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Minnie was referred by her parents to complete a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation due to academic concerns in reading. Specifically, they would like to know whether her difficulties with reading are due to a reading disability or are a result of poor ability sustaining attention. Minnie’s parents also have concerns regarding her behavior at home, including impulsivity, inattention, and irritability.

Background Information:
A brief history of Minnie’s educational, family, and health history was provided by Minnie’s mother, Mrs. Mouse. Additional information gathered from Minnie during the assessment sessions has been integrated as well.

Developmental History:
Ms. Mouse had a full term pregnancy and received adequate prenatal care. There were no difficulties with Minnie’s birth and postnatal development. Minnie has meet all developmental milestone at the expected ages. Minnie has adequate vision, and well developed hearing. At the age of 4, when Minnie’s younger brother was born, she developed nocturnal enuresis. These episodes were brief in duration and are not of current concern. At the age of 5, she sustained a head injury when she became angry and banged her head on a headboard. This injury required staples however, there was no
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English is the only language spoken in the home. From May to August, Minnie and her brother are attended to by a nanny eight hours a day Monday to Friday. While school is in session, her mother and father are the sole and primary caregivers. Minnie’s parents are employed by a local insurance agency as claim processors. Ms. Mouse has a Bachelor’s degree. Mr. Mouse has some postsecondary education. Both parents are generally healthy. Mrs. Mouse was diagnosed with a “cognitive learning disorder” in 6th grade. Mr. Mouse believes he has an undiagnosed reading learning disability. There is a family history of cancer, diabetes, and high blood

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