sansom: A Short Story

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    scratch. She remembered last year in the fifth grade her robot exploded and burned her arm on national television. She was heartbroken in the hospital for 9 weeks. She had glossy blonde hair down to her lower back, sweet pea freckles, blue crystal eyes, like a husky’s, and she was kind and sweet. She was also scared to build this robot. She asked the teacher a question. “Mr. Sears?” “Yes, Lainey.” He said with an annoyed tone. “Is this robot for a grade, do we have to do it?” “Of course we do

  • What College Are You Going Too Summary

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    different impacts.The first question”what college are you going too” was asked to students in a more developed community where money isn't a very serious issue.This had a positive impact as it was implying that students have reached that level of education where they will continue studying after high school.While on the other hand kids in a more lower class environment were asked”if they are going to college or not”This would have a completely opposite effect compared the first question, as it was

  • Pdf Level5 Unit 4 Assignment

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    In Unit 3, in one of my sections, I had 3 A’s, 11 B’s, 4 C’s, 2 D’s, and 2 R’s. I feel calibrated, and I think that my grades have been fairly even throughout the semester. This particular section did a good job with the persuasive research essay, which is why this time around the class is “B” heavy. Typically, B’s and C’s are the most frequent grades given and I know that this semester the papers have overall been better than in previous semester. I think that this is perhaps because I have a better

  • Personal Narrative: My Move To America

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    The first eight years of my life, I spent in India where I was born. Growing up I was constantly reminded by my parents that I needed to make them proud by getting a good job and living a good lifestyle. They told me this because they did not want to see me live a hard life like they did. When I was nine years old, I moved from India to the United States of America. The reason why I moved to America was not because I was living a bad life in India, it was so that I could have a better education and

  • Persuasive Essay About School Choice

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    struggling to learn at his/ school. He is more of a visual learner, like learning with pictures and shapes in front of him. His school, however, does not have the power and funding to do such things for him, which leaves him struggling and get bad grades. Now, why does he have to struggle in a school system which can’t even support his learning style? School choice is the idea that parents should be able to choose which school they want to send their children to, whether they enroll them to private

  • Asb Personal Statement

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    students came to play.  I am a very good student, I have always earned 4’s and 5’s in every class, social skills, and work habits.  I was also involved in a program called women in history at my school. We learned a speech and then presented to younger grades. This shows that I can be trustworthy enough and accountable to learn my speech in the time given. This also shows that I am comfortable talking in front of other people respectfully. I also am involved in a lot of  community service projects not

  • Why School Should Try Out Essay

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    sports go outside again with girls soccer,boys track,and girls play softball and the boys play baseball. All these sports are for the school and they go against other schools in there divison to see who the best is. People don 't have to get good grades to tryout but then your school starts a rule "Most have a C,or Average, in all subjects to tryout". That is a bad idea

  • Overcoming Failure Research Paper

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    smart and I already knew everything I was to supposed to know. Somehow I passed the sixth grade with that mindset, so when I got to seventh grade and had “honors” classes, I hardly knew anything. I would compare myself to everybody else and realize I was not the “smartest” anymore. It was very difficult, my grades were dropping, it was the worst year ever. After that horrible year was over, I went to the next grade,

  • Anxiety Personification Report

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    humanities; while, others choose the world of math and science. I chose the latter. Science is a subject that builds upon itself the more you are exposed to it and it has captivated me for some time. It came easily to me. I barely had to try to achieve good grades. My passion for science had been unwavering, until one class caused me to question everything I felt about the subject. I decided to challenge myself and take Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry my junior year. I figured the class would be more of the

  • Why I Want To Be A Peneutic Essay

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    I get very good grades because my parents have been very strict ever since I started school. I enjoy language arts and science, and I am mostly never late. This is because I am a number two learner on the 4MAT quiz. This means that I am I good learner that has to get direct instructions to do a project or classwork. It also means that I don’t like to be late to class and that will only be satisfied with my grades if they are a six or higher. I also like to get everything

  • Challenges In Middle School

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    During my first year of middle school, I faced an enormous challenge: being bullied. Prior to middle school, I had been bullied throughout elementary school. However, in middle, the stakes became higher and my stress levels became to the point where I wanted to be alone. This was a very frustrating challenge because I was always a very strong student with high grades. I was a great student, listening and paying attention, never got in trouble. However, when it came for wanting to help teachers and

  • Friendship In College Essay

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    College represents something different to everyone. The student will be accountable for attending class, navigating around campus, and obtaining help when needed. When young people leave home for the academic world, they embark on a new journey that includes independence, adventure, and uncovering their individuality. Most students are not prepared for the trials of academe and end up feeling overwhelmed. College life can be a hard adjustment. “Stress and related conditions are growing increasingly

  • Literature Essay: The Value Of Literature

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    Rohan Trivedi Neeraj Prakash English 103- AS (17) 20 March 2018 The Value of Literature Literature is a body of written works, wherein the name is often applied to imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of the authors. Literature is classified according to variety of systems, including language, national origin, history, the period, the genre and the main subject. It represents human expression, we read literature because it is inspiring, and it embrace the incredible

  • Sports And Sports: The Importance Of Sports In High Schools

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    Athletics of all kinds have started to consume students and the educational system. Football, soccer, track, basketball, baseball, and many other sports are being introduced to students during high school, and this leads to the goals of academic system being placed on the back burner. Funding that could be used to improve learning situations is wasted, the safe environment promoted by many schools is put at risk, and a separation between the students and responsibility is created when sports becomes